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  1. Erin Estilette – I once had 34 chickens, each one of them had names and only two of them were roosters. The rest laid lots of eggs.
  2. deedee walker – My story is hard on the belly, we ordered a big ol bucket of fried chicken, we where hungry. well eating right along, i bit into my second piece and it was a deep fried Mouse! I have never eaten chicken again, that i have not made myself…… It was very grosse!
  3. Deb – When I was in first grade my babysitter had a big tree stump that she wanted dug up. She told us that if we got it out that she would give us one of her baby chicks. So dig we did!! Everyday we would go outside and dig our little hearts out trying to budge that stump. After a long time we finally got it out. I went home that day with my baby chicken. My Mom wasn’t so happy about it, but I loved that little chick. I kept it in a box in the backyard until it got too big. Then I took it to my grandmother’s house and let it go with the other chickens. I called it Baby Gray and my grandmother said that it was the only chicken that she’d ever seen that would come to you when you called its name. 
  4. Noel Stewart – My cousins had a chicken farm when I was a toddler. I thought the chickens were neat until I fell down inside their coop and got chicken poop all over me. Thus, to this day I refuse to eat chicken because of my traumatic experience chasing those chickens and falling down in the coop.
  5. Cathy Deslippe –  After a big day, the day before Christmas we either were having Kentucky Fried Chicken or a Swanson TV dinner, depending on the day my dad had on his milk delivery job. When it was a good year for him and his sales were high we all got excited to sit down around the table and be blessed with a barrel of chicken, French fries and two salads. Of course on top of that dad had several customers that would give him a box of turtles, so that is what we had for desert. To this date we have chicken in remembrance of the good old days, most of the time it is from Swiss Chalet.
  6. Karen T – 🐔🐣I once asked my fiance’s five year old grandson🙎‍♂️ what he was eating. He said, “Chicken nuggets”. I asked, “Do you know how they make them?” He said🤔, “No”. I asked, “Do you know where they come from?” He stopped eating, looked at😞me like I was a🔨hammer short of a toolbox, pointed at the👉 bag and said, “McDonald’s, silly!🤣😂😂
  7. Amy T – dont have one. thats my story and i’m chicken to it,,, lol!!
  8. risingphoenix2017 – My chicken story is not personal per se. I believe that chickens have a pretty high intelligence. It’s probably seen as unusual, but I find it kind of surprising when I see chickens being kept as pets. For example, I saw on a celeb show that actress Jennifer Garner has 7 pet chickens. Jennifer reads the newspaper to them, walks them with a leash/harness, and recently gave them a birthday cake (a cake with veggies and bugs) while singing “Happy Birthday”! I’ve also seen a pet chicken run towards its “master” when the girl gets off the school bus every day. I also saw on “America’s Got Talent” that a pet chicken, Jogku, played “America the Beautiful” on the keyboard! So, I think it’s kind of odd, yet at the same time, pretty cool to see or read about how people keep chickens as pets. see more
  9. Jason Provo – I was at the local Asian market downtown a few years ago. I saw raw whole chickens; heads and feet still on which nowadays is not too curious a thing to come across as western palates become more diversified. However, I was originally taken aback by the color of the skin; a blue-black inky color. I researched and found out they are a type of chicken called a silkie. They have downy white feathers…when theyre feathered…before they get to the market… I also found out they are used in Chinese medicine as a home remedy for various ailments including colds. I bought one, took it home and tossed it in a pot of water and made chicken soup. It had a gamey-almost medicine-like taste but still worked for chicken soup and believe it or not, it seems to alleviate cold symptoms very well!
  10. Colleen Goodbrand – I used to volunteer at a horse rescue and Sunday morning was my time every week. One early Sunday morning, I showed up to do my chores and realized I was the only person on the farm at that time. I started out to the back paddocks with a bale of hay only to be SWARMED by all the chickens that also lived there! I couldn’t even take a step for all the chickens waddling around my ankles!
  11. Sandra bratton – I wasn’t a good cook when I was newly married, I wasn’t taught to cook, my sister did, so when I was asked to deep fry chicken, I was excited. I cut it up, fried it ,and took it to the cook out, and a friend took a bite and blood ran down his face. He started pukeing… ( nasty) dude still don’t eat chickens.
  12. Connie Henry – Literally just this last week, my great niece and I were watching TV and a chicken nugget commercial came on. She said she wanted them, so I went into the kitchen and cut up chicken and potatoes for nuggets and fries. She is only two…she loved them! I told her mom we made them and Mommy asked if she helped? Yes, she helped me with everything but the frying and cutting. She had soooo much fun!
  13. Kathleen Gray – well mine is kind of a horror story but funny in a way too, but my neighbor has like five red hens and this black rooster he was a pretty fella and I thought I made friends with him. Then one day he decided he didn’t want to be friends no more and came after me!!!I didn’t know a chicken could run so fast! he tried to attack me that rooster ain’t my friend no more😯
  14. Denise N. – Images of huge pieces of crispy, deep fried perfection; craggy, breaded pieces of chicken stacked high on a large platter still steaming from the fryer and occassionally ozzing with succulent juices. That’s what a foodie’s dreams are made of! It doesn’t translate well to real life, though. My chicken either were blackened unintentionally or looked more like nuggets with soggy breading sliding off of stringy, dry meat. By the smoke and smell of burnt oil alone it was off-putting to actually consume these disasters. Then came the research; cookbooks and the internet, where I learned to bread each piece immediately before frying. Then the shopping for a thermometer for the cooking oil and a heavy bottom, tall sided pot. I learned that whether frozen or from the fridge chicken breads and cooks better at nearly room temperature. Last but not least, I was instructed, let the pieces sit to allow for reabsorption of the meat juices. Now, no more sad looking, dry and stringy, burnt little nuggets! I can whip up a decent 6pc on a moments norice-give or take a few.
  15. Senorita Mukhopadhyay – Ahhh ! there is a creepy one from my side…recently in one of the towns where I once lived for a short while, in my Country, a van full of stale chicken was raided by the police. The irony is that everyone has consumed them. Now a carnivore city suddenly became vegetarian. So when we had a few friends visiting us from India a few weeks back from there, I asked what they would like for dinner…they just said ..we became vegetarians now ..hahaha ..I laughed and told them did u think I will feed you with the stale chickens!..hahaha… The news I just mentioned is here in the link: https://timesofindia.indiat…
  16. Anna Morellon – Since they were small, my picky grandaughters would always ask what they were eating. Since they liked chicken, my daughter would tell them that’s what it was. Whether it was or wasn’t and they usually ate it. Now teenagers they will only eat chicken believing that ” it was the only meat they’ve ever eaten’ and want to stay healthy. ok , I say when they come to visit. A bag of chicken nuggets and we’re good.
  17. Sue W. – Coming back from up north when we were kids, my brother and I saw a sign for free baby chicks, so of course we begged our dad to stop. He went in to see what the deal was. He came back out with a big cardboard box and a bag of chicken food. Turns out when you bought a $2 back of chicken food, you also got 25 free chicks!! Yup, so we drove the rest of our 3 hour trip home listening to our chicks chirping and our mom reaming our dad a new one!@!  
  18. LORRAINE – My daughter was going to make a whole chicken for company one day she called me and asked how to cook it I told her to season it stick in the oven and cook it until there is no blood company it and the legs are loose she followed my instructions and when she went to serve it she found a surprise in it you can guess what it was yup giblets and neck to this day she can’t make a whole chicken she makes chicken parts
  19. Irene – I used to have a horse farm. Had a few chickens, too. Once had a rooster who appointed himself as my personal alarm clock. Every morning he would come to the back door and crow until I emerged to go feed the horses. He used to follow me around as my shadow and once even tried to help me plant tomato plants. But that was counter-productive.
  20. Gina Adlersfluegel – I’m a city girl; my mom grew up on a farm. Mom raved about how much better farm fresh chicken tasted. So we found a farmer selling live chickens. Choose your live birds and they would turn them into food while you watched. I still have nightmares about that! Chickens do run around for a few seconds after their head it chopped off. With that image in mind, I stick to food that least resembles a live animal.

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