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  1. MyKinKStar – Purple Rain Tour in 1984 . . . Co-worker invited few of us to go to see Prince from her brother’s skybox = free to go, plus food and drinks. YEAH! It was raining HARD that evening and we weren’t allowed to go inside the stadium early, so everyone was totally soaked. When we went inside females got felt up (SERIOUSLY) but of course the guys didn’t go through that horror or even understand how offensive it was. UGH! Place was freezing cold – cause we were wet, but we were determined to have a good time = cocktails! Sheila E put on a GREAT SHOW, then we waited, and waited, and waited for Prince = an hour plus he finally came out and was alright, BUT then left the stage to change clothes. WHAT? Come on dude! He performed about 10 songs, wasting too much time putting on different outfits, oh and he humped the stage at one point. He didn’t seem interested in being there and I would have been mo’mad if I’d paid to see that mess! He is or was a talented guy, but geez, on that night he was worthless.
  2. Colleen Goodbrand – Back in the 1970’s, I went to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition ) in Toronto to see a band I liked, named April Wine. Was sooooo excited about being able to see them perform in person! Obviously they were a great studio band but on stage – BORING!!!! They came out and sang their songs and made no attempt to interact with the audience.
  3. Sylvia – I received pretty pale blue satin sheets as a gift, couldn’t wait to put them on the bed and crawl in. No one told me they were dangerous, I slipped out of the bed twice during the night and my head kept sliding off the pillow. My excitement turned to underwhelming disappointment the 2nd time I landed on the bedroom floor.
  4. Rick Gottinger – Just a few days ago when the Toronto Raptors after the best regular season in their history were swept in for straight games by Cleveland getting beaten by the largest margin ever for a 1st seeded team. There has to be a winner and a loser and beating Lebron James is tough but they didn’t even seem like they cared at all. Underwhelming indeed!
  5. GarageRock – I was so looking forward to seeing The Shape of Water, since I’m a fan of Guillermo del Toros other work, but was totally disappointed. To me it was another retelling of the beauty and the beast story, ala King Kong, The Creature From the Black Lagoon etc. Although most people seemed to love it, I was totally underwhelmed ☹️
  6. Sue W. – A friend told us about this great restaraunt, pricey, but the best food they ever had. Well hubby and I decided to splurge and try it since it was so “Wonderful”. The food was cold and greasy and cost us an arm and a leg. I was for sure underwhelmed!
  7. Denise N. – Our local fair is underwhelming. Considering all the build up prior to actually attending. I expected more but such was not the case.
  8. Judy Burba McGarvey  I’m underwhelmed by the lack of responsiveness by Republicans in Congress to the corruption in the White House.
  9. Noel Stewart – Needing a new car, I was underwhelmed on the trade-in value. I ended up selling my old car myself and got $1,000 instead of the $200 at the dealership! After all, my old car was CLEAN and DRIVEABLE and had no mechanical issues.
  10. Marce McHone – My son’s first annual fine arts expo… He did the video production of the event, I sat through 2.5 hours of creative writing…. Couldn’t get out of there fast enough! By the way, the video production was excellent!
  11. goldi111 – I was extremely underwhelmed when, at the age of 6, I found out that the local Santa Claus we all went to see each year was MY DAD! Hey! What gives!?!
  12. Lynn – Single mom of 3 kids, cherish and celebrate each milestone in our lives, but recently the ‘forces of the universe’ had other plans! My impressionable daughter finished school (no plans for college), and with her whirlwind of girlfriends settled into a lifestyle of irresponsible fun. Somehow in all this cloudy timelines of late night, found a handsome young man, deciplined by solid roots, family, and a non drinker/drugs. Jackpot!! Downside of love is that it is so hard to be apart, he has a bigger home than mine and thus they spend what feels like ‘eternity’ there, and visit me ‘once in a while’. So on her birthday (yup, I got it), we went out to celebrate, just her and I,,ya,,, arrived for reservations, seated, waited too long to be served ‘wrong order of drinks’, only to be told that the restaurant had to be closed and we had to exit (some personal management issue), oh and “pay for the drinks on your way out”!! UNDERWHELMED!! Later I heard that she told her father that she spent her ‘birthday’ with me!! I will always remain hurt that it was a disastrous hour but smile inside because she will remember this forever!!
  13. Sin – The local pub in my town (that I had been taken to for treat-dinners pretty much all my life) fairly recently had a complete renovation. After being used to the warm, comforting atmosphere I was underwhelmed to see how they had changed the place. I always loved it, I made many friends in the play-room when I was in my first years in primary school, and won some prizes in the trivia night with my family later on. But when we first walked in after the renovations, the first thing we noticed was that they had doubled the size of the gambling room and crammed all the tables up in the corner. This really took away the comforting ‘family’ feel of the place. Not only that but they no longer accepted my mother’s pension card, and we had to wait an hour (not exaggerating) for a very average meal. To say it was underwhelming would be an understatement… we have not been there since. We were asked for our feedback and were told that we were not the only ones who were disappointed.
  14. Jason Provo –  The new, 3rd season of Twin Peaks that aired last year. Underwhelmed to say the least! I have waited, seriously now, 25 YEARS for what I thought would be the biggest TV event for me personally and all I got to watch was a meaningless bit of self-indulgent art that left me confused, insulted and curled up in a fetal ball on the living room rug crying out “Why ? Oh why?!” ……….David Lynch has gone senile. I have run away to a monastery.
  15. tehseen – I was underwhelmed when I understand the credit history of my husband .That day I understand how he managed all expenses and he never told me about that .I was underwhelmed in just one day and he was handling it for many years .
  16. Sara DuVall – I’m a waitress. One Thursday I took on a shift for someone to earn some extra money. Well, from 4-8 I made $8. It was the most slow night EVER!! At least it was more than I had when I walked in. Lol!!
  17. Caitlyn Allmin – I love Dinosaurs and someone mentioned that I should watch Dinosaur Island! Settled in at home all comfy with snacks and everything.. turned it off within 15 mins! Terrible !
  18. Rochelle Pieper – Last summer I won tickets to a WWE event and I was beyond underwhelmed!!! Actually left before it was over!!!
  19. Abby – I’m in a doctoral program and I’m almost finished. I was told that when I finished, the job prospects, the pay – all of it would be better. So far, I’m not seeing that in job postings for positions or availability of positions. It’s super-underwhelming.
  20. Paul Clément – Hate to say it but that was definitely my first marriage! To be fair, it probably was underwhelming for her too! Takes two to tango!

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