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See who won our 1856 daily question below.

  1. Michelle Wilson – Everyone knows how 911 affected The United States. My favorite twins are The Twin Towers ( well a picture I have anyway ). It always reminds me just how life can be so cruel and how something so monstrous could be destroyed in a blink of an eye. Live your life and love your family.
  2. Cathy Deslippe – My two very special twins are my great nephew’s James and AJ. My mom past last June, just before she did my nephew was able to tell her that she was going to be a grandma again. Her dream her whole life was for our family to have twins. We had twins in the family but not in ours. Mom would stop ladies with strollers to see twins, she always thought they were so adorable. Well last December 17 just before the 12 o’clock mark the first great nephew was born and right after the second. My mom’s wish from above came true. One other wonderful thing is that mom’s soul mate, my dad James. has a twin named after him. Such a wonderful blessing to come into our lives, most of all my little sister Nanny Deb and the beautiful mom and dad. Remember all children are our blessings. Wish I had a whole lot more, love spoiling my grandchildren.  
  3. Astrik – The movie Twins with Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegge. One of my favs
  4. Carol Miller – My favorite twins are the Minnesota Twins. They are named for the twin cities of St.Paul and Minneapolis. They won the World Series against the Cardinals in a seven game playoff in 1987.With Billy Martin at the helm, they won the American League West title in 1969. Many of their players have received Most Valuable Player Awards. One thing you can be sure of is that you watch the Minnesota Twins play you are in for an exciting game.
  5. Ray Ayala – My favourite twins are Lisa Ganz and twin sister Debbie Ganz. They are the talented owners of Twins Restaurant. Located in New York City, the staff is made of 37 sets of twins, by last count. Twins work the same shift and wear the same uniform. If one twin calls in sick, the other stays home, too, to nurture him or her back to health. It is rumored that twin customers sometimes get 2 for 1 drinks, can usually get their picture taken to add to the Wall of Twins, and the drinks are so good you just might be seeing double. I admire these entrepreneurs who created a business based on being twins!
  6. deedee walker -Please don’t think I’m a “nut bar” My favorite twins are those killer twins, they are not my favorite as Love them, They are my favorite as very interesting. I watched a documentary on killer twins and this pair of male twins where something else. They committed their murders identically, as they were identical twins. They ate both survivng life without parole, Twins are unique for sure, I just find true stories such as this one fascinating.  
  7. Natania – Kayla (my daughter) is 12 years old and her best friends are twins, Kahlyn and Khia. They are identical and its very interesting watching them. They have beautiful dark skin, they are very pretty and have great personalities. They stay all night here about 5 nights a week. They call me Mom and I think of them like my own. It’s funny because I have seen Kahlyn and Khia arguing, and when someone else argues with either one, the other one jumps in and says, “don’t treat my sister like that!” They do not do anything without each other. If one of them is invited somewhere and the other one is not, the one invited will not go. I try to explain to them they are seperate people and have to learn to be independent also and they reply, “we are, we just prefer to be together.” They are all great kids, sometimes when I need to quiet them down, or just need to talk to them, I have to yell, “Kayla, Khia, and Kahlyn, come here!” Say that several times and its a tongue twister.
  8. J Streetz – tia and tamara mowrey. they are strong sisters with impeccable talent, not to mention great attitude.
  9. Denise N. – I enjoyed The Terminator movies and if you do, too, you’ll know the name Linda Hamilton who plays Sarah. Her twin sister, Leslie Hamilton appeared in Terminator 2 as the “evil” Sarah. I think they would be my favorite twins..  
  10. Felicia – The double mint gum twins lol
  11. Sylvia – As a teacher I’ve had many sets of twins in my classroom. However, the pair that really sticks in my memory were 2 identical boys that were so alike in appearance their mother marked their initials on the heels of their feet to tell them apart as babies. These guys delighted in fooling everyone by changing names and seats to confuse the entire school. But over time I saw their personalities were not the same; one was outgoing and a bit of a daredevil and the other more reserved and cautious. What amazed me the most was how their differences seemed to balance each other so that they supported each of their efforts to try new things or take a step back from danger. These guys were so connected they had hiccups and sneezes at the same time and would draw identical pictures even though they were seated apart in class. These twins are now in college and both want to pursue medical degrees. I told their mom they should go into practice together because their balance would surely be a huge asset in helping patients after they have their fun confusing everyone they meet!
  12. Hara – Hi. Ma favourite twins are called the Bella Twins. They are beautifull inside and out, I believe. They are women wrestlers. They have a Reliaty Show on E channel. They wrestle and tackle everyday problems. I try to never miss theur show. Love it, Love it, Live it….. 💞👍👍👍👍
  13. Paul Clément – Who remembers ‘The Bobbsey Twins’ of children’s literature fame. They and the ‘Nancy Drew’ series were my introduction to mystery and adventure in my younger days as a reader.
  14. Diana Cordell – Les Twins – they are brothers who are from Paris. Very popular on YouTube. Grew up poor, dancing on the streets to earn money and came to America and won $1million dancing on World of Dance.
  15. Colleen Goodbrand – Two years ago, I met twin sisters from Buffalo, New York ( I’m in Ontario, Canada). We all share a mutual interest and we meet up two or three times a year at events. They are the most thoughtful, kind and caring young women I have ever know. They are young enough to be my daughters! They have gone out of their way, many times, to take pictures of highlights I experience during concerts. They gifted me with free tickets to a concert and most recently, presented me with a book for which I have been looking for many years. I’m not sure just what I did to deserve meeting such nice people but what ever it is, I’m glad I did it!
  16. Kelli – My friend has these two cute little twin puppies. You can’t tell them apart besides by the way they act. One is very playful but the other is a little shy pupper and minds its own businuess. They’re so cute my friend also told me there was a third twin pupper but she gave that one away to someone who really wanted a puppy
  17. Noel Stewart – Gemini! My favorite twin is gemini. My spouse is Gemini and guess what — there is a diplomatic side and a bully side! I never know which to expect!!
  18. Judy Burba McGarvey – My grandmother and her twin sister. They were both very outspoken and funny and they liked to fool people with their twinship. Their names were Zula and Lula. Who could forget those names?!?
  19. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio -When my daughter was young, she was obsessed with the Olsen twins. She had all of their DVDs. She even learned to spell “pizza” from one of their tapes.
  20. James Large – Personally, I would have to say the little girls in the hallway in the movie, The Shining. Not only were they so extremely unsettling I had bad dreams of them for weeks, they personified the mental torture that he was suffering: the innocence of youth twisted into an eerie and disturbing misfit. Those twins gave voice to my own fear that I had at that age, that I was not truly what I seemed.

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