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See who won our 1717th daily question below.

  1. edeliz – I take decisive action and then go through serious buyers remorse.
  2. Erin Estilette  Hm. I don’t really have a process that I stick to. Maybe that is why it is so hard for me to make those decisions.
  3. Jason Provo – I talk to my girlfriend. She is wiser and more grounded than I will ever be. Pre-girlfriend, my life was a mess. Present day; I’m the king of the castle. Second only to my queen of course…
  4. Ray Ayala – Since it is a big decision, I dream big. Then I break it down into smaller goals so I can start working towards realization!
  5. rose morgan – Sleep on it.
  6. Missy Scott – Sometimes I just flip a coin. It gives me the guts to try new things… I met an amazing girlfriend that way!
  7. Julian Smith – I learned to never think to far ahead just take it one day at time.
  8. Joyce Joseph – My way of making BIG decisions, 1. FIND WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT- So the first step is to be calm. Try to keep your mind blank for a few seconds, grab a piece of paper and write the BIG question. Don’t think about anything else just think about your BIG question.Honestly answer what you want, keeping in mind your present and future. Jot it down, scribble whatever that comes to your mind. 2. FIND WHAT PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU WOULD SAY ABOUT YOUR DECISION- Now call your bestie, just one person who has been there with you or will be with you no matter what happens in your life.After the call, scribble your bestie’s stand on your decision. 3. ANALYSE – FIND WHAT THE WORLD THINKS ABOUT YOUR DECISION- Do a little googling it always helps, to get more info and be aware of the consequences of your decision. 4. REFLECT WITHIN, STAY FOCUSSED- The final step is to stop the search outside and search the inside. Be determined just take the big step and don’t regret.
  9. Heather Wood – “Analysis Paralysis”, a dash of procrastination and a healthy dose of your just plain out of time; this is my recipe for decision making. It is horrible and ineffective. I have spent many years trying to implement so many of the text answers to decision making and still find myself holding my breath at that last possible moment of indecision – wishing I had just a little more time to run another pro/con; revisit the W questions; make a chart; meditate, pray; throw a dart…. something. Having said that, call it luck, blessing, madness or intuition, I have come out on the upper side of most decisions.
  10. Kristin Smith – Decision making is one if my toughest challenges! I suffer from severe anxiety and complex ptsd, so decision making for me is a challenge to say the least! I do my very best to weight out the pros and cons..but sometimes I think I’ve already made you mind sub consciously so I tend to go over the process in my mind a few times, trying to come up with each possible scenario and possible outcome..before I can come up with my final design in I usual call my mom and runs things by her just to see if I’m being reasonable! Then I say a prayer and hope for the best
  11. Lisa – Make them BY MYSELF… do not get anyone else involved… or it just gets WAY too complicated! I am the one who pays… so why should anyone else be involved?
  12. Sara N Andrew Jenkins – I ask various people for advice. I look for people I know that have been through a similar situation or someone who’s opinion I value. I may google for answers depending on what the situation is. If it’s something like picking insurance, I can google for facts. If it’s something to do a friend, well google has yet to help.
  13. Patricia O’Driscoll – Usually I spend a few days researching then get frustrated and just make an impulse decision and haven’t regretted it yet.
  14. April – My process for making big decisions is to put the decision off until I have to make it, and use all the time in between to figure out my feelings, weigh the options, and look at the choices logically. Things change, so I don’t want to make up my mind until I have to, and I make the best decision in that moment.
  15. Carol Miller – My process for making big decisions is first and foremost: never make them in haste or very angry or upset; think of the situation in your mind for a day or two; take a pencil and paper and make 2 columns with the Pros and Cons of the decision. Keep this paper for at least 3 days to add or subtract from it. Talk to a friend or relative who you trust to get input into your decision. Finally, pray over it asking the Holy Spirit to counsel you. Finally, make the decision. This formula has worked for me every time, especially the praying!
  16. Rebecca lee – When making decisions I believe that you should always go with your gut feeling and first instinct. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff so just go with what feels right and never look back or regret.
  17. Pam Hinton – My process for making a big decision is, this is usually a lengthy process but it’s worth it. We each write out the pros and the cons. discuss what we both wrote narrow down each list to what we think would be the best. Have a day or two to think about it. Then make our decision. It’s a lengthy process but it’s always work for us.
  18. Denise N.  Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How should be applied to every decision to be made. With that said there is more aspects to consider and those would be: Cost, Ability, Courage, Benefit, and Consequences. If a big decision includes change for people close to you then open communication is crucial. They will need a chance to voice their fears, opposition, questions and concerns and to give constructive feedback and encouragement. Big decisions made including others are always challenging because no one has the same wants and needs. Always highlight the positive out come of any choice but do not be blind to negative aspects. They go hand-in-hand. Above everything make sure that making that big decision is what you wholeheartedly want- even in the event of later finding out it was not the ideal choice or it is scary because it is something new. You have to know yourself before you can make the best choice for you.
  19. Bridgett Comeaux – I turn to the most important people in my life, my children. They both have great heads on their shoulders. When they agree and give me the same advice I know exactly what to do. It’s like searching my conscience and getting backup confirmation from my boys.
  20. Jane Else-looker – I weigh what my heart and mind are thinking or feeling and if they agree then it becomes a no brainer. If they disagree then I start listing pro and cons and sometimes I do the wait and see process. Sometimes things just work themselves out or the answer I need get answered no fuss no muss

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