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The winners

See who won our 1840 daily question below.

  1. Dionne Toye – Executive order imposing term limits for all politicians and force Congress to live under the same rules as the people they work for! No special healthcare packages for them no exhorbitant amount of paid vacation time no voting for their own pay increases & no lifetime pay. And then I would ban all lobbyist and make it illegal. No more politicians miraculously becoming millionaires while working on a govt salary!
  2. Allie Cat – Approve adequate funding for financial assistance for the disabled destitute veterans and poor families with children. Yes we have welfare…but most programs aren’t adequate assistance for the afore mentioned groups.
  3. Erin Estilette – Run!!! Not a job I’d want to tackle.
  4. John Morgan – First move? Prosecute Trump for all the lies corruption and appalling things he has done as president. Separating children from their parents is simply an immoral act.
  5. Rob Thomas – The first thing is to take back all the money paid to elected people that was paid to them as retirement and pay them the minium like most poor citizens have had to live on the past 50+ years ! Then boot out all non-us born people living off the government & Fire all congress over 65 or been there over 4 years !
  6. Kelli – Allow the ban on guns because shootings have been more frequent recently and there’s no good reason why it should happen and one person won’t be able to kill so many people without a gun
  7. Zhulin Gao – First thing to do is to take selfie. A lot of selfies…
  8. Rochelle Pieper – Undo the mess the last president made!!! Apologize to every single country he managed to offend or turn against America.
  9. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – Well, if we’re not in a civil war yet, the first thing I would do is fix healthcare. Our healthcare should be as good, if not better, than our politicians’. I’d also legalize marijuana for people over the age of 21. (Sorry kids!) I’d also try to unite this country again. At this time, people feel empowered to express their racism, misogyny and homophobia. All of the “haters” out there need to go back in THEIR closets! I’d also try to make peace with our old allies.
  10. Isabelle Castillo – Freak out! Ask myself “What have I gotten myself into?!?! What the heck where you thinking Isabelle?!” If I ever call down I would DEFINITELY look into something I can do on the global warming issue. To be able to leave my mark on that issue has ALWAYS been something Ive wanted to do. Hopefully Id be able to do something that no other big wig was willing to do. I know there’s so many problem areas on that issue so at the moment In a positive way that is! <I couldn’t really name anything specific. Just that it’d be life changing for the Earth.
  11. tehseen – I will pinch myself to believe and go back to sleep .LOL
  12. Judy Burba McGarvey – As the first woman President I would put Congress to work on outlawing lobbyists and get dark money out of politics.
  13. rose morgan – Abolish abortion.
  14. Rachael Young – Proper educational funding less government wages and everyone lives on an equal income
  15. Timothy Mccollum – I would fix the healthcare in this country it’s embarrassing.
  16. MyKinKStar – Announce to the world and to our nation a new QUEEN is in town and I will be cleaning house – and the senate and congress too. Anyone with a busy job who is just getting a paycheck without contributing needs to either start working or begin packing up to leave. Time for term limits to be a real thing and not just something heard on the campaign trail. Time for simple form taxes too without deductions that benefit the rich or those with properties to write off and avoid paying their fair share. Healthcare needs to be handled and done once and for all – not talked about and looked at then let go for another time so I’m doing that too until it’s done. States need power to do for their own citizens as they see fit as long as they abide by laws in place federally for the greater good. Oh and though not a pot user it’s time for marijuana to be legal nationwide for anyone to use in any way. We can then claim the tax benefit from sales and perhaps help some who suffer with pains and abuse opioids and/or other drugs.
  17. Denise N. – Elected to office in 2020 my first act will be to repeal trade tariffs mend our relations with NATO
    re-enter the Paris Agreement publically and request to voluntarily rejoin G7. I would also seek to reverse all life-long appointed seats to term. That way no one holds a seat longer than 2 or 4 years. So much for my first week in office.
  18. Carol Miller – I would primarily try and reunite our country. The slander disrespect and verbal attacks would be my top priority to turn around. I would hire the best psychologists to join with me to handle this problem. They could advise me and My speechwriters on projecting this image to tear down the bipartisanship. My other goal would be to improve our educational system. I would form a committee with our top educators law enforcement psychologists and researchers to not only stop 🛑 the violence in our schools but promote excellence. I would establish national rewards with monetary incentives for schools who pull up their national test scores. I would also form a national program called “Adopt a School.” This would be for richer suburban schools to adopt an inner city school. They would raise money for supplies technology etc for their adopted school. They would become pen pals with their counterparts and visit their adopted school at least once a year. Any school that buys into this program will receive a monetary award and a Presidential Certificate recognizing them. At the end of each school year I would publish a list of all of the involved schools and select some to come to the White House.
  19. dottie p – I think i would cut taxes. back in the early 1900’s we didn’t have taxes and we were the richest country in the world. then i would try to figure out how we could have universal health care like Canada. i think instead of house taxes i mean everyone <and other stuff everyone would pay more taxes at the store. and those taxes would go for schools> roads health care and it would cover what income tax would be cut. and if it got right down to it if i had to do what Obama did where i had to pass out trillions of dollars to help the economy
    instead of giving it to banks and car deals i’d give every family like $1000. for spending that will get the economy better.
  20. Paul Clément – I would do my damn best to bring back the sense of country that was once there. The pride and respect that USA meant carried and projected around the world would need to be reinstated. Everything possible for all to stand tall and reflect the values that are common to the american existence and more so
    to the American dream. I would venture to assure everyone that all is not lost and aggressively take measure to move in rebuilding the true America.

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