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The winners

See who won our 1837 daily question below.

  1. Sue W. – Watching my grandson get to bat from home plate at a minor league stadium in his town. He’s 4!
  2. ramadevi – After marriage, I bought steel dinner pates for meals. We usually use steel plates for meals and breakfast and snacks. I have my own small steel dinner plate. It is small but I like to eat in it all the time at home. I dont know how I got the habit and I kept it for me only to eat meals. Now a days people are using glass ware,plastic ware and ceramic ware for dining purposes. But when I was kid my grand mother used to use metal plates coated with ceramic. They look like ceramic but they get rusted after long use. They are not fragile like ceramic but losts longer because they are made up of metal. I still remember the plates when my grand mother used to share meals with me in same plate. She used to allow me pick food from her plate. I still have that feeling inside me and it is memorable for me and I am very fortunate to have special bonding with my grandmother. Because all my sisters had different bonding but I have special bonding a a youngest kid in home with her. I slept in her lap, ate and drank together. My grand mom used to teach my other sisters to do homework but I was small at that time, I got the opportunity to sit in her lap. I still have the memory sharing food with my grand mom in same plate, so this is exactly my favorite plate.
  3. Sylvia – It’s the metal plate in my nephew’s skull which saved his life after a horrible car accident; God bless medical technology.
  4. Denise N. – You’ve seen those tea or coffe cup little saucers, right? They’re ubiquitious in diners and five-star restaurants and a mainstay for coffee houses. They’re a rarity for using at home though. Unless you’re like me, then those saucers are indespensible! I own a set of eight just for my pet’s meals. Another set of saucers for portion control for those ‘heavy-feeling’ days. And, they are the perfect size for appetizers, too, plus they fancy up any table setting. Yes, for its multiple uses, saucers are my favorite dish.
  5. Ravneet Grewal – a plate full of anything prepared by my mom…. miss my childhood days…
  6. Dionne Toye – My favorite plate is the license plate I had for my first car, 74 mustang hatchback, white with baby blue stripe going down the hood, I loved that car & still have the old license plate from it packed away….. memories!
  7. MahLou Whelan – My favorite plate is the block buster Paper Plate, easy to use, accessible, hassle free, disposable and friendly to use. hheeyyeeyyy!!! 
  8. risingphoenix2017 – My family and I recently attended a Greek wedding. We all got to break a plate during the Greek dance! I believe it symbolizes good luck and fortune for the newly wedded couple. It was a ton of fun and I literally felt like I was a part of a big, fat Greek wedding! Opa!!!
  9. Scott Goodhart – tectonic plates. They make up our world and when they shift they cause earthquakes.
  10. Sue Cee – My mom collected franklin mint plates. They cost her at least $100 each and she was on a fixed income. They were like her crack addiction. When she died, I inherited them. One depicts a little blond haired boy with a golden retriever. Looks exactly like my son and our dog when they were born young ❤️ So even tho I hated she spent so much on them, I’m glad to have this one
  11. Jenny Beausoleil – My favourite plate is the last one from my first set of dishes I’ve bought new when I moved in my first appartement. The plate is black with white little flower on it and the shape is square ( like it was so trendy years ago) I just have some nostalgia of the beginning of my adult life 😛
  12. Casimina Doner – My favorite plate is the one my 16 year old son made for me for Mother’s Day when he was in kindergarten. He was so excited to hand it to me when he got home the Friday before mother’s day, but still made me wait until Sunday to open it so I got it right on Mother’s Day. It is handpainted with a big heart that says I love you mom on it. He was so proud of his work and so was I. It still has the place of honor in my memento cupboard where everyone can see it when they come into my house.
  13. dottie p – when my dad passed away my daughter got one of his plastic plates, when she moved out she left it behind. it’s blue thick plastic, i know when she and her fiance’ move out of his parents house she will take it with her but for now, every time i use it i feel so close to my dad. he used it every meal. even if he had to hand wash it. while all the other dishes went in the dish washer. next month Dad will have been gone 8 years. i still talk to him. and let him know i miss him. he was my biggest supporter and loved me unconditionally. and some days that was all i needed to make it through the tough times.
  14. Candy Oakes – My mother’s large China plate. She had the set for over 40 years, when it went to me. It always makes me remember her and all the great food she cooked.
  15. Anna Morellon – Mine is a little pewter plate that holds my boyfriend’s change on his dresser. I can always find some when I need it, Comes in verrrrry handy.
  16. Judy Burba McGarvey – My favorite plate is the platter my grandmother used to serve fried chicken on. I have it in my china cabinet and use it on holidays to serve meat.
  17. Kathleen Gray – My favorite plates are the ones that my mother got for me that have my daughter’s name birthday weight and length on them she also got me one with my name and same information Back in 1970 I love these little plates can hang on my wall
  18. Carol Miller – My favorite plate is the one that I have that depicts Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and planting the American Flag. It is dated July 20, 1969. When I look at it I am reminded of what wonderful, thrilling accomplishments man is capable of. I often show it to my granddaughters who were not even born then and explain what a thrilling moment that was for not only for all Americans but everyone around the Globe.
  19. MyKinKStar – It’s a clear glass shallow bowl-plate, bigger than a saucer, but smaller than a dinner plate. I like it because it works for so many kinds of meals, from soup to something with gravy to salad and the size is right to eat less too.
  20. Senorita Mukhopadhyay – The smart plate! This plate counts the calories and tells you how fast you eat. Whenever, one would put food on it, It senses and lets us know how much calories and fat it has …However!… I need another modifications to it…if I would put lots of food out of greed…it should ring the police siren ! ..hahaha … Anyways, the smart plate is a very cool stuff. https://www.getsmartplate.com

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