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See who won our 1778th daily question below.

  1. steven – We were on opposite sides in Vietnam. Both lost we shared a opium/weed joint, i fell asleep at some point and he was gone.
  2. Rochelle Pieper – She was my highschool bully who turned into my arch nemesis in our adult years. I am talking actual physical violence at times and then one day out of the blue I got a facebook friend request from this person with a different last name and my hackles rose but I asked if it was her and she tenatively said yes. I asked what she wanted and the words flowed from her!!! We exchanged numbers and actually talked on the phone. I accepted her apology, listened with an open mind, forgave with an open heart, and love her dearly now!! I am very proud of her and talk to her daily. She is an accomplished author and a beautiful soul!! Forgiveness is a true path to friendship!!!
  3. Carol Miller – My friend, Paulette, is 95 years old and I met her in the hospital. She was my roommate many years ago. We were both recuperating from operations. She loves to read and asked me to join her book club. We still have lunch twice a month and exchange reading material. She is always there to lend an ear and she loves a good joke. Email her almost every day with political cartoons. She is always an inspiration to me with her sunny disposition.
  4. MT – A guy I used to work with. I worked in the office at a motorcycle shop and he was a service technician. We are very different, and most people wouldn’t believe it, but we are very good friends and would do anything for each other.
  5. Elkie6 – Meeting people from all over the globe through social media. I have a friend in Kenya that is very sweet. Highly unlikely we would have met, if not for social media.
  6. Anna Nicole – We worked together but didn’t talk much. Then I found out her roommate had a mental breakdown & was kicking her out of their apartment. I had an extra room and let her move in. We’ve been great friends ever since!
  7. Michelle Wilson – My most unlikely friend I met when I was 25 years old. It was by chance at a conference far from our homes, ( little did we know our homes were only 30 minutes apart ) and were exact Polar Opposites! However we meshed so well and formed a bond that 21 years later is just as strong as ever! I travelled across the US to meet my best friend who was in my back yard!
  8. Tammy J Black Massey – I bought her house. We met at the closing and became good friends.
  9. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – I hate to actually admit this, but when I was 17 I got a DWI (After that i NEVER drove drunk again!!!) but the court sentenced me to a DWI class – where I met a friend for life!!! and not only that but so many other friendships formed from this friendship. Honestly it’s the only reason I will never regret that incident!
  10. Jason Provo – I always swore I was not a “cat person”. I grew up with dogs. Living in an apartment in these adult years, a co-worker came to me and asked me to adopt a cat from her rescue op. I politely declined. She stated I would get the cat for free which was not good for business from her standpoint. I still declined, just as politely. She then told me about the abuse this cat went through for 2 years at the hands of some twisted maniac who used her for target practice with his firearm until she had enough and ran away. She spent a year in the wild before being rescued. She had a hard time adjusting to an op house with roughly 50 cats. The story broke my heart. I took her in and we have been best friends since. That was 9 years ago.
  11. Sin – I’m a very introverted person and tend to avoid very extroverted people because I’ve found that they tend to try and push me into doing things I never would normally. I was sitting by myself in class (as I usually did because I liked the space) when this very extroverted girl decided that I looked lonely and sat next to me. She clung to me all through school and although I didn’t like her at first I warmed up to her. Unlike others I’ve met, she understood that I cannot handle social situations for a long time so we both slightly adjusted our plans to cater to each other’s needs.
  12. Richard  At subway station I was wait for a train a random person came up to me ask for info I told the person I’m going to the same way we took the train together start talk then we got off the train exchange numbers it was weird but we became friends live around the same area hangout with each other in the park
  13. MyKinKStar – Drugs . . . nuff said. Not proud, but cannot be shamed for it either, because I own it. I am grateful to have lived through it and done.
  14. Sue W. – This crazy girl my son married, who I did not like and she did not like me…LOL….I love her to death now and she is a great friend and daughter in law. Go figure!!
  15. Senorita Mukhopadhyay – On a train in another country and culture. I was on a trip to another city in Finland. Let me tell you one thing, Finnish people are very shy and do not talk much or mix much. My journey was 3 hrs long and I sat in front of a lady much older than me. We didn’t even look at each other very frequently. When it was time to get down I just gave a smile and waived bye. Even she did. And once we got down, we both approached to the same bike stand. And yes we talked and talked …huh …and she did mention that she did not talk so much in a year … hahaha .. and we became friends… loitered about together in the city and ofcourse ..we have not see each other for years now but we still talk about our good times together. A very sweet person she is.
  16. dottie p – she was walking home from school in a down pour, my dad and i drove by her and i told him who it was so we backed up and gave her a ride. that was in Sept 1977. and we are still besties to this day.
  17. Christine Noble – I met my most unlikely friend when I was going back to school to get my Grade 12. At first this person seemed liked they were going to be one of those people who think they know it all and kind of rude and/or keep to themselves. Boy was I wrong! This person has become one of, if not, my best friends, as they seem to have a lot in common with me and a lot of the time we even think alike as well. Couldn’t have asked for a better friend!
  18. Deb – My 22 year old grandson is special needs. Every Thursday night he has a “man’s night” out. His uncle usually takes him, but sometimes I get the honor. Even though I’m the grandmother, I still can pull rank as a guy when he needs a fill in. Our usual “man night” consists of going to Whataburger to eat, then to Walmart to buy him something, and maybe we take a stroll through the Harley Davidson store to OOH and AH over this special red hog with flame decals, That’s his favorite and I’m not allowed to touch it. In Walmart he met a girl checker that treats him like royalty. He won’t allow anyone else to check us out. We have to wait for her to do it. She always gives him a hug and makes him feel special. She has become a good friend to all of us. At Christmas we took a gift with us when we went on “man night” and waited for her line to empty out so that he could give it to her. She was so excited, and it made him very happy to see how much she liked it. She has turned out to be a very sweet friend. Not too often will you find someone that is so caring to special needs kids. When we do, they become a big deal to our family.
  19. ramadevi – I am regularly using the public transport every day. I meet regularly some people whom I dont know but we know each other as co-travellers or passengers. Some times we dont see each other. When we meet we ask each other ” oh, I di not see you all these days”. Then we talk little bit and I feel very connected to those people. I consider them as unlike friends. We see each other, say hello and smile everyday. When we have delay of the bus we talk or gossip little while. At times complain or blame the service. Ha…ha… because of delay to work. It is amazing travel and journey of every day life. Meeting unknown or known people. Still we people are connected to each other.
  20. Chont – By volunteering to help out elderly people with dementia. I have become close with some beautiful people 30 or 40 years older than me, even though their conversations don’t make sense most of the time.

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