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  1. risingphoenix2017 -My sisters and I like to talk about or re enact a scene from “Golden Girls.” Basically, Rose starts dating Dr. Newman who is a little person. Blanche is worried about everything she says because she doesn’t want to accidentally offend him. After a pep talk with Dorothy, Blanche comes out with the appetizer and asks “shrimp” and goes right back to the kitchen.
  2. Susan – I will never forget my freshman year of college and one of the girls that roomed next to me was eating dinner with us in the cafeteria and she had never had shrimp before. Well before we knew it, she had eaten the whole shrimp without peeling it!!! We all started screaming and it was pretty crazy. I will never forget that!
  3. Cam Tucker – My shrimp Story is that I started catching my own shrimp when I was about 7-8 years old, growing up on the island of Sunset Beach, NC. My dad and I went out and dragged our small shrimp trawl in the intracoastal waterway and the ocean! It’s much better than any other shrimp that you can buy at a grocery store!
  4. Anna Peterson Yarbrough – Thaw the shrimp, chop well, add chopped celery, chopped one clove garlic, 2 chopped spring onions salt and pepper to taste preference, and fresh mayo, stir and serve on one half of a ripe avocado, delicious and healhy
  5. Rebecca lee – Shrimp has to be one of my worst foods. I remember going to a posh restaurant as a kid and the first course was a prawn cocktail served in a round glass with the most enormous shrimps hanging over the edge of the glass. Each one had a head, with what I call an antenna sticking out and a beady black eye staring at me. I asked my mum what we had to do with them and when she explained that we would eat them, I started to cry!! I didn’t care about embarrassing my family in a posh restaurant, I just knew I couldn’t bring myself to eat them. Eventually after causing a scene for quite some time, my mum wrapped them in a napkin and hid them in her handbag. We may have gone home with a hermes birkin full of shrimp but our dignity intact!!
  6. Maleeha – My mom and I don’t like shrimp at all while my dad and brother love it! Every time we go to a restaurant, my dad orders shrimp and keeps offering some to me 😛 I don’t think I’ll ever try shrimp in my life even though my dad says it’s delicious!!
  7. Heather Alex Nunn – My grandparents lived in North Carolina for most of my life. I would always spend my summers with them, and I can remember as a family walking down to the boating dock in their town to buy fresh caught that same day shrimp that we would walk back to my grandparents home with, then we would prep and cook em for dinner that same night!! Some of the best shrimp I’ve ever had and most likely ever will!!
  8. 77giggles – My mom knows I love Red Lobster’s coconut shrimp, so being that my birthday falls during their ‘all you can eat shrimp’ every year, that’s where she takes me for a birthday lunch…. AWESOME!!
  9. Nicole D. C – I went fishing in Alaska with my husbands step-dad. We set a trap for shrimp. We only caught 4 LOL. But he made me clean them if I was going to eat them. I said forget that. Those eyes on there are freaky. Still can’t eat shrimp to this day.
  10. Timothy Mccollum – I once ate 5 dozen shrimp at a wedding payed the price with a big stomach problem the next day was good going down tough you know.
  11. Diane Lane – I was 12 years old and decided to make bake stuffed shrimp for my mom for mothers day. My first challenge was to devein the shrimp. After the 90 minutes to do this task (it was only 15 sjhrimps) it was time to make the stuffing. Another adventure for a 12 year old after 40 minutes the stuffing was done. Well after 3 hours, the dinner was done and I served it to my mom. My mom smiled and told me it was delicious. I really don’t know if was good or not, since I didn’t eat it but all I knew my mom appreciated all my efforts.
  12. Ray Ayala – I do not like shrimp. Long ago, I studied Japanese and I knew it is a popular menu item. My story is that I learned to recognize the word for shrimp in Japanese so I would not accidentally order it. No “ebi” for me!
  13. ramadevi – When we came to Canada my husband brought large frozen shrimps. At that time I dont know how to use frozen food. When we lived back home we always used fresh meat and vegetables, never used frozen food. I did not read the instructions. The shrimps were not fully defrosted, I made the curry. The shrimps took long time to cook. Even after cooking the texture was elastic, they were like rubber when eating. We were not satisfied. Second time when we brought the shrimps, first I read the instructions and cooked them. I made spicy masala fry and also made shrimps with sour tamarind sauce. Now I am champion to cook shrimps.
  14. Lynda Tock – They are little crawley critters that live on the floor of the ocean that eat dead things… and I love them… <3
  15. April – My immediate and extended family all went out to eat in the ’80s at a seafood buffet restaurant. There were about 15 of us. I remember everyone going crazy over crab legs, lobster, oysters, and other “weird” stuff (to me), while the only seafood I would even try was fried shrimp. Everyone got a pretty severe case of food poisoning…except me and one or two other kids who weren’t that into seafood and only ate shrimp and the other “regular” stuff they had on the buffet!
  16. Dustins Mom – When living in New Orleans I had my first bbq shrimp. It was the best ever. Actually any food in New Orleans is the best. I miss it only for that reason!
  17. Denise N. – Japanese shrimp curry was my very first shrimp dish. Served not in a sit down restaurant but from an old, beat up food truck. A typical lunch plate consisting of two scoops of white rice, a scoop of macaroni salad, and your choice of entree; 12 pieces of curled de-shelled, de-veined, and headless shrimp submerged in a dark green curry that was fragrant with spices. I remember that each piece of shrimp had a chewy consistency- which I later learned was due to being over cooked-with little to no flavor without the curry. Despite those cons, Japanese shrimp curry quickly became my favorite dish and I ordered it when ever I found it listed on a menu.
  18. Sue W. – When I was in my teens, my mom took us to Italy where she was born. I remember going to the docks and watching the fishing boats drop off their catch of the day. My favorite was the awesome, fresh shrimp. We would take them home and my mom would saute them in olive oil and garlic. YUM!!!
  19. oxysmom87 – When I was about 12 years old, my family lived in Vero Beach Florida. My dad loved to go out on ships fishing. One day after work, he came home with a bucket of live jumbo shrimp. My mom asked him what he wanted her to do with them. He told her, “Nothing. They are my fishing bait”, I was always into weird pets. I asked my dad if I could play with them. He said, “No, You don’t play with shrimp.” They looked like gigantic light pink grasshoppers with little black eyes. I had never seen shrimp alive before. My dad left to go fishing. He came back home later and my mom cooked up some really good fish. I can’t remember what kind it was. That is my shrimp story.
  20. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – My husband and I visited New Orleans. He ordered a shrimp dish in a restaurant. My husband loves foods that are extra spicy but even this one was too much for him. He took one bite and had to drink a whole glass of water. When the waiter came by to refill his glass, my husband said to him, “Just leave the whole pitcher!”

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