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See who won our 1821 daily question below.

  1. Maria Brown – Growing up we lived paycheck to paycheck and so toys were not on the top of the list to purchase. With 5 siblings we mainly played outside and made our own toys. Making puppets out of old construction socks was my favorite. I would decorate it with old buttons and yarn and stuff we had laying around the house. I would decorate a big box to make it look like a stage we would put on puppet shows.
  2. Noel Stewart – As a youngster, I had a pirate puppet who helped me sleep for many years. I felt safe because Peg Leg scared away all the monsters until I became a teenager.
  3. Robyn – My sixth graders made marionettes one year; there were all kinds from clowns to animals. The kiddos enjoyed learning to sew the bodies and string them onto the crossed boards not to mention creating a puppet show afterwards. 🙂
  4. Jennifer B. – I’ve always loved the Muppets. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzy, etc. I loved all the guest stars that have appeared especially the episodes with Harry Belafonte or Julie Andrews. 
  5. Ray Ayala – Growing up, I used to watch the Gus and Torey show. This was one of the few puppet shows I liked because Torey was a talented ventriloquist. Puppet Gus seemed so alive! In my adulthood, I am always disappointed watching the puppet handlers; it is obvious the humans are doing all the talking because their lips are moving. I guess that’s why they call them The Good Ole Days!
  6. Karen T – We used to make puppets out of paper lunch sacks. I always liked those better than socks because we could paste the eyes, whiskers and anything else we needed without having to ask Mom to sew anything on. Hint: This also keeps children quite busy when you need to get some housework done. 😉
  7. Denise N. – His name is Blade. A puppet brought to life by an Egyptian spell to slaughter his master’s foes. His white hair matches his white skin and his black trench and wide brimmed hat is the same color of his empty eye sockets. A sharp hook serves as his left hand and a knife for his right. He is one of three puppets to have appeared in every Puppet Master movie; Pinhead and Jester are the others; and the only puppet to appear on all VHS and DVD covers. Blade is the one reason I find Puppet Master movies enjoyable.
  8. Cathy Deslippe – Fun At My Granny’s The great old sock puppets with buttons sewn on for eyes. Than out came the box, cutting the square out than using cloth that was taped on with lots of tape for my sister and I to put on a live entertainment show for grandparents than later my parents. I don’t know how on earth they put up with the things we did when we were young, I know that wasn’t a career that I was going to do in the future. “Well not yet”!
  9. Dustins Mom – While visiting in New Orleans once, my son and I saw a puppet on the street. Dustin was only 5 or 6 y/o and got so scared, he thought it was a real little man. Since then, he was always scared. Sort of like a fear of the clowns.
  10. Paul Clément -During theatre class at university, we were tasked to create a puppet for ‘Peter and the Wolf’ using craft paper and small diameter dowels for control. I was the wolf and dare I say, my creative juices flowed mightily on that occasion and my wolf puppet garnered much praise from fellow students and an A+ grade from the professor. What a fun course that was!
  11. dottie p – at the risk of aging myself, i used to watch Sherri Lewis and Lambchop growing up. last summer i went rummage saleing with my daughter and i found a lambchop. i have washed it, it’s in great shape, when my grand daughter is old enough i will make sure she gets it.
  12. Rick Gottinger – The only puppet story I have is one that involves a rescue cat we had named Puppet. She was a very affectionate, quirky cat. Once she was sitting in front of our tv while we were watching a National Geographic show about birds. A moment came when there was a closeup of a bird flying towards the camera and she leapt into action. Unfortunately, it was a tv and she hit it and bounced off. She collected herself, put on her best “I knew that wasn’t a real bird” face and wandered off. She passed away years ago but that incident always makes me smile.
  13. risingphoenix2017 – This past weekend, my family and I went to the center for puppetry arts in Atlanta, GA. They’re mostly well known for their Jim Henson exhibit. We especially wanted to check out the Indian Puppets special exhibit. The center always features new special exhibits as well as adding new special puppet performances. The Indian puppets exhibit will be open til July 15th. Overall, my family and I are fans of Jim Henson and puppets in general. We absolutely fell in love with the Center for Puppetry Arts!
  14. Heather Alex Nunn – Wow, I can’t recall a single puppet in my entire life time. . . . . . . .wait. . . yeah, okay. I remember watching the movie ‘The Puppet Master’ as a little girl and being terrified to the point I refused to watch any of ‘The Puppet Mater’ series again or at all until almost 24 years later!!! That must be the reason behind no puppets being a part of my life EVER!!! LOL!!!
  15. Jason Provo – My favourite puppets are marionettes. It must require a real level of talent to manipulate them properly; to get them to move and react as if they were real people/creatures. I have a respect for marionette puppeteers. It seems to be a dying form of entertainment. SIDE NOTE: Pinocchio was a marionette. No word of a lie…..
  16. Judy Burba McGarvey  I don’t if you can really call this a puppet story or not. Some time in our preteens, my older brother saw a Punch and Judy puppet show on television. I guess having a pesky sister named Judy was just too irresistible for my brother because he would frog me in the arm at least once a day and say “Punch and Judy”. That is until Dad caught him doing it one day. Dad punched him pretty hard in the arm and said “How about Punch and Dad?” That pretty much ended that little puppet show.
  17. Leah Capets Krupar – Puppets are awesome! They helped me do some parenting as my kids were growing up. If I needed to have them do something that they didn’t like, (taking medicine or putting away their toys, etc.) I would ask them and they would throw a fit and refuse. As soon as I put a puppet on my hand and talked in a different voice, the kids would obey anything it had to say! lol Puppets sure made a lot of situations much easier for me!
  18. Sowmya – My puppet story is an embarrassing one! Those days in India we used to have small street puppet shows done to earn the daily living by poor villagers. Sometimes they used to show funny stories ones as well. Once we went to visit my grandmother in our home town. Our neighbour came and told us that there is a puppet show going on at the back of our house on another street. My parents along with my grand mother, went to the shops leaving my younger brother under my care who is four years younger to me and was 4 years old then. I very much wanted to go and see that show so I took my brother with me and ran to watch the puppet show. We must have watched hardly 5 minutes when my brother ran to the front and started to grab the puppet. I ran behind him and tried to pull him back but he wouldn’t listen. The show people tried to stop him but nothing helped. They have to stop the show for sometime due to this drama. I was so embarrassed, I just had to drag my brother and come back home. Even now we talk about this incident and laugh it away! Those days there were only limited entertainment options for the families. Not everyone could afford the TVs. Now if you give me an option I would never see any puppet show especially after this incident……
  19. Ken Grant – Went on a missions trip to Ecuador where we did a puppet presentation. Amazing the positive reactions we got. Great memory.
  20. Sylvia – In my kindergarten classroom I have a puppet theater and a large basket of puppets, some new, some homemade, some tattered and worn. But I keep each puppet because I never can predict how my imaginative students will use these puppets in their play. There is a pale pink rabbit with a missing button eye and torn ear that seems to inspire the most wonderful puppet play. I have observed as this woe be gone bunny illicits the most compassionate feelings in my five year olds. Instead of rejecting it for a shiny and new puppet I have heard my kids nurture and accept bunny even though he is different and not perfect. Gosh, I think, these little ones really get it and I can’t help but admire their tolerance and be proud of the little hearts that are bigger than their years.

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