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  1. Carol Miller – I remember when my mother decided to wallpaper our pantry with newspapers. The reasoning was that every time she asked us to get a jar or box from the pantry we would be forced to read about current events. You see we had a subject in Catholic School called Civics and Current Events. Every 2 week’s she would change the newspaper. When we brought her the item she would quiz us about what we read. I will admit I always got great grades in Civics and I guess the poor nun just thought I was smart.
  2. Merm123 – It has to be the my parents house, it was all red and gold velvet paper with the velour couch and lamps to match in a European style. When my parents passed, that paper was the hardest stuff to come off the walls and our hands were all colored from the dye in red and we took forever to get it all off. I should have taken a piece off to remember that house since it belongs to someone else now 🙁
  3. Rochelle Pieper – Oh this one is gonna make me cry!!! I often think about my Auntie Ardells owl wall paper she had in her little bathroom and a piece on her little kitchen wall. She loved owls and had hundreds of them. The wall paper was so cool. The owls eyes seemed to follow you!! She was my favorite aunt and was a huge part of my life!! I miss her so very much. She was like a second mother to me.
  4. Paul Clément – I lived in a downtown basement apartment during college days and the stairway leading directly down to the kitchen area faced a long solid wall that was papered in a bold black an white stripe pattern that enhanced the already unusual 9+ foot ceiling height and simply blew one’s mind with an almost psychedelic effect. I recall it being especially dizzying after some of our more ‘adventurous’ nights out. Wow!
  5. Ray Ayala – When I bought an old mobile home, that was a fixer upper, one of the first things that brought the price down was the wallpaper in the bathroom. The “floral print” was more akin to weeds or vines. One of my first tasks was to transform my new abode from the 50’s to a more modern look. I tried to tear the wallpaper off, but it was not going to cooperate. So, I painted over it very carefully and put up a modern mirror and I was now living in the modern world!
  6. Astrik – Omg, when my parents purchased their first house in the dinning room was the ugliest dark green wall paper with ugly gold fish blowing bubbles. I would scratch away little by little by the uneven seams until I would get in trouble. Thank goodness I only had to see this monstrosity for 2 years. Lol
  7. Cathy Deslippe – I will never forget the Wild Thing. Yes that is what I called it. Wild Bright and Colorful. Our first apartment, big huge bathroom that if you walked in the dark you could see where you were still going. It was bright orange,bright lime green, yellow that you squinted at everytime you looked at it (brighter than the sun) . I thought of it as the 60’s hippie generation and I can almost bet if we go back to that 150 year old home, we will find that paper. Peace everyone.
  8. Gina Adlersfluegel – Flocked foil. Once you’ve seen an entire wall of shiny gold paper with fuzzy black velvet lint glued to it, you can never ever forget it.
  9. HaMBuRGeRS!!!! – The first wallpaper that comes to my mind is the dreaded stripes. I remember working sooooooo hard and long to match those gosh darn stripes so it was perfect, only to have people a come over and immediately notice (out of a six foot kitchen mind you) the one (and only) spot where I messed up. ugh. To this a day I can not look at striped wallpaper without cringing.
  10. Sara DuVall – My grandmas house had fruit wallpaper in her kitchen. It always reminded me of The fruit wallpaper from Willy Wonka and the chocolate Factory. I would go up to it and lick it and pretend it tasted like the fruit.
  11. Kelli – So there’s this cafe mocha wallpaper with little mocha coffee cups all over it and a granite type of wallpaper that my mother used to cover up a hole in the wall in my house, and she thought it matched with the rest of the house but it looked silly to me and a little off balance from the rest of our plain western style type themed house. Although we did have granite countertops and we did keep the wallpaper but I’ll never forget how it got put there. Only because my brothers were fighting and one of them slammed the other into the wall in the dining room/kitchen area and my mom was angry at that so she decided to cover the huge hole in the wall with some nice cafe mocha wallpaper.
  12. Sylvia – Pink and yellow cabbage roses against a cream background in my grandmothers bedroom were so beautiful that as a child I would swear I could smell their sweet floral scent.
  13. Deb  The wallpaper that I most remember is flocked. It wasn’t that great, and was kind of tacky, but I’m older than dirt, and we didn’t have too much taste back then. Harvest gold or avocado green flocked wallpaper was the “in” thing.,
  14. justinkeene – My favorite wall paper is remembering when my grand mother would wall paper her kitchen and bathroom And helping her when I was younger. Those are good memories
  15. Jahkno  First waall paper that comes mind. Growing up my parents had wall papered every bedroom. They had let me choose my own wall paper when i was 7 or 8. Being a kid i picked what i was interested in. I found a wall paper with coloured dinosaurs. At the time i loved it. Lil did i know that i would be living with that decision till i was 17. Tried to change it when i was 13. But my mom said “Why it brings back such great memories.” I hated tha t waall paper. Its funny how we go from love to hate.
  16. Karen P – When I was a kid, my great grandmother had a big leather-topped trunk she kept at the foot of her bed. In it were family birth records, some clothes, and memorabilia. She had lined it with a gaudy flowery wall paper. Even though the wallpaper was rather ugly, I thought it was a neat idea.
  17. Leah Capets Krupar – Got my husband’s help on this one. I asked, “What’s the first wall paper that comes to mind?” He says, “That fuzzy shit.” lol
  18. Maddie Lessard – I lent my place to a friend of mine while I was away for the summer and she decided to put wall paper in the bathroom. It looked great but when I moved out the landlord did not like it and told me to remove it or lose my damage deposit. Wow what a job that was, I spent 2 days in there removing that wallpaper. I tell you never again will there be wallpaper anywhere in my house.
  19. Emily Pbough – It’s since been replaced, but my childhood room at our family cottage had deep forest green wallpaper with these tiny little white things on it. They kind of looked like snowflakes, but I know they weren’t. Anyway, this wallpaper looked normal if you just glanced at it, but when I would lie in bed and look at it for a long enough period of time, it created this weird optical illusion of the white snowflakey things coming out of the wall! I swear, I thought this wallpaper was magical when I was little!
  20. Catherine Wawrzyniak Hinspeter – I was 9 yrs. old back in the 70’s and we moved into this pretty old house. Me & my one sister shared a room and the wallpaper was The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat. That is the way the wall was decorated when we moved in until we moved out. It was awful…florescent colors of pinks and greens. Looked like something out of the Brady Bunch. I have never ever had wallpaper in another house in my whole life.

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