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The winners

See who won our 1882 daily question below.

  1. Hello Larry – I used to have these great pair of Urkel from Family Matters socks and they had on them Did I Do That?
  2. Karen P – Several years ago, my friends and I met for an impromptu get-together for Patsy’s birthday. I guess we were all in a hurry to meet. Patsy came with one navy blue shoe on and one black shoe on. We all had a laugh until someone said to me ” Hey, lets see those socks.” Sure enough, one was black and one was brown.
  3. Dionne Toye – My holiday socks, they’re super thick & fuzzy with Christmas trees on them. They take a small button size battery which make the ornaments on the trees light up & blink 🎄 I have a pair for Halloween too with light up Jack o Lanterns 🎃 Time to dig em out, almost that time !
  4. Carol Miller – My daughter gave me two pair of funny socks a long time ago. Because I love to read above everything else, she somehow found a pair that read, “ F——- off I’m reading.” I don’t usually curse but always said I felt like it when I was immersed in a great book and was bothered by anyone. The other paid read, “Get out of my kitchen.” I have always hated anyone trying to help me cook. Don’t ask me why but I like to cook by myself. I go by the adage, “ Too many cooks spoil the pot.” I love to wear both sets of socks. One when i’m read and the other when I’m cooking. I don’t have to say a word. Just hold up my foot.
  5. risingphoenix2018 – my funniest socks came in a 2-pair package. One of the socks has sushi on it and the other pair is Chinese takeout. It’s a running joke in my family because my family loves sushi and Chinese food while I don’t really care for either. Whenever they have a craving for sushi or Chinese, I will get the food, but only wear the socks. (I’ll get or make something else, but support them by wearing the socks!) https://goo.gl/images/CXHknW
  6. Jason Provo – I have a couple of pairs of socks made by a friend of mine who wants to start her own business….making socks. Each pair does NOT match. Each sock in the pair is an actual sock puppet made to fit one’s feet/legs but they can then be removed and used as a sock puppet, complete with googly eyes and moveable/flappable mouth. Most of them resemble animals but the odd set is made to resemble a famous person; great musicians, historic figures etc. I hope she succeeds. I love my novelty socks, even if they don’t fit well inside a pair of shoes. Comfy around the house and a great conversation started when company is over!
  7. Patricia – I’ve got A Christmas Story socks. On either foot are Ralphies eyes and glasses and on one foot the glasses are shattered from his B.b.gun. The sexy leg lamp is on the bottom of both. Super cute!
  8. Ray Ayala – I used to have a pair of brand new batman socks and a pair of brand new superman socks. In time, the left batman sock wore out and so did the right superman sock. This meant the right batman sock and the left superman sock were now orphans. They adopted each other and are now my funniest pair of socks, which BTW I only wear on weekends and not to work nor fancy venues. However, when I wear this dynamic duo of socks, I know my feet are safe from all danger.
  9. MahLou Whelan – I remember my funniest and shameful socks was one pair on it has a hole so every time we need to remove our shoes in a specific place I keep on hiding my socks. whahahahaa it’s funny when it’s part of memories.
  10. Leslie Anne Soloman – My funniest pair of socks are the ones I purchased this past March kelly green with leprechauns on them. I liked them so much I bought four more pairs just like them.
  11. Noel Stewart – The funniest socks I ever owned were knitted by my aunt as a Christmas gift. She sewed miniature sleigh bells into the material around the ankles. Looking back, it was so she could keep track of us rambunctious toddlers. When we dashed across the floor, she would sing, “Jingle Bells, Jingles Bells, Jingle All The Way!” These handcrafted socks made with red and green yarn were warm and truly made the Season jolly!
  12. Fae Crypto – I’ve accumulated a great collection of socks from Bounce (which is a jumping castle place that does adult parties). I feel like i have gecko super powers when i wear them xD
  13. LORRAINE – my funniest socks were the socks that where the toe socks each toe had a picture of a puppy on them that where given to me by my friend last xmas the funny part was I bought the same thing for her
  14. Sylvia – As a kindergarten teacher I have more wacky socks than I care to admit. But my favorites come out when I teach my unit about bugs and insects. I have lightning bug socks that intermittently light up on my legs and my students think they’re the best thing since my Christmas socks that play jingle bells with colored lights that flicker to the music.
  15. dottie p – i don’t have them anymore. but years ago when they first came out my mom couldn’t afford toe-socks, so she made mine. she knitted them. they didn’t last long but they were the funniest i’d ever seen (i didn’t tell her that) but they were too bulky to wear in my shoes so i only used them around the house a slippers. i appreciate the work she put into them but you know as a kid you wanted the real stuff.
  16. Cathy – I had a pair of Halloween socks with red glow in the dark eyes when I was younger. They were to say the least a wonderful way to start a conversation. I hung onto them about three years making sure to wear them on Halloween. 
  17. Marce McHone – For Christmas last year i won minion knee high socks filled with Hershey kisses in asock themed white elephant exchange… Believe it or not I love them.
  18. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – my funniest socks are the ones I wear that say “protecting my sexy feet”
  19. Timothy Mccollum – I love my Elvis are you in the building socks.
  20. Genie Luxemburg – I used to have woolly socks with googly eyes on. They were more like very soft slippers!

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