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The winners

See who won our 1900 daily question below.

  1. Denise N. – Dale Earnhardt- also known by many allias such as The Man in Black and The Intimidator – will forever be immortalized as the NASCAR driver of the #3 car. He died on Feburary 18, 2001 at the age of 49 in Daytona Beach, Florida competing in the Daytona 500. He’ll be remembered as one of the greatest drivers in car racing history.
  2. Dustins Mom – Dale Earnhardt from Nascar. My son and I was watching the 2001 race when he crashed and lost his life. What a tragedy.
  3. dottie p – my brother Mike is the worst driver, he used to be a racecar driver so on roundabouts i feel like i’m getting thrown around the car, but the best was my Dad. i had no fear with my dad, if we were going on a long trip, it was easy for me to lay down on the seat and go to sleep, i always knew i’d be safe. Man i miss him. he taught me a lot. Thanks Dad.
  4. Joe Hoffstadter – Ranjit, hands down. Absolutely my favorite side character in How I Met Your Mother, and he progressed from taxi driver to a limo. Man was moving up in the world. Hey, the question didn’t specify an actual person!
  5. Chantal Larin – My grand-father. He was a trucker for many decades and never had an accident.
  6. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – My mother-in-law. At 69 years of age when her husband got sick, she decided it was time to get a driver’s license. My husband used to give her driving lessons. I made the mistake of going with them one time. She was getting too close to a curb so he told her to stop. Instead of stepping on the brake, she stepped on the gas, and kept stepping on it harder and harder! She went over a curb, onto someone’s lawn and drove into a tree. If the tree hadn’t been on the lawn, she would have driven right through the house!
  7. edeliz – That would be my sweet Grandma, who as an adult, won a car in a raffle. She attempted to learn to drive and crashed said car in one of the lessons.
  8. Chris Leonard – I was in a uber car and this guy was like in his 60’s playing loud music and driving at very high speeds. I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride. I put that seat belt on so fast and tried to look for another one lol.
  9. Dionne Toye – Burt Reynolds (RIP 😢) In Smokey & The Bandit…..Loved that movie, loved that man!
  10. Timothy Mccollum – My grandfather used to drive a tractor trailer cross country in his late 80s.
  11. Pam – I would have to say my boyfriend. We travel in the semi and travel from the West coast to the East coast every week. Around 4000 miles a trip. He is a very good driver.
  12. Dee – My friend was a bad driver, loved mailboxes and had a lead foot, but after taking drivers ed. she became one of the safest drivers I know. Just goes to show driving lessons are worth the time, money and effort.
  13. Pammie Burman – Me. Seriously. Back in the mid 80’s I drove a ’69 Chevy Nova, 3 on the floor, and wasn’t afraid to open it up (under the right circumstances). Got into a bit of a race one afternoon (I was challenged by the other driver). The other driver got to the next red light shortly after I did. I rolled down just to give the shout “Dude! You were just beat by a chick!”
  14. Noel Stewart – The “FLYING SCOT” is my all-time memorable driver. The FLYING SCOT is the nickname of Sir John Young (Jackie) Stewart! The FLYING SCOT was born in 1939 in Scotland and is a former British Formula One race car driver. Jackie has also raced in the Indianapolis 500 and narrowly missed the win. The FLYING SCOT also helped improve the safety of motor racing by campaigning for better medical facilities and track improvements at motor racing circuits. In high school Jackie had a learning difficulty (later diagnosed as dyslexia) which prevented his book learning; so he started working as a mechanic at his father’s garage at age 16. Asked why he was so good with cars and driving, Jackie said: “When you’ve got dyslexia and you find something you’re good at, you put more into it than anyone else; you can’t think the way of the clever folk, so you’re always thinking out of the box.” He is the most all-time memorable driver for me because he is inspirational and boasts the same last name.
  15. Colleen Goodbrand – My parents and I had just landed in Amsterdam and got into a taxi to take us to our hotel. We had been warned by a cousin that the taxi drivers in Amsterdam were the worst!!! This driver was both the worst and the best! He drove head long in between two opposing streetcars and barreled towards a woman crossing the street with her dog. She managed to get out of the way but in doing so, she used that little dog’s leash to pull him up out of the way – that little dog’s legs were running in the air! My mother and I still are amazed that we survived that taxi ride unscathed!
  16. Anna Morellon – My father would take us kids to Hesperia.A place to picnic where the river came over beautiful rocks and swim. To get there he traveled down a one way dirt road on the side of a cliff. We would be in the back of his truck just cringing at how far down the side of the mountain was. But most memorable was when a car was coming towards us on this road, he’d have to back up until he could find a place big enough for the other car to go by. That was crazy, But he was so courteous, the task did not seem to bother him a bit. He just did it then we were on our way. He was always a courteous and safe driver.
  17. risingphoenix2018 – Most memorable driver is Gloria Pritchett (Sofia Vergara) in “Modern Family.” In the episdoe “Moon Landing” during the first season, Gloria asks Mitchell to be her lawyer for a car accident she was in. Behind her back, her son Manny lets Mitchell know that it was Gloria’s fault. So, Mitchell starts asking Gloria questions. Gloria gets upset that Mitchell and Manny think she’s a bad driver. Gloria says, “Where I come from, they always blame the Latino driver.” Mitchell replies, “Where you come from, isn’t everybody a Latino driver?” Later on, she crashes into the same cupcake shop where they were having their conversation. Gloria tells Mitchell, “I promise this wasn’t my fault, but I really am going to need you as my lawyer.
  18. Judy Burba McGarvey – The driver who is most memorable to me is a 4th grade bus driver. He’s memorable in a bad way. He molested me and I didn’t tell because I was afraid my Dad would kill him. Uncanny that this question came up at this time after last week’s events.
  19. ThatoneGuy – i would have to say that the most memorable driver in my life was one of my very best friends earl. granted at that time in my life i may have walked a bit of a rockier path than i do now but for all intents and purposes this guy was a madman behind the wheel. he would drive around as if he had not one care in the world and would do whatever he felt like at the time. he even devised the coining of a term a group of friends use to this day known as the “earl lane” which is any currently available surface area that could even remotely be used to pass traffic, including but not limited to: the shoulder, your lawn, the median, the sidewalk, and of course that oddly placed field over there… needless to say i think my life was in danger many many many times to where i was even taught how to tuck and roll out of a moving vehicle… yet at the same time i would have trusted him with my life if i needed to get somewhere in a hurry for any emergency reason and to this very day it takes an insanely horrific driver to even begin to scare me since i have even seen the rear view mirror dice just floating weightlessly as i await the impending ground.., early my friend you left us too early
  20. Sylvia – It was my high school bus driver! Dan drove my bus and since I went to a Catholic high school my trip each morning and afternoon was about 60 minutes up, down and around the rolling hills of rural Pennsylvania. Dan maneuvered that bus like it was a fine Ferrari which was no surprise since on the weekends he was a stock car racer. We all held on tight and watched the scenery zoom by as Dan often shaved 5-10 minutes off the drive time as he put the petal to the metal. I think the heavenly angels rode with us because we never had an accident or even a close call and as we reached our destination safely Dan would always say, have a good day and be careful out there. The irony of it all just made me a bit giddy.

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