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The winners

See who won our 1859th daily question contest below.

  1. Mary – I love to dance naked in the rain in my backyard, I live miles from people so I am free to dance in the rain.
  2. Chantal Larin – In my living room while cleaning
  3. a. fassbach – I like to dance when I’m playing with my dogs, it gets them all riled up and tires them out some.
  4. Astrik – Embarrassed to say but when there is no one home, I’ll take my shower and dance through the house nake…lol
  5. Cap Rap (McKidxChrisRastaxMero – I like to dance all over my restroom Haha also in my head it just feels good
  6. Shannon – I like to dance anywhere it don’t matter i’m not ashamed of people i love to dance when i am cleaning up my house when i’m taking a bubble bath or riding in my car going somewhere or pick up my kids from school. And don’t talk about at receptions i be all on the dance floor cutting up lol. Ain’t no shame in my game!!
  7. Rochelle Pieper – In my car with my daughter!! We have some awesome synchronized upper body dances!! We get lots of applause from passing motorists!!
  8. Loren – Well, since I have the beauty and grace of a newborn baby giraffe I of course have to refrain from gettin’ jiggy wit’ it in public, so I put in my noise cancelling earbuds and dance up a storm all around my house. Any chance I can get really. It really sucks to have such a strong connection with various types of music, but was cursed with an obvious lacking of musicality to express it. *sigh* A girl can dream, can’t she?
  9. Deb – I like to dance where my little grandson plays his “Chuck E. Cheese” videos. We both dance to Chuck E. and then we throw tokens in the air to have a “Ticket Splash”. It looks kind of dumb but he loves it….so I dance.
  10. ramadevi – At my work place with my residents. It is amazing when residents in the nursing home dance when we play music. I never danced before. After doing nursing, I realized that it is very important and meaningful to bring smile on the old people. As one of the staff I have to encourage them and initiate them to dance. So now I am dancing weekly sometimes when we have time, we play music louder and make them to dance. Even people in w/chairs they start clapping, moving hands and legs with a big smile. I feel very happy to see my residents smiling because they have many ailments and they need mind distraction from their emotional and body pain. I feel that I am doing a meaningful job. It quite suits to my personality.
  11. Zhulin Gao – I like to dance when I am by a lake or a river. My family likes spending time by the lake close to the city. It is a really beautiful and relaxing place.
  12. Thicy Lopes – I like to dance everywhere at home, mainly when I am cleaning the house. I even get the cat to dance with me, even though he doesn’t like it very much.
  13. dottie p -until i became handicapped. anywhere and everywhere that was music. i miss dancing. i used to go to a place called K&H with my bestie every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. ah the good old days.
  14. Sin – Mainly in the kitchen when I’m getting the cats their dinner. I’m not sure why but I don’t think the cats approve as it slows down the process of dishing out their food
  15. Ray Ayala – I actually do dance quite often at the local fitness club as part of their aerobics classes. I am not good at freestyle dancing, but in this environment where there is an instructor that tells everyone what to do step-by-step, then I am fine. She teaches us different steps including anything from cha cha cha to salsa -and in between I am getting good at tearing up the dance floor with the hokie pokie.
  16. Ravneet Grewal – alongwith my kidos…. they love to see me dance on kids song eg; READY STEADY WIGGLE…….
  17. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – I don’t like dancing anywhere. I’m a terrible dancer! So what happened to me last night? I went to “Dirty Dragqueen Bingo” with the females in my family. (There’s a first time for everything!) I was forced on stage with six other people and had to turn around with my back to the audience and “shake my booty” to music. The girl next to me asked me if I was going to “twerk”. I said, “Not on your life!” Next thing you know, she’s slapping my butt while we’re dancing! Most embarrassing night EVER!
  18. Treonna Brown – On my balcony at night under the stars. Or in my living room with the lights dimmed while I blast music through the speakers.
  19. GarageRock – I’m on stage with my band about once a month, so if moving to the music is considered dancing, then that’s my happy place 😊
  20. Srí Jackson – In my living room with the hubby and our children.. We do a ‘soul train’ line😁 and almost anywhere a great song comes on…

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