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See who won our 1779th daily question below.

  1. Deb – The wooden chair in my craft room. While daydreaming one day I tilted it back too far and fell backwards. After a trip to the doctor for stitches, I never look at it without giving it the evil eye.
  2. Sin – I paid $5 for a chair at an op-shop because it was the perfect shape, size and design that I needed for my desk. I was so pleased with it until I put it in place and sat on it with a huge CREEEEAAAAK. It is the noisiest thing I have ever owned. If I so much as move my arm it will wake up the house with it’s CREEEEAAAAK.
  3. Rochelle Pieper – My recliner!!! There is a 2×4 in back keeping it from tipping over backwards! I have to put a pillow under my right side because it leans to the right! The kids have to stick a laundry basket under the leg part to keep it up if I want to recline! And most of the stuffing has moved to other places so I have to put a pillow under my legs when I do recline!!!
  4. Merm123 – I would have to say my wrought iron kitchen chair which I really should be replacing the whole set but can’t afford to. I tried putting a pillow behind it to make it more comfortable but just didn’t do the job. Oh well when I can afford a better one I will replace it 🙂
  5. Catherine Wawrzyniak Hinspeter – wooden kitchen chairs, we use one for our PC and after sitting on that for just a little while my “brains” hurt 😉
  6. Amber Miner – The chair that came with my desk in my dorm room is absolutely awful. It’s built like a hybrid rocking chair so every time I lean back I panic and fall a little bit since the back legs were built with a type of curve. I don’t understand why they built the chair this way but because of it everytime I sit down in it the chair slams on the ground since the rocking end makes everything uneven. i hate this chair.
  7. Ginny – our plastic chairs – you can’t get comfy no matter what.. They tip over or bend and sometimes crack!
  8. rose morgan – I have a backless deskchair thats supposed to be good for you body mechanics. I had to stop using it, it was too “good” for my body mechanics and made it hard to sit on for more than 20 minutes.
  9. letícia – Those with little holes in it. That hurts my butt.
  10. Vero – The chairs of the chalet. I don’t know since when they exist, but I’m 44 years old and I’ve never seen others ! They have metal legs “stainless” and are covered with a rigid plastic … not very nice. When it’s hot outside, we stay stuck on it ! haha It’s time to think about changing them !!
  11. Sylvia – I have an old beanbag chair in my basement that is like a Venus flytrap; once you settle in it tries to engulf you in cheap vinyl and you can’t get out. The only reason I still have it is because my cat loves napping in it; guess you have to have a cat’s agility to escape it’s sinister intentions.
  12. Ray Ayala – When I bought my house, it came partially furnished. One of the items was a wobbly chair. I kept gluing it back together, but the chair legs kept popping back out. I finally decided it was not safe to sit on, so I re-purposed it as a place to display my chia plants. I call it my chia chair.
  13. Dicksy Maneschyn – It definitely would be our recliner…it is old and worn and it needs to go but my husband insists on keeping it. If you remember the Archie Bunker show where poor Edith couldn’t get rid of Archie’s chair the same applies at my home. I’m sure it’s a common delema for many a couple. Need to be gone!!!
  14. Leah Capets Krupar – One of my great grandparent’s chair. It’s their kitchen table chair made from wood that goes to the drop leaf table that I have. I’m always gluing the rungs back together. I’ve tried so many different types of glue and can’t find one that will keep it in place. It is so cute and I can’t part with it! I can imagine my grandparent’s sitting down for dinner every night using this chair and the table. My mom grew up having dinner with them all the time so it’s fun to think of when she was little. It’s the worst chair that I own, but also the most special.
  15. Mellissa Naylor – I got this in a dumpster and its in great working condition , nothing a little time and love can’t fix.
  16. Alice Huffine – The bench style seats to our dining room table. There is 2 chairs on the shorter sides and 2 long, picnic style benches (could fit maybe 2-3 people) on the longer sides. I have a 3, 5 and soon-to-be 9 year old daughters and my 2 younger ones LOVE to tip the bench style seats back and give mommy a heart attack!
  17. Natania – My Mom keeps everything everyone gives her. Especially items that were given to her from family and friends that are no longer with us, For example, My Aunt., my Mom’s sister gave us their dining room table a long long time ago. At the time it was really nice but it wasn’t what my Aunt wanted so she asked if my Mom wanted it. We liked it and it was way better than what we had. Now, my Mom has had it for a long time, the table has broke and and a few chairs, but there is this one chair that is a pain, No matter how many times my Mom gets it fixed, it continues to break. I have mentioned to Mom several times, it’s time to get a new dining room table set, and she replies, “NaTania, no way, this is the last item my sister gave me and I do not want to throw it out!” The other chairs have had little problems with them, something came unscrewed, or a knob came lose, something little and they were fixed an we have not had any problems but the chair at the head of the table, continues to give us problems. We get one problem fixed and something else goes wrong with it. The head was always my Moms seat, after a while we moved her chair and that chair keeps getting moved around the table because me and my sisters know what chair is broke and none of us want to sit in it while we are there. It’s almost like playing musical chairs. I understand why my Mom wants to keep it but it’s time to get a new one.
  18. Thicy Lopes – I don’t even own a chair. When I went to university, I started sharing an apartment that as alredy furnished, so I didn’t need to buy anything, so I dont on a chair, much less one that could be the worst.
  19. Lisa – My cheap-A$$ dining room table chairs I bought cheap.. they are the most uncomfortable things I have ever put my bootie on !!!
  20. Jason Provo – I have a office chair I use at work when I am in the nurses station, at the computer desk. It swivels just right and is quite comfortable for my back. I always have considered it “my chair” anyway even though others use it too but when I am at work, I claim it as my own for the duration of the shift by draping my coat over it or resting my knapsack on it. At least…..that’s what I use to do. You see, I work in a nursing home and recently one of our pleasantly confused dementia patients wandered into the nurses station and sat on my chair. I guess I left the door open after leaving…. When she got up from the chair and resumed wandering, she was retrieved by a health care aid and it was discovered the lady had peed on the chair. Housekeeping “de-stained and deodourized” it but it has never been the same since. I just can’t bring myself to sit in it.

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