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The winners

See who won our 1698th daily question below.

  1. Erin Estilette The springy doorstop thingy.
  2. Nadja Stevens – o.k. this one is waaay out in left field…when my boys were little, they discovered my box of tampons in the bathroom. Did you know that tampons make excellent nunchucks?? me neither but they figured it out!!
  3. Tawny – My gram had these dish scrubbers that were plastic and shaped like vegetables. There was a corn cob, a carrot, and a mushroom, if my memory serves me correct. My sister and i would bite on them and play with them in our toy kitchen, and before we left my gram would come chasing after us so she could wash the dishes with them.
  4. Lonna – I used to play with an orange plastic drink carafe that had cartoon eyes on it and a white plastic baseball hat. I would sit on the kitchen floor and talk to it.
  5. Sowmya – This is so funny! When I was 4 years old, I used to love my mom’s cosmetics especially lipstik. One day I grabbed 3-4 different shades of .lipsticks, applied all over my face and stood in front of the mirror. When I looked into the mirror I got sooo scared looking at myself and started crying. My mom said that I didn’t go near the cosmetics, especially lipstick, after that.
  6. Spam – i used to grab two toothbrushes and use them as dolls. I would always make them walk together and do stupid things like make them “kiss”. I also used to grab my radio when i was 5 and act like if i was in a radio studio and sing songs from my CDs acting like I was the artist.
  7. Victoria Troche – My mother and Father love to tell company about how I never played with normal toys as a kid. I simply walked into a room and destroyed it. Then I would go get cleaning products and clean it all up. I’d love to ask a therapist about that. lol
  8. Lisa – Crystal rocks… our yard had a crystal vein running through it …. maybe that is why I am the way I am today !!!
  9. Jane Lindgren – I used to drag,a cardboard box with string as a wagon.
  10. Sherri Jackson – Bubble wrap…my favorite! Pop. Pop, pop!!!
  11. Veronica – I use to play in the garden and make and eat mud pies. I think about that now and I would never let me kids do that.
  12. Sylvia – I loved playing with my mom’s hats. My mom had many hats and would wear them to church on Sunday but I liked playing with them the other days of the week. There were straw hats with ribbons and wool hats with crocheted flowers, some with netting and pearls and others with lace and tassels. Each hat would inspire another persona and I was transported to a hundred different scenarios with mom’s chapeau on my head. But my favorite was dressing my baby brother in a hat and pretending I was his mom and he my baby girl. He often remarks that 100 therapists can’t undo the trauma I inflicted, oh well, he was so cute in the little straw bonnet with paper roses.
  13. tehseen – we used to play with stair railing .we would swing on it like a slide .we used to play on it like a horse .some times we name it with different colours and jump on it. we used to sit on it whenever we were sad or happy. it was my favourite toy .I could play with it for hours .
  14. Tya Drennon – My little brother and i would take sheets and tie them from the radiators to the bunkbed to make a swing . Then we would hang a sheet from the door entrance to the bunkbed for like a jungle gym climber . We took the bottom mattress and put it slanted from the top bunk to the floor as a slide . Lol we turned our room into a playground literally.
  15. Roberta Finlay – when I was a kid we played in the farmers fields so we used to lay down in the grass and eventually the cows would get curious and come over to investigate us it was funny watching them sniffing and looking confused.
  16. Roderica Smith – The non-toy that I used to play with was the ground! We lived on a hill and we used to use the ground to roll down. Just Lay down and start rolling!
  17. Mylee Maddock – Me and my lil brother each had a jack knife, and we shared a set of bow & arrows. We would spend countless hours carving old pieces of wood with our knives. We’d set up empty pop cans to shoot with the arrows. Climbing rocks, trees, always outside in the fresh air! Using our imagination! It’s such a wonderful drug! 🌈💥Imagination=anything’s possible💥🌈
  18. Jodi Laporte – I don’t know why, but this came to mind. It is non-toy and also non-food, lol. My mom had an artificial plant in her bedroom, on her dresser, that had chap sticks hidden in it. I was fascinated by it as a 3 or 4 year old, all of the surprises hidden within this fake plant. I used to take them all out and count them and put them back in. I also used to unscrew them so that the chap stick was all the way out and screw them back in again. I also remember eating them! I also played with and ate fake, decorative grapes that were set out on the kitchen table in a bowl. I used to pick the grapes off the stem and put them back on again, over and over. These are a couple of my earliest memories as a child that I remember quite vividly lol.
  19. Stacy – Back about 32 years ago I was part imagination, part mouth and all crazy. If there was dog food I was eating it, mud puddles I was making snow Angels in it (snow, mud, didn’t much matter. Lay down and start flapping was the motto I chanted im my head), and if you had gum? Oh boy hold on cuz mama was gonna be giving me a terrible haircut that i always found to incredinly entertaining until I started to like boys. (Okay so that was at about 30, I digress! 😋). We didn’t have much money, the local pediatrician brought my mom over a small heater so we ”wouldn’t turn into snowmen because snowmen without carrots In Their faces were no snowmen at all. Or so she told me and I made sure to tell every Neighbor this on a regular basis! I didn’t own a toy, but it never seemed to matter much. A match box served as the firniture for the Itty Bitty Family..aka the bobby pins! A little tape made their super hero capes, some lint gave ya dark gray clouds and hurricanes that were ready to send them to Kansas, and if you were outside then an ant was dinner (for the itty’s. Not me! Hahaha. Serve up the turkey dinner! Sure we knew we were poor, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. We had no phones. No social media. And brain cells. We were good to go (until those boys came around!).
  20. Adrienne White – I used to play with my father’s old hankerchefs and make dresses for my doll collection. I would just cut out a dress, folding the hankerchef in half and cut out the design of the dress, without a pattern. I would take an old child’s sewing machine that my mother purchased at JCPenney that had an old crank and sew the other half of the dress together so it can fit. I put the hankerchef dress over one of my dolls to see if it can fit. Alas! The garment did fit the doll. All I had to do was to tack the dresses’ neck and add embellishments on it, giving the doll a creative wardrobe and to save a lot of money on buying doll clothes in the toy department of a store.

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