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See who won our 1686th daily question below.

  1. Rochelle Pieper – I have lace curtains in my bedroom that my Gramma made me in 1983. They have hung in every house I have ever lived in!!!
  2. Chantal – The curtain on stage at my daughter’s school . She sang in the choir to remember our veterans. The smile on her face when the curtain opened was heartwarming
  3. Jodi Laporte – I love my black curtains in my bedroom. They block out any light, so the room is pitch black to ensure a restful night’s sleep. Zzzz.
  4. tehseen – I love my first wedding night curtains. It was canopy bed curtains made of real red roses .Its fragrance was spread all around in the room just like our love .I feel like a princess of flowers.
  5. Heather Alex Nunn – Without a doubt it is my own personal ‘mental’ curtain that I will routinely drop in order to cut off as much as possible of anything {that be visual, verbal, or just someone not favorable} of a negative energy/vibe in order to preserve not only my POSITIVE mindset & positive energy that guarantees my continuance down the right path of life.
  6. Crizzy – Happy childhood memories of our Yorkshire Nanna involved her draught-proof curtains which hung from ceiling to floor across the glass French doors which in summer opened out to her garden. We little girls would hide in the alcove the curtains created and take turns to make an entrance and entertain the adults with a little dance, song or recitation…..and the reward for this performance was ‘one pick from the sweetie jar.’
  7. Heather Wood – The one from the Sound of Music; not only did it make great outfits for an army of children but it also somehow underlined the innovation and resilience of peoples during the WWII era.
  8. Lynda Tock – I love toppers. They decorate your windows, but still let the beautiful sunshine in. If you need to block the light, a pull down shade is very easy to hide under one.
  9. Judith Nelson – I loved the curtains we had in our caravan when we lived at Coober Pedy in the far north of South Australia.. We lived about 25 miles out of Coober Pedy .By having the curtains that we had ,when I pulled them shut they stopped the caravan from getting very hot,and I felt safer when the curtains were closed.They were curtains that had a block out on the back of them to help block the sun out,and the sun could get very hot there.
  10. Carol Miller – My favorite curtain is the last curtain call for any play, but especially Broadway plays. I always bet with myself how many curtain calls the cast will get. I believe when I saw Cats years ago, they had the top number of 10. Lion King came in next with 9 and Beauty and the Beast with 8. It’s just a game I like to play with myself to guess how many times the audience’s clapping can bring the last curtain call back up.
  11. ramadevi – My husband works in theater and coincidentally the answer is the theater curtains. The theater name is Cannon and it is very old and has very royal look with golden work on the walls and on the ceiling too. It is one of the city attractions too. It has long beautiful curtains on the stage and balconies. They looked very beautiful, last week we went to see a show. I cant chose any other curtain for now, still I have the view of the theater with those red velvet curtains hanging down to the floor in my eyes.
  12. Sylvia – I have a little puppet theater in my kindergarten classroom with a bright polka dotted curtain. I let my students present plays with the puppets and I love watching the polka dotted curtain open to some of the funniest and most clever puppet shows you have ever seen!
  13. ramah ufkes My favorite curtains are NO curtains. I love to hang artwork or stained glass in front of windows.
  14. Deb  My favorite curtain is the one that I made for my kitchen window. It’s red roses, leopard print, and black and white checks. I love Mackenzie Childs but can’t afford the real thing, so I’m pretty good at knocking it off.
  15. Ray Ayala – My favourite curtains are the one’s on Let’s Make A Deal, because no matter which one you pick, you will have more than when the game show started. I always pick Curtain #3! (They still can’t get rid of the pool table behind #2 and #1 is usually bad news.)
  16. Malia D. – My favorite curtain would have to be my leopard print shower curtain…lol it’s just so beautiful and so ME! I’m a leopard print fanatic & a lot of those prints are cheap looking but not my shower curtain! It’s bootiful 🙂
  17. Tawny – My favorite curtain was one my mom put up in my sister and i’s room when we were younger so we would each have our own space. We felt like we each had our own room even though we didnt
  18. Karen T – My favorite curtains are my eyelids, closed so that I can sleep! LOL
  19. dolfanatl – My favorite curtains are the gorgeous red ones at the Fox Theater.
  20. Suzanne – Remember the movie “Blue Velvet” that was creepy and unique? I once made blue velvet curtains for a bedroom and that was long before the movie came out. I also liked velvet for jumpsuits and yoga pants (or exercise pants). Theater curtains made out of velvet are traditional. They remind me of lazy summer days when my brother and I would spend the afternoon in the movie theater watching 2 films for one price. Great times! Overall, I’d have to say movie theater curtains made from velvet.

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