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The winners

See who won our 1898 daily question below.

  1. Cathy Deslippe – I remember back in Grade two we had a fellow that could eat more pencils than you could imagine. I use to get rather concerned about him, I even shared my snack. I asked him, why do you eat so many pencil’s? He said he had a taste for wood and asked me, do you want to try? Truly I wonder where he is today and if he ever was ill from eating so many. I even shared it with my parents and mom told the teacher.
  2. Anna Morellon – I had an interview at a pencil factory. They actually advertised that they made those ready made logs for fireplaces like Dura-flame, But it was actually pencils where the company made money. I didn’t get the job but the tour of the factory and learning facts about pencils was very interesting. The United States produces about 2 million pencils a year, and over 14 million are produced yearly in the whole world. One pencil can draw a line that is over 700 miles. That’s over 100 miles per in of pencil. So hard to believe.
  3. Malia D. – I was victim of a pencil robbery. I had a really cute pencil case with soooo many pencils inside when I was in school. And, one day, I come home & get myself ready to do my homework & when I go to grab my pencil case, it’s gone! I know it was stolen because in that very same week I saw a girl in a grade up from mine carrying a case just like the one I had. Tragic…
  4. Belinda – I like when my pencil get’s real tiny. I use it till it can’t be sharpened anymore.
  5. Patricia – When I was around 10 or so I threw a pencil at my little sister and it stuck in her cheek! She still has the lead mark and has never let me forget what happened… now she has 2 kids of her own and her little girl was recently in trouble for stabbing her brother in the hand with, you guessed it…. a pencil!! She’s my favorite 😁
  6. Noel Stewart – My pencil story is about Betty, our neighborhood extrovert. Betty is an imposing gal. She could be a linebacker. She is the receptionist at our local mechanic shop and everything is okayed through her. She does not like the men mechanics walking off with her pencils. To prevent this from happening, she attaches plastic blooming flowers on top of the erasers. Now the mechanics refuse to use Betty’s flowery pencils. Betty signs all the invoices and everything goes through Betty.
  7. Carol Miller – A number of years ago, my school’s 6th grade did an outreach project. Each student brought in a pack of #2 pencils. These students collected over 250 packs and they were mailed by 25 packs to the poorest schools in Philadelphia. The students had been penpals with certain schools in Philadelphia. As a mark of friendship they initiated this project. I have often thought to write to Betsy DeVoos, our Education Secretary about adopting a program similar to this throughout our nation, whereby richer school districts could “adopt” a poor school with needed supplies, like pencils.
  8. Sylvia – As with many schools funds for supplies are tight and teachers often buy many school supplies for their classrooms. This is especially true in my room when it comes to pencils; kindergarteners lose, break and chew more pencils in a week than I can count. At the beginning of the year I had a grandparent of a student ask what she could do to help and I said a donation of a package of pencils would be very appreciated. This dear lady went to her church and asked the congregation to help and much to my delight and surprise 20,000 beautiful yellow no2 pencils were delivered to my room. I must say I’d never imagine a pencil bringing me to tears but I stood there with boxes of pencils stacked in front of me weeping like a baby. That donation has supplied our little school with pencils for the last 4 years and every time I sharpen one of those wooden beauties I say a quiet prayer of thanks to our benefactors. I hope they realize those pencils have been the instruments of many hours of learning and expression for our 300 students.
  9. LORRAINE – I would buy my grandson coloured pencils he would take them and use them at school but after a week he would ask me for coloured pencils and I said to him I just gave you coloured pencils why do you need more coloured pencils and he would say he dint have the right coloured pencil so I told him to show me and one colour was missing the red one it turns out that was the only colour he wanted to use he was getting very upset but I knew why so I went 9ut and bought him just red coloured pencils you see my grandson is autistic and with those children they get set in there ways and that’s what they need and it just happens the colour red at that time was what he was fascinated with
  10. Ray Ayala – I am a loyal pencil convert after two incidents. First, I left a pen overnight in the front pocket of a dress shirt. By morning, most of the ink was smeared all over the shirt. About a month later, I also left a magic marker in an expensive sweater pocket, and history repeated itself. Now, I use regular pencils to take notes and multi-colour pencils to highlight. As a further precaution, I also put my pencils in a case -just in case!
  11. Dustins Mom – My son thought it was so special he always gave his teachers pre-sharpened pencils for gifts. He said they would always smile and none of the other students thought of his idea. Great memory.
  12. Leslie Anne Soloman – My pencil story is this, I didn’t realize until I was a student in cosmetology school, that my eyebrow pencils should be sterilized after each use and they should be discarded after six months.
  13. MahLou Whelan – I really like my pencil story, it is motivating and inspiring. Every time I can see a pencil I always remember how this simple object (pencil) motivates lives. “There are 5 things you need to know,” Always remember and never forget, and you will become the best pencil you can be.” “One: You will be able to do many great things, but only if you allow yourself to be held in Someone’s hand.” “Two: You will experience a painful sharpening from time to time, but you’ll need it to become a better pencil.” “Three: You will be able to correct any mistakes you might make.” “Four: The most important part of you will always be what’s inside.” “And Five: On every surface you are used on, you must leave your mark. No matter what the condition, you must continue to write.” The pencil understood and promised to remember, with purpose in its heart.  
  14. Kushan ShaliniSahdev Wadkar – when i was in the school. i accidently put my pencil on my teachers leg…. He was very strict and rude teacher.. when this inccedent happened i was very scared that he will punish me or call my parents and will complain about me… but it didnt happend he put out pencil from his leg throw away and moved ahead.
  15. ramadevi – I had a geometry box which was full of small pencils when I was in school. There is a story of pencil from my childhood. It was very hard time for me when I was in school. We were middle class family which my dad did his best to give us comforts. When I was in school my 2 sisters were in high school. My dad used to bring note books, text books and pencils also. My mom used to explain to me that to use the old used pencils instead of new one. My sister need good pencil for their sketch work. I was very understanding of all hardships. I used to keep all small pencils in my box after my sisters use them. I never waste them never loose them. I never ask for new ones, I never felt degraded to use them. All my friends who are well sound with finance, they used to loose, or forgetful to bring the pencil. Anyone who needed a pencil I lend them a pencil but I used to ask them to give it back. They used to say that the pencil is so small and no use. They never realized that that is the pencil they used and they do not like to return it. Even though I was small I was very self disciplined. I used to educate them to bring their own pencil but some times they are careless. I was concerned that I should not make them lazy and should be disciplined. Some times teacher used to give punishment ( i.e just they get angry and make the students stand for 5-10mins) when some one do not have a pencil. I always lend them a pencils until my college life. For others it was just a small piece of pencil but for me it was a precious one. My hard ships taught me lot of lessons in my life.
  16. Vera La’Rei – I remember a time when I tried to steal a pack of mechanical pencils from a grocery store. Needless to say, I was caught and never tried again lol
  17. William Black– I have always loved the feel of my pencil against the paper, so much more satisfying than a pen
  18. MT – I had this airplane pencil sharpener when I was a kid. It was so cool and detailed, but it was horrible at sharpening pencils. 🙂
  19. Melinda – Though I rarely use pencils, I like to hold on to the new ones I get for free from my insurance agent, or from job fairs, or business expos where companies give them away. Then I will donate them to my kid’s classroom or the school’s art teacher.
  20. Tammie Packard – My pencil story. I havent had the need to use pencils in about 10 years since i graduated but this year i had to buy a couple of packs because my little boy who is 5 was starting his first year of kindergarten. While getting supplies i think i must have cried at least 3 times. I over bought on sooo many things like way over bought. when i got home we set up all his things and he said he wanted to practice. My son has been waiting on this moment for like 2 years now cuz we used to take his cousins to the bus stop. Well we are sitting there i took that pencil and made his name in dotted letters for him to trace. I sat across the table from him proudly and eyes filling up with tears of joy. Im watching him attempt to trace i pull out my phone to take a picture and next thing i know i feel a sharp sting in my forehead. He was asking me a question and learned that if you hold the pencil just right you can fling it…. i am no awaiting a phone call from his teacher. Lets just say my first time dealing with pencils again was like a sour patch kid. So sweet and satisfying and then sour as can be sitting here with a tiny piece of lead sticking out my forehead.

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