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See who won our 1855 daily question below.

  1. Abby Grant – My roommate was brushing her teeth and I heard her screaming and came downstairs and the sink had fallen off the wall and nearly on her feet
  2. Sylvia – I have rescued cats my entire adult life and was known in my neighborhood as the lady who would take in any stray. One day a group of neighborhood boys brought a shoebox to my door with a very dirty, flea ridden and stinky kitten. I took this tiny creature and filled my bathroom sink with warm water and cat shampoo. She didn’t fight me when I eased her into the bath and I tried to wash away her fear, neglect and fleas. Over time Blossom grew into a beautiful and healthy pet but she had one habit that always made me smile. Her favorite spot to nap was the same sink where she had that first bath and I often thought she knew this is where she found comfort, safety and love.
  3. Timothy Mccollum – I lost my wedding ring down the sink had to take apart but the wife was happy good ending.
  4. James Large – At the tender age of 12 (tongue in cheek) I had a habit of washing my hair in the bathroom sink. One night, going to a friends, I was in a hurry and rushed through. My head, turned at an odd angle, became wedged between the faucet and the bowl. With water spraying everywhere, I went into full panic, attempting to free myself, but only succeeding in becoming more wedged. My parents, coming to rescue me, were a bit slow in doing so, due to the fact they needed to be able to catch their breath before assisting, the amount of laughter coming from them precluded breathing. I will never forget it.
  5. Sandra bratton – Giving my children and grandchildren their first baths in it and having pictures to prove it. And I love every one of them bubbles and laughing to: screaming and yelling. Let me tell you a secret….. It’s all about the memories!  
  6. Kelli – Oh my gosh my sink story is just like what that picture shows. I have a black and white cat and he just sits in the bathroom sink all day and when I need to get up and brush my teeth or use the bathroom he just looks at me and doesn’t be move. I have to force him out of the sink. He thinks the sink is his own personal cat bed.
  7. Carol Miller – My Sink Story is that one day, about three years after I moved to my present home.I awoke one day to a giant sink hole in my back yard. It was so big you could have fit a car in it. I couldn’t understand what would cause this to happen. Well, my next door neighbor came over and said, “Well, it finally happened to you.” “Years ago these homes had septic tanks and now we have sewers. Many of the old septic tanks collapse in the back yard leaving a gaping sink hole.” That sink hole cost me over a thousand dollars to have filled in and seeded. Most expensive sink I have ever had to pay for.
  8. Teresa Rojas – When I was a little girl I went to Colombia, and was used to C for cold and H for hot, well there C is it clients which mess hot. I saw the C and turned it on thinking it would cold, it was not, it was hot. VERY HOT!!! I burned my little hands!!! 😥😱😰
  9. Boston_Mama84 – my oldest was a baby, now 7, we used to bathe her in our sink. One evening I came home from work to find my fiancé had took the initiative on her bedtime routine which included a bath in the sink. Well to my surprise not only did I find the two of them sleeping all snuggled up in the chair in our daughters room looking so peaceful but I even got the surprise of my finding little floaters in the sink because the water and toys and such was never cleaned up. I guess it was the thought that counted lol
  10. Josh Grossguth – I use to play and put my feet in the sink when I was little to wash and play with my feet like it was a jacuzzi. 🙂
  11. edeliz – Finding out the hard way that you have to know the material the sink is made of prior to washing off hair color! I stained a sink when I was trying out a different hair color. It eventually came off, after a lot of scrubbing.
  12. Erin Estilette – I still remember being small enough to have a bath in the kitchen sink. I used to love it, because I could be sitting in the sink and look at all the little knick-knacks on the windowsill, and also all the butterflies and other critters that would fly by.
  13. Dionne Toye – Ah….the washbowl or wash basin as my grandma used to call it. Spent a lot of my childhood at my grandma’s house ❤ we did a lot of baking & I remember every time I said sink, she’d correct me & tell me it was the wash bowl! She also taught me that it wasn’t a porch it was a veranda & the couch was a davenport😀 Oh how I miss her 😢
  14. MT – When I was growing up, we lived with my grandparents for 6 months while our house was being built. It was 1990 and they still didn’t have indoor plumbing, but they did have a shallow well, with a pipe running through the window and the handle inside so they had water in the sink. I thought it was cool, but I think the whole thing was hardest on my dad, because he’d had running water for his whole life.
  15. Astrik – When I was a little girl my mother would wash me in the bathroom sink… living in the same house I offen wonder how when I look at the same sink….lol
  16. Michelle Wilson – My sink story is that one day my husband and children decided that as an April Fools joke they would put a rubber band around the auxiliary sprayer and as you can imagine what the outcome of that might be. Needless to say when I turned the water on I was showered (no pun intended) with a surprise! My first clue should have been they were all sitting in the living room quietly and patiently waiting for me to “fill up the water jug from the sink” After a scream and a few swear words that I’m not proud of I laughed hysterically and vowed to get them ALL back!  
  17. Patricia – I used to care for a blind man who had developmental disabilities. At night when it came time to brush his teeth he would get goofy and want to play around in the sink. One night the phone rang and I ran into the kitchen to answer it. There was a med issue and the conversation was lengthy and had distracted me. After a bit, I heard giggles…. There he stood, ankle deep in water kicking, splashing, and clapping…throwing towels out of the linen closet into the water. He had plugged the sink and the mess ended up flooding part of his basement. That was one of the best jobs I ever had. We always had so much fun. 🤗
  18. Jessica Ponder – I decided to play a prank on my brother by putting a rubber band around the spray nozzle of our kitchen sink. Well when I went upstairs to tell him it was his turn to do the dishes, my dad decided to get a drink…All we heard was “God dammit!” among other words. lol I planned on playing innocent, but when I saw my dad soaked, I lost it! I had tears! He got me back with whipped cream and a feather while I was sleeping.
  19. dottie p – at one time we had 2 room mates. so there was 3 men and me one woman. every day i would get up and have to clean up the sink from whiskers. finally at one dinner i told the man the next one to leave whiskers in the sink i was going on strike and they’d have to cook and clean by themselves. i never had to clean the sink after that. now the room mates are gone. i still don’t have to clean out the sink the one man left still keeps it clean . hey it worked.  
  20. Atomicgal Johnson – I was age 5, when I was taken to the hospital, due to stomach that simply wouldn’t go away. It wound up that I had peritonitis aka gangrene, That’s what caused my appendix to go bad. My parents signed the paperwork at midnight for me to undergo emergency surgery. When I asked my mom questions about the surgery—–she explained that they had to wash me off—cleanse me, prior to operating…..I asked her did they put me in the sink, hold me under the faucet, and wash me out. Lol. Other Sink memories……Of my mom teaching me to do a good job of washing my hands. She’d stand beside me at the bathroom sink, saying, “Wash together, be friends forever. I’m smiling now, because she passed away over two years ago. Not a day passes that I don’t think about her, and about my dad too. My most recent sink story……..felt more like a drama, lol—–I decided I could repair the bathroom drain under the sink. Sadly, it went from bad to worse, in terms of corroded pipes, and I had to admit defeat. Was very fortunate to have an school chum I’ve known since elementary school—who has a tenant who is a plumber. Best Christmas gift ever! He supplied the parts, and did the repairs, gratis. Free. 

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