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The winners

See who won our 1899 daily question below.

  1. Clough Fam – cornflour , sends shivers up my spine
  2. Vera La’Rei – I’ve never liked the texture of gingerbread
  3. risingphoenix2018 – Styrofoam! Can’t stand it. Just last night, they were talking about it on “Seinfeld.” Kramer asks, “Why do we need this stuff?” I’ve got to agree with Kramer on this!
  4. Cathy Deslippe – The chewy slimy texture sour candies. I remember my kids telling me mom you have to try these while driving the car. It was so bad I had to pull the car over and say good by to their candy. They laughed but I told them don’t ever give them to me again. Yuck.
  5. Adrienne – Wet towels left in the kitchen sink and wet tissue paper. Velour is awful. Wet leftover food is disgusting. But nothing is as debilitatingly uncomfortable as wet plastics or cottons….just…..EWWWWWW. O, and I can’t touch animal scales either. No snakes, no fish, nothing. I have to wear a glove to take a fish off the hook when fishing.
  6. MyKinKStar  – Is wet hair a texture? I don’t really think so, but it’s my answer! Wet hair on my hand that I try to remove by shaking of is nasty and I will gag. Especially if it’s long hair that just won’t let go. This is true even if it’s my own hair, but really bad if it’s obviously not mine and I live alone!  
  7. Richard White – I would say hominy.It just is so icky feeling in my mouth
  8. Judy Burba McGarvey – I’ve never liked the texture of tapioca. Could be because my older brother told me there were roach eggs in it. I think he just wanted to eat my share. It worked! lol 
  9. Margie Cole – The cry and chalky aftertaste of spinach. I love spinach but can’t stand the way it tastes afterwards!
  10. alastair dick – the texture of stringy fruit is all that is needed to make me retch.
  11. Lea – Banana- mushy and ick ! Even the thought sets me on edge
  12. Joanne Reusing – I really can’t eat peach skin. I have to deliberately cut off of the fruit in order to eat it. The best way I can describe it is to take a piece of fuzzy Velcro and hold it in your mouth….that scratchy feeling makes my mouth all watery until I have to spit it out.
  13. Rebekah Storey – I don’t like the texture of raw onions and peppers, but cooked is good. Pears are gritty. I don’t like thick liquids such a aloe drinks or smoothie drinks. Oysters are to slimy.
  14. Sin – Bananas, unfortunately, because I love the taste. I normally only eat half of a banana and give the rest to someone else. I just find the squishiness hard to digest. 
  15. MT – Lots of them. Cottage cheese is the worst one to me though. That’s just not how a dairy food is supposed to feel!
  16. Richard Vargas – Sticky. Oooh! I hate sticky. Sticky floors, sticky sweat, sticky furniture, if it’s sticky I hate it.
  17. Ray Ayala – I like to play soccer occasionally, but it makes a big difference the texture of the grass. I don’t really mind the type of grass unless it is zoysia grass. I know it is popular on some golf courses and in warm climates, but it is extremely difficult to play soccer on. It is like playing on sponges and then when you get home that is when you really notice the effects. You feel like all your joints were pulled out of their sockets. It takes about 24 hours until you don’t feel like you are walking caddy-wampus.
  18. Sue W. – Food that pops when you eat it, like caviar…yuck!
  19. Genie Luxemburg – I’m not a fan of touching raw bacon… Peeling it out of the packet is like turning the pages of a slimey, fleshy book!
  20. Wendy Alexander – I can’t stand thick drinks, not like milkshakes, because who doesn’t love a good milkshake. But the consistency of those yogurt drinks that Dannon specifically comes to mind, it grosses me out. I think it reminds me of Buttermilk, which my Grandmother ruined me with many years ago.

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