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The winners

See who won our 1858th daily question contest below.

  1. Sharron Jones – A good sub without soggy bread…Sub City or Jimmy John’s!!
  2. Jessica Ponder – As a stay-at-home-mom with 2 toddlers…ALONE TIME! I crave to go the the bathroom in peace!  
  3. Lamont-Quincetta Lareece-Latri – True happiness, which I often find in chocolate or through the lives of others. Seeing others around me happy is what I crave!!!
  4. risingphoenix2018 – I promise I’m not greedy when I say this, but I crave money. We all need money to survive and pay our bills. Also, I usually use my (any extra) funds to self-publish books. Which brings me to the second thing I also crave: Being creative and being able to share my love for writing with the entire world! But, it takes money to be able to self publish. I’ve got like 3 or 4 books in the works, but I need MONEY in order to bring them into fruition! 
  5. Jason Provo – Noodles! Any form of noodle really; slurpable twisty noodles are both delicious and fun! Smother ’em with spaghetti sauce. Soak ’em in teriyaki sauce. Toss them in fresh herbs and olive oil. Top them with any sort of meat and veggie of your liking. Twirl them with a fork or grab them up with chopsticks. (ok, I am getting a bit Dr. Seuss with you all here…) You can even spiralize a cucumber or a sweet potato to get in on the new “non-carb” noodle craze! (I’ve tried this; it works well enough.) I can’t imagine a world without noodles. Can you?
  6. edeliz – Salty snacks, my all time favorite, Cheetos. You can sit me by the bionic-orange colored fingers.
  7.  Zhulin Gao – A Chinese Hot Pot!! It is very spicy, but the meat and the vegetables just taste soooo good! And it was not difficult to prepare at all!!!
  8. Kimberly Smith – This is super easy for me to answer, I crave CHOCOLATE! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHOCOLATE! As long as it has chocolate on it or chocolate flavored then I’m eating it…except for dirt,I wouldn’t go that far lol 🍫🍫🍫 #chocolatefreak
  9. Brianna Hoskins – Pizza and Budlight in a bottle.
  10. Teresa Rojas – Stone Crabs!!! they are sooooo goooood. I hate it when they are out of season. Like now. 😫😠
  11. Kelli – I crave some Steak ‘n Shake. A really tasty fast food place. It’s a little unhealthy for me but the first time I tried their steak burgers and shakes they were so tasty. I try not to stop by too often though. But they’re one of my favorite cheap places to grab a bite to eat
  12. rose morgan – A nice long bath.
  13. Sin – Potato crisps. I’m nuts about them and can finish a whole bag in one go. Quite ironically, when my mother was pregnant with me she had cravings for potato chips something chronic.
  14. Astrik – My absolute must have since on this weird diet is HARD HOT CINNAMON CANDY. I look forward to my once a day reward.
  15. Pam – I am always craving caramel. Love my peppermints too.
  16. Marce McHone – Omg, pizza… No fries… No cheese bread…. No potato chips…. No lasagne… Anything with carbs!!!!!! I love carbs, but they hate me!
  17. MahLou Whelan – I’m craving the TIME after doing hard work of the day, where I can take a nap/sleep, flat my body, feel the relax from tiredness, to be with my wonderful child and beloved husband, and a home sweet home. 
  18. Michelle Wilson – This time of the year I crave a good ole hot dog roasted on an evening fire. There is nothing greater than listening to music and sitting around the fire with family and friends on a cool summer night. This is the only time I crave Hot Dogs and of course chocolate marshmallow smores for dessert!
  19. Erin Estilette – This time of the year, a snow ball like I used to have as a child in Louisiana. It seems like such a simple thing, but there is nothing that compares to it here in Washington. During the winter, I crave chocolate!
  20. Ray Ayala – I most often crave potato chips, but not just any potato chips. I crave stackable potato chips. That way when I see that the stacks are getting short, I know it is time to go to the grocery store and restock. It is important to keep a separate stack for each favourite flavour -sour cream, barbecue, cheesy, and original. That makes inventory control much easier.

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