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See who won our 1897 daily question below.

  1. meanlady – i am real picky when it comes to turkey left overs ,they are to be used as sandwiches or soup a family member insists on making them into glop and puts it on bread no that is not the intended purpose of left over turkey
  2. ladyslick – Very very picky about towels. I cannot bathe with the same towel face and body. So therefore I must take my towels with me when I go on a trip. Not long ago I went to California for five days. I had to take so much luggage because I had to have towels for all of those days. Thank God South West does not charge for extra bags.
  3. Dionne Toye – I’m picky about my Pop ( soda for you southern folks ) it has to be Pepsi, not Coke, I’m addicted to Pepsi & it has to out of a can…no plastic bottles, not even poured into a cup or glass but ice cold straight from the can!
  4. Richard Vargas – I am very picky when it comes to potato salad. No raisins, apples, no surprises, I just like plain, delicious, potato salad.
  5. Kiomi Woods – I am picky about the shape of my food and what it looks like, rap music that talks about women in a “sexual way”, seeing dead animals, slang sounds wrong to me and people that cannot spell correctly!!!!!
  6. Cathy Deslippe – I have had this issue since I was really young. I have even used a tray from a TV dinner after it has been used and washed, a toddlers plates with lines in it. ” I don’t like my food touching other foods”. I have this thing that are foods that just don’t taste good together and it is an issue with me. Also the issue my husband has is taking me out for restaurants. After all I am 50, should I be bringing my toddler plate out on dates?
  7. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – i am very picky about my cold cuts. It MUST be Boarshead. I refuse to eat any other kind…especially subway (BARF)
  8. Karen P – I guess you’d call it “finishing”. Get out of bed – turn off the fan. Leave a room – turn off the light. Done with coffee – unplug the pot. Done watching TV – turn it off. Going potty – shut lid and flush. Use the last ice cube – make more. I could go on and on…..
  9. Adrienne White – I am always picky about mayonnaise or creamy sauces spreaded on regular sandwiches and hamburgers. I do NOT like mayonnaise or special creamy sauces!!!!! I would check every hamburger and every sandwich to see if there was mayonnaise on top of the bun or on top of a slice of bread. I would not eat the top of the bread or bun slice away. Or, I would throw the bread and/or bun slice away. The sandwich would be eaten without the top. One condiment that I will eat on sandwiches and hamburgers is that of Miracle Whip. I just love the flavor! Call me crazy, but, I’m just picky.
  10. Kelli – I’m picky about how my burger is cooked. Or steak. I want it always to be medium rare. Not too rare and not very well done becuase I find the good taste of the meat to be lost a little when it’s too well. If it’s not medium rare i won’t eat it and I check beforehand  
  11. MT – Green beans. My mom had a garden when I was growing up, so I got used to homegrown green beans. Store bought beans just don’t taste (or look) as good.
  12. LORRAINE – I am very picky when it comes to what kind of canned salmon I eat my husband was sent out to get groceries and I asked him to buy me a can of red sockeye salmon and he brought home pink salmon I was so upset with him he said salmon is salmon and if you. Have ever eaten canned salmon you would understand why I was upset I specified what I wanted but because it was cheaper he decided to buy that I sent him back out to get the right one but I guess in his defence he doesn’t eat it so he doesn’t understand the differences
  13. ramadevi – I am very picky smell of any non-veg smell like chicken, meat, fish and shrimps. I use separate utensils for non-veg and veg dishes to cook. This way I dont feel the smell in my food. I dont like the smell. I cook the non-veg and eat very little comparing to my husband and son. But I dont like to contaminate the cooking with the mixed smell when we use the same dishes for cooking. The original smell of vegetables will be mixed up with non-veg. Most of the people cook vegetables with chicken and meat etc. But I never tried like that. I try different spices and different methods to make veg and non-veg cooking. When I go out I have problem and I am very picky to choose my meal without non-veg smell. Slowly I am trying. If I eat vegetables it is just vegetables. If I eat chicken it should be only chicken. This way I enjoy their original aroma of cooking.
  14. mary – My laundry MUST be folded as it comes out of the dryer, immediately as the dryer is done. And soup…homemade is awesome, but if it’s canned, it has to be Campbells.
  15. Chris – This is a loaded question because there are so many things I am picky about. I am picky about the water spots that get left on my stainless steel sink in the kitchen, I am picky about how my towels and socks go into the washing machine, I am picky about people walking through my house with shoes on, I am picky about others wanting to eat in my vehicle, I am picky about people being in my space, I am picky about the way people hold their silverware in their hand…LOL I could type a list from the West Coast to the East Coast long if I kept going.
  16. Ken Grant – My shirts. They need to feel a certain way in the shoulders. I have a hard time finding the right ones.
  17. Denise N. – I would have to say I am picky when it comes to beverages. Whether at home or away I’ll only drink one of three choices- Pepsi, iced coffee or water. I’ve been known to leave a restaurant if they don’t sell Pepsi.
  18. noodles – Definitely howthe dishwasher is loaded. I will repack it if my roommate does it wrong/inefficiently
  19. Milo – I’m most picky about textures. I hate velvet, felt, and microfibre! Touching any of these makes me feel like I’m choking on cigar smoke.
  20. Pammie Burman  Pizza. Seriously. The only kind I’ll eat is ham and pineapple.

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