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The winners

See who won our 1857th daily question contest below.

  1. Noel Stewart – In the summertime, around July, in South Bend, IN, Coach Brian Kelly has a football clinic for women. The clinic lasts a couple of days and this is Coach Kelly and his wife’s way to earn money for their breast cancer foundation. It is also a lot of fun. Besides learning in the classroom how to play Football 101, the women get to play football with some of the current Notre Dame football players. To make sure the gals at the clinic stay hydrated, the Coach’s wife, Pacqui Kelly, a 2X breast cancer survivor herself, is on the sideline with blenders, fruit and ice cubes to make smoothies. Participants vary in age, but one participant is over 70 and attends regularly. Due to her lack of mobility, she observes from the sideline and jokes that she is just auditing the class. The highlight of this clinic for these women is running through the stadium tunnel and hi-fiving the “Play Like a Champion” sign on their way to victory against breast cancer
  2. dottie p – about 8 years ago i took my daughter to family night at the green bay packers, well i don’t like football so she watched (she was about 10 or 11. i sat there and read a book. she loved it. and because i had a night off work at the time i did too because we got to spend time together
  3. Sylvia – When I was a child my dad’s employer gave him tickets to the local baseball team in Pittsburgh, the Pirates. We were seated in the stadium about 1 section back from first base. We had a great view of the game when all of a sudden I hear a crack and see my dad lunging wildly forward and when he stood up he was holding a baseball grinning from ear to ear. I don’t remember who hit the ball or the score that day but I’ll never forget the look on my dad’s face as he held that ball in the air as the entire section cheered.
  4. Cathy Deslippe – Growing up as a youth I lived in the arena. Instead of sitting above the stadium my sister and I use to go below. During this time where your seats were the floor below was just a wooden board and you could look all the way through to the floor. My sister and I and friends were talking below, chillin with our friends when the two of us had pop from above fall down on both of us. Great hockey game they one 4-2 but trying to explain to our mom why we had pop on our head and white coats was a whole big problem. To the good old years.
  5. Ray Ayala – I am excited for football season to start. I have become a fan of Division II football. My favourite conference in Division II is the MIAA because all of its stadiums go above and beyond to make sure they are handicap accessible. My favourite stadium is the Home of The Ichabods of Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. (The University’s founder was named Ichabod Washburn so that is why they are the Ichabods. Everyone asks “What is an Ichabod?”) The parking is free and the campus is flat, so if you have wheelchair bound guests in your party, it is easy to get/push them around. The wheelchair sections in the stadium are very accessible. You just roll your friend’s wheelchair up to the guard rail, the ushers bring you a folding chair and you have a great view together. They have a jumbotron like the bigger schools. I was grateful at how handicap accessible the stadium and campus were. I had previously taken my friend to a Division I campus and it was difficult manoeuvring the hills and crowds. The game tickets were only $10 and the concession stand was affordable. We could afford to have a drink with our popcorn. The school band sounded great at half time and the pep rally beforehand gets you in the spirit for a balanced attack of running and passing. Everyone had such a great time we were chanting “Go Washburn Ichabods!” for days!
  6. Karen P – My first trip to Lambeau Field was in the mid-80’s. My friend and I had a tail-gate party, and tickets to a pre-season game. , great seats on the 40 yard line about 10 rows up. We all stood for the National Anthem, but I couldn’t sing it, because I was crying. I looked at my friend to see tears streaming down her face as well. . After all, it was LAMBEAU FIELD!!!!
  7. Ken Grant – Was at an Angels game. A foul ball was hit and rolled to the feet of a small boy. A large crowd rushed for the ball, scaring the boy and causing him to cry. The man who got the ball felt so bad that he gave the young boy the ball.
  8. Ravneet Grewal – in my college days some of my friends asked me to go to watch a cricket match in stadium…first i refused but later got agreed just to accomping them but trust me it was good decision… i was my first time in stadium and i could never forget it…. somethings remain in godd memories box… we still talk about that day with big smile 🙂  
  9. edeliz – My first visit to a professional baseball stadium, the now defunct Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. I remember the beautiful, extremely green grass cut in a pattern. It was such a thrill to see a game there.
  10. Denise N. – Aloha Stadium is the home of the Univesity of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. It also hosts Oahu’s largest swap meet every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Plus, just recently, Bruno Mars held his concert at Aloha Stadium.
  11. Rosella D. Cirrito – When I was younger I would go to the Green Monster and watch the Red Sox play. I remember I was amazed on how big it was and the hot dog venders outside.
  12. Judy Burba McGarvey – When my son was young, he loved the Chicago Cubs, so we took a family trip to Wrigley Field to catch a game. On the way out, we saw Barry Bond and my son got his autograph. He was beyond thrilled!
  13. MahLou Whelan – My stadium story, way back when I was in High School, we’re watching one of the interested school activities which makes the stadium full of viewers. Then suddenly high intensity of earthquake occurred where everyone can feel the shaking of the stadium, most people were panic, screaming, moving out and my group were shocked and remain in our place where we at inside the stadium, made me scared at that time and now I remember that incident while typing this story of mine. But finally, we’re all safe, the shaking didn’t last longer.
  14. Jessica Ponder – I went to a hockey game with my family when I was a teen. I loved it! I got a t-shirt from the t-shirt canon, which I’ve never done before! Then a little while later, a puck came flying across the wall behind the goal and over the top straight into this kid’s face right next to me! He got to meet the entire team after the game and after he got checked out. 
  15. Kelli – My dad once took me to a hockey game and I didn’t bring a jacket so I was practically freezing there because hockey stadiums are very cold. It was my first time at a game stadium and to be honest I thought it was pretty awesome! Got to watch some hockey players get into a huge fight
  16. Vera La’Rei – The first time I ever sat in a stadium with my kid who was 1 at the time I had to have gotten up like 20 times in an hour.
  17. Dustins Mom – I won two tickets to an NFL ballgame. My son and I went just months before he died. I will never forget every single moment of that game. He told me it was the best day of his life. We had great stadium seats.
  18. Pam – I remember going to the Astrodome in Houston to watch the cowboys.
  19. Marce McHone – One of my favorite things I did as a child was to go to Tiger Stadium to see the Detroit Tigers play with my Grandparents. They took me about 3 times each year and I will forever chrish those memories. It was hard losing them as they aged, I really miss them. Tiger stadium was torn down since, but I will remember it forever!
  20. Dionne Toye – I got to see The Eagles (my all time favorite band) in concert for their Hell Freezes Over Tour in 1994 at my favorite stadium…..Detroit Tiger Stadium! The Detroit Tigers played their last game there in 1999 & the stadium officially closed in 2001, so it was an extra bonus to get the chance to see The Eagles perform on the field of the old stadium where I watched so many ballgames of my favorite team. The Detroit Tigers now have a new stadium, Comerica Park, which is beautiful, but nothing compares to that nostalgic feeling of watching em play at the old historic Detroit Tiger Stadium on the corner of Michigan Ave. & Trumbell in Old Corktown, Detroit. I was devastated when it was demolished in 2008 😟

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