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The winners

See who won our 1736th daily question below.

  1. Ken Grant – Members Only Jacket … It was time.
  2. Deb – A wedding ring. When I turned 60, I got my freedom. I’ve never looked back.
  3. Jessica  Rings. After my broken engagement it just doesn’t feel right. They feel heavy on my hands now. I’m thankful I got out though.
  4. Senorita Mukhopadhyay – Stopped wearing Watch! Long before mobile came into picture. Learnt the art of sensing the aura and fragrance of changing time with the movement of sun every hour. In my country, India, traditionally “peher” is a unit of time nominally equals three hours, and there are eight pehers in a day. Every three hours, there is a change in aura in your surroundings. I never need a watch and did not like to wear one just to show off when I dont need one.
  5. Sue W. – I stopped wearing contacts after I had my baby, just no time to clean and put in…glasses for me now!
  6. Teresa Rojas – I stopped wearing my dentures!! They were giving me terrible blisters, so I’m looking into implants. 😫🙅
  7. rose morgan – I stopped wearing eyeshadow, it wasn’t doing anything for me.
  8. Marce McHone – Real jeans and real clothes, disability makes it very hard to button things so I pretty much live in pajamas. Sad, life is different when you cannot do for yourself.
  9. Haley Berry – I stopped wearing thongs & graduated to granny panties because I decide to choose comfort over trying to look cute for no one to see
  10. Colleen Goodbrand – I stopped wearing fur coats. When I first started working in Toronto, in the late 1970’s, a fur coat was a status symbol that I very much wanted at the time. I saved for it for a long time and wore it every winter day – the wind that came up Younge street from the lake was icy – and felt so fashionable wearing it. Now it sits in my closet, unworn, as I would be ashamed to wear it these days.
  11. Nicole D. C – Necklaces. They seem to choke me then I get claustrophobic and start to panic.
  12. Dwaine James  – I stopped wearing matching sock, it takes forever to find a pair. these days i put whatever on, long and short, small and wide, dont be surprise to see me with one green and one pink socks going to work LOL
  13. Sue Jackson – Makeup! Since I’ve become paralyzed it’s become harder and harder to try and put it on correctly so I threw it all away. I wish I could use ìt again because it seems as if you are not a whole woman once you end up in a wheelchair. Makeup would work wonders for self esteem and maybe even make my husband look at me like he did before the wheelchair. Maybe it will help make me feel like I did before. I want to feel sexy again.
  14. Crizzy  I gave up wearing labels, logos and brand names on the outside of my clothes and accessories. Why should I give free advertising space to global millionaires or tycoons!
  15. Heather Clayton – I had to stop wearing high heels because of my back. I have had 6 back surgeries and have had hard ware put in and taken out of my back. I am always in pain, but if I wear high heels or is extremely painful and I also had hard wear fall out and damage nerves in my leg so I have lost feeling in my leg so I have to be careful when I walk so it is impossible for me to wear high heels.
  16. Dominique – I stopped wearing trench coats since I was a kid because my classmates teased me calling me
  17. kandeels – Earrings because the kids were always little and I didn’t want to pull at them. A few years ago, I got the urge to wear them again, of course, the holes closed up, so now I can’t wear them!!! Unless I go through a repiercing, UGH!!!
  18. Brandis Hay – I stopped wearing the- ” GO AHEAD AND USE ME ” HAT! There comes a time when being used, played for a fool and just all the way around fake everything invested with me gets too much! I had to put my foot down and stand up for myself in order to keep my sanity. I keep it a solid 100% no matter what in my relationships. If I don’t get it in return then I got to let you go. That’s unhealthy.
  19. Karen T – 😕Tube Tops <(what was I thinking), and bell bottom Levi’s!👖LOL! I loved those jeans😎, but I guess there was a time frame designated for those. Today, I’m not sure I could stand the ‘swish-swash noise they make when I walked! LOL😄
  20. Cindy Crocker – Bikini bathing suits. I had my first child in 1980 and gained 65 lbs. Yep I was a small pig. And after I had her my stomach looked like and has every since like it was clawed by a tiger. Stretch marks…..and why when all I did was throw up? I learned my lesson, with my next one I gained 26 lbs. Thanks.

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