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The winners

See who won our 1820 daily question below.

  1. Robert -The day I quit the horrible one I worked at.
  2. Tammy Robertson – When my son was 2 he got to order for himself for the first time and he ordered a biscuit and bacon and as the waitress walked away he looked a little worried and then said she will put it on a plate right??? Lol little boys gotta love them!!!
  3. Belinda – I remember one time my Husband, Myself and my Mom were at Wendy’s and my Mom was eating a chicken sandwich well at some point she was taking a bite & noticed there was no chicken in her bite. So she asked us what happened to her chicken. We busted up laughing cuz we had seen her chicken get slammed dunked into her coffee. When we told her she started busting up too. I love this memory of my Mom.
  4. Michelle Wilson – My favorite restaurant memory is visiting Toby Keith’s Bar at Harrah’s in Las Vegas. I was studying my menu so intently that when I heard the waiter say “What would you like to drink ma’am in a deep southern voice??” Low and behold I looked up and it was Toby Keith himself! Needless to say I’m a big country music fan and I may or may not have made a total fool out of myself.. I think I was singing ” I Love This Bar ” Great memories!
  5. Michaele Dalin Goodson – My restaurant story is about a Diner. My sister and I owned one when I was 20 years old until I graduated college at 27. Hard work, and community support is what it takes to be a success.
  6. Amy Brewer – My best restaurant memory has to be the night that my husband proposed to me. It was HIS birthday night and we were taking HIM out for dinner so it totally caught me off guard when he asked me to marry him!!!
  7. Judy Burba McGarvey – After graduating from high school, I went to work for Kentucky Roast Beef, the only one in the country. Colonel Sanders was trying to compete with Arby’s. They had a “grand opening” media day with the local news stations, Colonel Sanders and former Kentucky governor John Y. Brown. While this was going on, a lady and her little boy walked in, thinking the restaurant was open to the public. Colonel Sanders loved children, so he had me make the little boy a milkshake so he could sit beside him. Of course the photo op was too good to resist and the next day, there in our local paper was a picture of me handing the little boy his milkshake as he sat by the Colonel. The restaurant didn’t survive but my 15 minutes of fame is immortalized in the archives of the Louisville Courier Journal.
  8. Astrik – My Father was never the one who liked to eat out. But this one Sunday many, many, many years ago we all went to a new restaurant that just opened (can’t say the name still around). He ordered the steak with baked potato, WELL the steak was so tough all he could say was: WHAT A STEAK-WHAT A STEAK! We all started to laugh out loud, poor Dad all he ate was the baked potato. Oh ya no doggie bag lol
  9. JAN DUDA – My favorite restaurant memory was when my husband boss told him to take out his family to dinner and bring him the bill. He had been working hard and long hours. But the best part was that our daughter, 5 at that time, they had a man singing and playing an acoustic guitar. She went up in and started dancing and her Dad the never dances starting dancing with her. I will never forget it. Children are so percuss and innocent and bring the best out of you.
  10. Adrienne White – When I was very small, there was a Howard Johnson near our home, my parents took me over there for some ice cream on a Sunday afternoon. It was one of my best memories ever! spending time with my mother and my father! However, there was one little hang up. The very first thing I look for in any eating establishment (whether it is a Howard Johnson or somewhere else) is a hot chocolate dispenser. Why? Because they are very loud due to the motor inside. That dispenser would scare me to death because of the very loud motor. I would put my fingers inside my ears to lessen the noise of the hot chocolate machine. That happened when I was very, very young.
  11. Cathy Deslippe – Palms Restaurant – The memory of a life time. It may not sound exciting to many but as a child every Saturday my Aunt Linda would take us ice skating at our local arena. If we all behaved we would walk over town to a 50 style diner with a juke box and chairs that spun around and I just loved it. Food was the best especially the fries, homemade- still can taste that grease. People would jump up and just start dancing. The biggest memory was the banana split, oh it was the best. From the whip cream to the chocolate sauce, ice cream and of course the cherry on top.
  12. Bel Friedrich – This is more adult humor so “trigger warning” but when I was about 6 my parents took me to a Chinese restaurant that had the zodiacs on the table. My mom was at the buffet about the time I looked down and realized the rooster was under March and I started yelling from across the restaurant, “mom I’m a c&ck!! I’m a c&ck!” She’s never ran so fast at me. The zodiac definitely didn’t say rooster and I definitely didn’t know there was other meanings for c&ck.
  13. Elisha Burgess – We were very poor growing up, I remember one morning my parents were on the way to work, in the tobacco feilds and we stopped at a McDonald’s. I was about 8 yrs old, I remember my father told me to pick out anything on the menu. It seems silly, but to a kid who grew up not having much and never had the luxury of eating out, I was so excited, not only did I get the freedom to choose but I got the Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit I had only dreamed of and it was well worth it, to this day I still enjoy eating them, not all the time, but as a treat to myself every now and again, so that I can still be thankful for that delicious experience I was so grateful for as a child. Probably one of my most honored memories of my family as a child.
  14. Sowmya – This happened few years back. We had guests from Boston and we all went to see Penguine Parade in Phillip Island. On our way back, we stopped at a restaurant. Everybody ordered their dishes but I couldn’t find anything for me on the menu, as I am a vegetarian. I just had some coffee to kill my apetite. I am not sure what the waitress thought, she went inside and I could see her talking to the manager pointing her finger towards me. After paying the bill, when we were about to leave, the manager came and handed over a takeway container and told me that it’s a vegetarian combo specially made for me and its on the house. My husband wanted to pay for that but the manager refused to accept the money, even though we were not locals. We were so impressed by the customer service of that restaurant…. even now we talk about it. Great people with great attitude are still there in this world!!
  15. Kathy Gabrielle – my favorite memory of eating at a restaurant is when I was 8 years old and I was visiting my Uncle Mitch and we went to this Italian Restaurant called The Marco Polo. He taught me how to twirl my spaghetti while he told us the whole story of how Marco Polo discovered spaghetti. His story was hilarious and I learned how to twirl spaghetti.
  16. Kelli – At a very fancy restaurant in Orlando called Emeral’s. It’s located in one of the Orlando theme parks. I went there for my mom’s birthday. My dad also knew people who worked there so we got to go into the kitchen and take a picture with the chefs. It was also the very first time I tried duck and it wasn’t bad. I was stuffed after that night with a 3 course meal but it was awesome.
  17. dottie p – we had a large family so we didn’t go out much. but i remember my 10th birthday was my favorite, my favorite Uncle, Uncle Larry and Aunt Sharon took me to the Elk’s Club for my birthday, i dressed in a paisley dress and ordered grilled cheese and fries, i was so excited we didn’t get fries at home. and at the end of the meal i got a piece of cake, i tried to share it with Uncle Larry and Aunt Sharon but they wouldn’t take any, they said it was my birthday cake and i should enjoy it. Uncle Larry (being the 10th heart replacement patient in the U.S. passed away a few years later, but it is one memory i will never ever forget, I miss you Uncle Larry.
  18. Sandra bratton – Mine I guess was my husband and I went to a fancy restaurant, that served shrimp, and we thought we would try it. Remember, First time while we were eating we were enjoying it, however I wasn’t to fond of the crunch, then we realized others were peeling theirs, a little embarrassed! Yes but we love shrimp!
  19. MyKinKStar – My restaurant memory: Being a child in the way and always being put into the hot soapy water in the kitchen sink in our bar on a Sunday morning because there was work to be done. All 8 burners were set on high fire, holding big iron skillets filled with Crisco lard, and as many quarter pieces of chicken as possible to fry it all up crispy. Once church let out our place would be full for a few hours – the front bar for whites and the back bar for colored people (called that then and not said with any disrespect now), would be hopping from grands to babies. Dinner plates (fried chicken; potato salad or coleslaw; and 2 slices of bread for a dollar) and bottles of ice cold beer kept everyone busy serving and it was no place for a child to be underfoot. Our cook, Mawtry knew how to handle me and that big gas stove at the same time, because she had all kinds of babies in diapers at her house – from working girls in DC . . . Good Times!
  20. Anna Morellon – My best restaurant memories are with my kids. During a ‘single mom’ chapter in my life. I was working a lot and told my kids that we would go on a family date every Tuesday night and they could pick the restaurants. To my surprise they picked places like Sizzler, Tony Roma’s, Spaghetti Factory, and different steak houses. But my youngest son around 10 at the time , kept ordering Nachos. He would then make these faces when he got his order, because these were not your regular 7/11 nachos. After a few times I told him why do you keep ordering nachos if you don’t want all that stuff on them? His answer: he was doing a report on the different things that can go on nachos. … Whatever?????

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