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The winners

See who won our 1839 daily question below.

  1. Jennifer Ploof – My dog chased after a skunk a year ago. He caught the skunk and brought it in the house. It took over two weeks to get rid of the smell off us and the house. My kids went to school for almost two weeks smelling badly of skunk. It took all we had to clean our dog. As he is a 110lb. pittbulls lol…. And let me tell you he does not take well to bathtubs. What a mess
  2. Astrik – Have you ever gone outside and thought omg what’s that smell? Well about 3-4 months ago I thought the city dump was in my back yard. My son being a fisherman went deep sea fishing and inside the fish was the biggest lobster claw you ever saw. So he decided to dry out the claw by hanging it outside. Within 2 days the stink was so bad. But what he did next was even funnier, he boiled it, cleaned it out and sprayed a clear gloss on it. It’s hanging in his room lol (yes I have pictures)…
  3. Christina Garvin – I drink milk in the mornings and take it to work in drinking canister. One day it rolled out of my bag on the way home and sat in the car all weekend on a particularly hot weekend. When I finally found the canister and went to clean it the rotten milk smell literally made me sick.
  4. Leah Capets Krupar – Love the story of the man who took off with another woman! His wife actually put shrimp inside the curtain rods and the couple had no idea where the smell was coming from! The couple moved to get away from the smell and wouldn’t you know, they took the curtain rods with them! lol
  5. Noel Stewart – My parents were fishermen. I grew up smelling fish bait and smelly fish. To this day, I do not like to smell fish bait. And my smelly story is that I never eat fish because they are stink-some.
  6. Alinea Zimmerman – After having kids and pets I’ve had some bad smell experiences. I will never forget this smell, makes me gag if I think about it too much! So we were teaching our youngest, who was two at the time, how to drink out of a cup. Regardless to say that we were cleaning multiple spills a day, usually with paper towels so we could just toss the mess out, but sometimes if it was a big mess we used old raggedy bath towels to clean the mess and rinse the towels out if it was juice or milk. So I start smelling this smell on a Saturday, almost like a dead animal smell, and start looking around for a dead mouse or bird. Nothing. I have my husband take out the trash thinking maybe there’s something in there that’s rotting. Nope. The smell is sticking around and driving me crazy, we go to sleep even though I’m still smelling that smell. We have plans to go to a friends house on Sunday so we leave and come back, when we open the front door we’re greeted by this gut wrenching sour, decomposing, rotting smell! We open as many windows as we can even though it’s winter and about 45 degrees outside. I’m opening the window in our bedroom where we keep our dirty laundry and notice that it smells really bad in our room, my nose leads me over to our laundry basket, I start taking dirty clothes out and find under the small pile the disgusting culprit. A sour MILK soaked raggedy towel!! My husband had helped me clean up a milk spill Friday night from dinner and had forgotten to rinse the towel out and just threw it in our dirty laundry, so it was just sitting in the laundry for a couple of days curdling and growing more and more sour. It took awhile for the house to air out but I was so relieved when we found the source of the sour, rotting, disgusting smell.
  7. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – For weeks I couldn’t figure out what the horrible stench was in my car….finally after ripping the entire car apart, I found a Tupperware of leftover shrimp that my friends sent us home with from a BBQ that I totally forgot about in the trunk inside a beach bag…needless to say, i threw the entire beach bag and all it’s contents right in the garbage.
  8. Sylvia – Oh my! As a kindergarten teacher there are many varied bad smells incubating at any time. Children have bathroom accidents and that’s expected when teaching 5 year olds but one day I noticed a particularly bad smell. Acting like a bloodhound I sniffed my way among the students only to discover the smell was coming from the coat rack. Upon further investigation I discovered a soiled baby diaper in a child’s backpack. Apparently mom asked this student to toss it into the trash but when his bus arrived he deceided to stash it in his backpack. He innocently told me he was going to throw it away when he got home. That’s ok, I said, I’ll gladly dispose of it for you.
  9. Tammy Robertson – My youngest son loved his waffle weave recieving blankets so much he drug them around for years . He had pile of them I would take one and replace it with a clean one every couple days, until he caught on. He called them his “Dirty blankets”. He took them on every trip. We went to Sea World and invited my sister to go. In the hotel room he told her her clothes smelled good she thanked him then he asked her to smell his “Dirty blankets”. Lol we tried to stop her but she grabbed the took a huge sniff then started gagging. I told her never smell anything a little boy hands you and especially if he calls them dirty.
  10. Dustins Mom – The dairy farm behind my house has what we call a “poop truck” that actually spreads it for the cornfield to flourish. It is right behind our house. Cannot go outside for like 3 days when it passes through. Talk about a “dirty Job” for Mike Rowe. It is so ba
  11. Paul Clément – I have changed diapers starting with my younger bothers’ and sisters’ since I was 12 years old and I swear I have never encountered a knock you on your but smell like the one my latest grandson produced for me just last week. He literally sent grandpa for a loop like never before. Bless his little heart!
  12. Rachael Young – Having cat pee on a sweater and not notciing until you need the sweater or freeze at school. Gross gross gross.
  13. Ed Yourick -A guy I used to work with was going on vacation. He was going for 2 weeks. My locker was next to his and I noticed a different lock on it. After about 10 days there was a strange smell in the locker room. I told the charge nurse that I think it’s from the locker next to me. Engineering came in with bolt cutters and cut the lock off. Inside was an empty locker with a hard boiled egg that had been peeled and left inside. We later found out he had an argument with the director and quit. That was his farewell to us. Nobody used that locker and chemicals were needed to get the smell out. I bought Fabreze to keep in the locker room, but somebody stole it!
  14. Sowmya – This happened when I was working. One of my colleague used to smell a lot. The smell is weired. Since we sit together with 3 more ladies for lunch, my boss called me one day and told me that the staff is complaining about the smell and wanted me to talk to her. It was embarrassing for me also to talk about something like this. I didn’t want to do that but since the boss asked me, I couldn’t say no. I didn’t know how to convey the message though. I just started off the conversation with perfumes and toilletteries and asked her about what perfume she uses. She told me that perfume is too strong for her so she uses some roll-on stick for her underarm. Assuming that the actual culprit is the roll-on she is using, which is from some cheap local brand, perhaps whenever her perspiration comes into contact with the rollon, it was releasing some bad smell. I asked her not to use that particular roll on and instead try body powder as some of my friends complained about the roll ons on body. She stopped using that and there was no problem after that.
  15. Marce McHone – Recently my husband and I have been looking for a home to “downsize” to now that our children are grown.. our realtor would schedule a few homes to see each time we went out. One day she walked us through 5 homes… We started with a home that was vacant in town that had a very funky smell in basement and then quickly went through the other 4…. After the first home, that funky smell in basement my husband had a migraine and I felt nauseous…. We rushed through the other homes and told the realtor we would call her soon… Hubby rushed home, his head hurt so bad and knew I was biting back vomit…. We almost made it home…. I couldn’t hold it anymore and vomited in my husband’s less than a year old SUV! ….since that day he had asked our realtor prior to seeing a home if it smells funny!!! We did find our downsize home… With a downsized yard that is perfect…. And it had no funk to the basement!!!
  16. Deb – eewee!!! All these smell stories are a little gross. My story is boiled chicken feathers. Talk about STINK…chicken feather smell is something you never forget. 
  17. Jason Provo – I love cheese. I buy some of the “funkiest” cheeses from our town’s local cheese shop which has been here for longer than creation! A mom and pop business. They have an assortment of pungent and searing cheeses from all over the world! I cannnot get a house guest to even sample these cheeses most of the time because of their strong smells. Even after a few glasses of wine, they do not get brave enough! Limburgers..Munsters…I guess to some people they are “bad smells”. Not me….
  18. Sin – Years ago I was visiting one of my aunts with my mum and brother. My brother got bored with all the sitting around and talking, so he took his dog-puppet and went to explore the garden with it. It wasn’t too long after that that a putrid stench entered the house, followed by my brother holding his puppet out by the tail as if it were contaminated. Turned out it was, because he’d found the manure pit and decided to take his toy swimming in it!
  19. Sue Cee – Every day for about a week. I came in the front door, I could smell something bad. It got worse as the week went on. Then one night lying in bed, it hit me!!! My husband had recently moved the deep freezer in the basement. I ran downstairs and discovered he hadn’t pulled it back in after moving it. And it was located directly below the front door. Now I know what death and decomposition smells like 🤮
  20. Merm123 – I used to work in a trailer on site at a construction plant and the johnny on the spot was constantly used by all the workers and my window was just beside it and so many times the tank would fill and the odour was so bad that I felt I had toxic chemicals in my body when I went home and smelled so bad. We had to relocate the johnny on the spot and have it cleaned out more frequently. Worst smell ever!

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