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See who won our 1755th daily question below.

  1. Sylvia – When self tanners were relatively new on the market I deceided to transform my pasty white self into a bronze wonder. I liberally applied the tanner to my arm and instantly felt a strong burning sensation and watched as huge hives appeared all over my arm. Not only was I a bumpy mess my arm was now a bumpy Halloween pumpkin orange shade. Pasty white, I learned, has its advantages.
  2. deedee walker – I regret the color of the counter top I picked, when my kitchen was being re-done. It is a awful dark blue, I have been trying to find some colors to brighten it up ever since. What was i thinking? I don’t have the extra money to change it, i have no choice but to live with this regret!
  3. zenparrot – Five seconds after I ate vegemite.
  4. Cathy Deslippe – Right after I did it. What no snow in Canada and its the beginning of March Break? So my granddaughter came up with the best solution we would tobaggan down the stairs, looked like fun but right after I did it my bottom has never been the same.
  5. Noel Stewart – I instantly regretted chewing popcorn kernels when my back tooth broke. The dentist who put on my crown was expensive.
  6. Lisa – When I got married the first time at 18 years old… he was really sweet up to the day we got married & overnight turned into a demanding I-want-my-Mommy monster. Tried to stick it out for almost a year, but just couldn’t put up with his bad behavior any loner.
  7. Maya16 – Over plucking my eyebrows when I was younger! Never ever over pluck your brows! Now I just let my brows grow naturally and pluck out the strain hair.
  8. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – I instantly regretted letting my husband talk me into a time share. I had to do some fancy talking on the phone to get my money back!
  9. Ember Rose Callahan – I instantly regretted my hair color choice when I decided to ty to go blonde. I am Italian and have an olive skin tone. The blonde hair color made me look jaundice and sickly. I quickly recolored it dark brown. My hair was dried out and brittle for about 3 months. I had to use all kinds of rejuvenation products. It was a very costly mistake I will never make again.
  10. Marce McHone – I have severe diabetic retinopathy in both eyes, my specialist at the time assured me that laser surgery would help. I agreed to this. I had this done on both eyes twice each, instantly regretted this the second time around as it killed my peripheral vision in both eyes and left me with apermanent burn across my left central vision, causing me to have to stop working due to visual impairment. I hate that I will never see well again,I will always be visually impaired dependant on others and will never work again.
  11. Unkfrank – Going to the bathroom after dicing some jalapeno peppers…
  12. rochelle – when my man had a new torch lighter he had just got done using it and my dumb self looks at him and as I was asking him “Is it still hot?” I grabbed the tip of it and burned myself a pretty good one on my pointer finger and thumb….Ouch seriously INSTANT REGRET and to add STUPIDITY.
  13. Paul Clément – I once disconnected a faulty plug by turning off the breaker at the source or so I thought. I went back to the plug – an outdoor one at my driveway – took my screwdriver, intending to remove it, and in an instant was thrown head over heels into the neighbour’s chain link fence when my screwdriver made contact with a bare wire. Surprise, surprise! It was a split circuit plug and the other circuit had obviously not been turned off. I peeled myself away from the fence, chuckled a bit but immediately realized that Lady Luck had been with me as I most certainly could have had a much more serious outcome for having made a terrible decision and not properly checked that plug. Lesson learned!
  14. Nancy Duracka Wrotny Vukovic – when I got my hair cut–I looked like Dora the explorer
  15. lynne – I thought I would sweep up my new veranda before the builders returned to finish, tripped over the leftover timber. 12 feet is a long fall broke both my feet but landed like a circus act still cant walk properly after 15 years. Now that was a really bad decision but my husband said it looked fabulous. Ta da!
  16. Deb – Last week at the casino. I instantly regretted putting $20 in the machine. Turns out, I was right. I walked out like a dog with its tail between his legs, and an empty wallet.
  17. Jason Provo – I tried shoplifting once when I was a school kid. It was in the corner store. It was a handful of Easter cream eggs that I impulsively just thrust into my gym bag in order to impress my friends who mostly were already accomplished shoplifters already. After bagging the delicious confectionary ill-gotten treasure, I asked myself “Now, did anybody see me…?” and sure enough, because my impulsivity superceded any degree of tact or strategy, I was spotted by the shopkeeper and asked to “hand them over, you are barred from the store.” I not only regretted the stupid mistake I made deciding to shoplift, but I regretted having to travel to a much farther store from then on to buy my favourite treat; Easter cream eggs!
  18. Judy Burba McGarvey – I instantly regretted agreeing to take care of my neighbor’s dog while she was in the hospital. The first thing the little monster did was poop and pee on my living room carpet. I soon realized he was not house trained! No wonder her house smells so awful! I called her son and told him to pick him up!
  19. rose morgan – When I forgave my ex-fiance for the 3rd time.
  20. Natania – When I let Kayla (my daughter) invite 17 of her friends to an overnight slumber birthday party. She was in 3rd grade, it was the first time she asked if she could have an overnight party for her birthday. I thought about it and decided I would let her. I first said she could invite 10 kids and she said, “Mom, I play with some girls from other classes at recess too, I don’t want them to get mad and feel left out.” So this being th e first time I let Kayla have a slumber party I said, “how many girls do you want to invite?” She answered, “17” that was my first mistake. Only one girl couldn’t come, so we had 16, 3rd graders. As soon as everyone arrived, I started regretting it instantly. We played the first game and it went terrible. There was just to many girls, I couldn’t keep their minds concentrating on the game we were playing. It was hard to keep them quiet long enough to explain the rules, impossible to keep them still, and lots of drama. They went to bed about 4:00 in the morning and got back up two hours later at 6:00. Pick up time was at 11:00 am and 6 of the girls moms didnt get there until 12:30. It was a crazy night. A lot of the girls mom’s couldn’t believe I allowed 16 girls and had drop off time 6:00 pm on Saturday and pick up time 11:00 am on Sunday. Trust me when I say, that wont happen again. Saturday when the girls were arriving, Jeff (Kayla’s Dad) was so funny, his mouth kept dropping and his eyes got bigger and bigger every time another girl walked in. He was giving me the evil eye when he realized I allowed 16 girls there, 17 including Kayla. It was a crazy night but they all had a great time and it was Kayla’s birthday and that was the point for her to have fun. She has had lot of slumber parties since then just not 17 girls at one time.

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