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See who won our 1737th daily question below.

  1. Cassie Heitzman – When I hear “Philadelphia”, I immediately think of Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air because that’s where he’s from in the show and talks about it a lot on the show.
  2. Kim – The first thing when I hear of Philadelphia is independence. The ideas of a small number of people, changed so many in the world.
  3. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – The guy who put horse poop in his mouth on a dare after the Eagles won the Super Bowl. What a fool!
  4. Leah Capets Krupar – Back during one of the world wars when men were being drafted there wasn’t enough men at home to have a football team so they came up with enough men and combined the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadephia Eagles into one team and called them the Steagles!
  5. Heather Wood  For some reason I always think Mcnabb – Poor guy was always so close yet so far from success. Did not know that they had NEVER won a Super Bowl so I felt some sort of pride and vindication for the city last Sunday, even though I have never even been on that side of the Mississippi. Congrats to a great, historic city. As one of their biggest fans, Jim Cramer from CNBC would say, “BOOYAH!”
  6. Anna Morellon – Ding Dong! It has to be that bell. You know that bell was originally used to call officials to meetings and let the people know of town meetings. Guess they saved on sending out flyers. Now we have email.
  7. Maddie Lessard – Philadelphia Flyers of course!
  8. risingphoenix2017 – I think of hoagie! Hoagie, hoagie, hoagie! (Hoagie is the Philadelphian word for a sub sandwich).
  9. Carol Miller – When I think of Philadelphia I think of Ben Franklin’s adage: “CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE.” Today, my daughters, grandchildren, neighbors and friends joined over 3 million ( yes you heard that correctly) fans of the Eagles for the phenomenal parade in center city. They are reporting that it is the largest turnout for a parade in U.S. history. All schools are closed not only in Philadelphia but the five surrounding counties. I live in the suburbs of Philly and can tell you we love our own Eagles. Many people don’t know half of what the Eagles do in their spare time. Here are some examples: they visit homeless shelters and attend group prayer meetings. I like to think that all of the love and extremely positive thoughts that were sent their way before the Super Bowl helped catapult them to victory. Every Philly school had a pep rally for the Eagles the Friday before the game. So, yes we are a city with tremendous history from our founding fathers but first and foremost we are a city of love.
  10. Connie Henry – My mom. She was born there. We lost her to heart problems 23 years ago.
  11. Dicksy Maneschyn – Philedelphia Orchestra! Would love to hear one of their performances!
  12. Sherrie Serpas – When I hear Philadelphia I always think about the Philly steak and cheese sandwich ! Ahhh I can taste it right now, I also think about the Liberty Bell and the freedom for which it stands for and that makes me think about all of our veterans and service men and women and that makes me so thankful that I was born in the United States of America !
  13. Sylvia – The beginnings of a democratic nation born out of rebellion and the belief that we are united in brotherly love.
  14. Jason Provo – Many Vindale members list the Tom hanks movie and this is a great movie indeed! I also think of the songtrack from that movie which includes Bruce Springsteen’s beautiful song “Streets of Philadelphia” which became the sort of “title track” for the movie; the “go-to” song for the film. Bruce was known for his melancholy perspectives on American life and this song captures this manner of songwriting that he was known and praised for. A song with a message; just like the movie!
  15. Ray Ayala – When I think of Philadelphia, I think of Benjamin Franklin! He founded the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. It is one of only nine colonial colleges meaning it was chartered before the American Revolution. There are lots of highlights and great things to admire about Philly, like Philly Steak Sandwiches; but when it is all said and done, it is all about the Benjamins afterall.
  16. Crizzy – Yes, I’m another one who immediately thinks of luscious creamy cheese but when you’re actually in Philly and it comes to satisfying your appetite , you can only eat so many cheesesteaks or cheesecakes….so when lunchtime rolls around, the place to be is Reading Terminal Market in the Market East District where you’ll find this market beneath the Reading Railroad’s 1891 train shed. It has almost 100 different outlets where, you can sample food from around the world, including Greek,Thai, Mexican and Indian specialties whilst perusing homemade crafts and jewellery.
  17. Princess Klash – When I think of Philadelphia, I think of “D’jeet?” “No, you?” “No…Wawa?”
  18. Natania – Philadelphia Cream Cheese and I love it! I use it on a lot of stuff, salami, soft pretzels, doritos, crackers, cheese ball, buffalo chicken dip (my favorite), pretzels, chili dip, sugar cookie icing, tortilla roll ups, etc, I could go on and on. I even love to eat it by itself. I will not by any cheaper brands either, it has to Philadelphia Cream Cheese!
  19. Sara DuVall – I think of The movie Sixth Sense! The classroom scene all the kids answer a question and they all say Philadelphia together except for Haley Joal Osmet. He’s blowing his pencil across his desk
  20. soulpen – I think of the bell in Philadelphia, that cracked when it was first rung. I think of its inscription, “Proclaim LIBERTY Throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants Thereof”. It was recast and fixed after the first crack. The crack we have today befell it many years later. Cracks add character.

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