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See who won our 1735th daily question below.

  1. Dustins Mom I have a cobalt blue bowl that was my Mom’s. She died when I was 14 so I do not have many of her things. But somehow I have managed to keep this bowl over the years and I keep candy in it on the kitchen cabinet just like she did.
  2. Clare  When I was a kid, my mom my sister and I would make Jiffy pop on the stove. We always put it in this big yellow plastic bowl, which I named “Yellow bowl.” One day the bowl was left too close to the stove and it melted on one side. Even melted It was still ok to use and 45 years later my mother still has “Yellow bowl”, which I hope to inherit someday. LOL I always ask jokingly how is “Yellow bowl” doing. Does he want to come live at my house? It might seem silly but I am always reminded of happy times when I see it.
  3. Judy Burba McGarvey – My favorite bowl is a big pottery bowl my grandmother used to make biscuits in every morning. I would watch her mix the flour, lard and buttermilk together and then roll them out. So delicious!
  4. Jacqueline Moore – My favorite bowl is my Jack Skellington Cereal Bowl I received from a friend when they visited Disneyland.
  5. Debra Strand – I have a crystal bowl on my coffee table, its round with the edges are swirled and the colors are a water color. I love to just sit and look at it and get lost it the design.
  6. Carol Miller – Since I live right outside Philadelphia I have to say my favorite bowl is the Super Bowl. Our entire area, that is Philadelphia and all surrounding counties are going CRAZY with happiness and jubilation. All schools will be closed tomorrow for the parade. The Eagles deserve so much credit. I also love how they said a prayer in thanksgiving after the win. I have never witnessed such happiness in our entire area. 😀😀😀
  7. Sigmonia Freud – My favorite bowl is the fruit bowl. Growing up in a tropical rain forest in the heart of the Caribbean island Dominica, our daily snacks were fruits. These fruits included an abundance of guava, cherries, strawberries and other exotic fruits such as ‘soursop’ and ‘pomerac’.
  8. Sylvia – It’s the Puppy Bowl! Every year I say I’m not going to get sucked in to those adorable furry faces but there I sit ohhing and ahhing and laughing in total puppy delight. Now, do you want to tell you about the Kitten Bowl, oh my goodness!
  9. Senorita Mukhopadhyay – My dad would never let me do anything on the flame burners and that was the only one we had then. My favorite bowl is the one I served him with my very first noodles which I prepared when 15 years old… lol…. He praised me so much that I felt like master chef… He still has the bowl and has kept as a showpiece in the glass cupboard :))
  10. Sarah Marzoff – My favorite bowl of the year would be Christmas and why? The punch bowl for serving drinks in Christmas with your loved ones,and friends over for a Christmas meal ..
  11. geraldine kennedy – Years ago when I moved cross country, my things were on a truck & I had to buy a bowl to have my oatmeal. I have fine china & everyday dishes, but this 89 cent bowl that I bought is still my favorite to have my oatmeal
  12. hollie – I love to meditate with Tibetan singing bowls, so they are by favorite kind of bowl. They help me clear my mind while meditating. I believe that their sound is also healing! Tibetan singing bowls are wonderful.
  13. Natania – When Kayla (my daughter) was in 3rd grade, she made me this bowl out of clay for Mother’s Day. She formed it, painted it, and then sprayed something on it to make it look shiny. it was so pretty and I absolutely love it. She was so excited, from the minute she brought it home from school she wanted to give it to me. She couldn’t wait until Mothers Day, she gave it to me that night. I keep it on our coffee table and I have had so many compliments on it. This is by far my favorite bowl, and I will always treasure it.
  14. Marcus Davvid – My favorite bowl is the super health, super-food smoothie bowl every now and then. It’s normally a combination of frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries, raw honey, juice from limes, sea salt, avocados, and various other things depending on what I’m in the mood for. It’s basically home made ice cream.
  15. Paul Clément – My favourite bowl is a medium sized glass bowl we keep on the kitchen island filled with fruits that are available to us 24/7 for nutritious snacks. Feeling a little hunger pang? Just walk by the bowl, pick up an apple, orange, banana or whatever and fill that gap!
  16. bw13357 – There is a huge bowl shaped hill in the park on the outside of town that everyone has called the sugar bowl for as long as I can remember. As children we spent hours sliding down the hill and trudging back up it. When I grew up and had children of my own, we took our sleds to the sugar bowl every winter. Now, I am still sliding down the sugar bowl with my grandchildren creating memories that we will never forget.
  17. Jimmy – Definitely Tanzanite CRYSTAL bowl & well cut that it should sparkle like a Diamond and the reflection of the sun reflects rainbows throughout your home.
  18. Dicksy Maneschyn – Bowling! Lots of fun even when I’m not that great at it!
  19. am Huber – my morning wake and bake is my favorite bowl.
  20. Leah Capets Krupar – My favorite bowl is made by Corning Ware. I can use it to have a bowl of cereal or soup and I can even put it on top of the stove to melt butter or make cheese sauce and it’s also oven safe! Plus it has a cute handle on the side!

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