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The winners

See who won our 1683rd daily question below.

  1. Stacie Snow – I wonder who crapped in her cornflakes today!
  2. Michelle Wilson – What I wish they would think is hmmm is that the next Miss America?? Haha just kidding! What they most likely think is does she own anything other than Black and Gold clothes as I am usually sporting Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates or Penguin shirts!! I am straight forward and always make eye contact and smile at everyone! I hope they think I’m a sweet girl!
  3. G Malloway – If I am not wearing my eye glasses I may come off looking mad or upset. Sorry, my eyes are just trying to focus…. I am squinting, not upset lol!
  4. Ken Grant – Cool mustache …. I wish I had one …. at least the men think that.
  5. Heather Wood – “Do I know you…?” I have had more random strangers than I care to admit come up to me on the street and at work (cashiering) and ask if they know me from somewhere. The first couple times I totally fell for it and would spend the better part of the next hour trying to figure out where in the world I had met them. Fortunately for me (for the sake of time) I have always been a bit of an introvert; not really holding large social circles and fiercely clinging to the few interests that do get me out of the front door. This makes my Do-I-Know-You List very short. Sometimes, even after thorough review of high schools, colleges, clubs and social relations complete with the revelation of the complete lack of social spherical interaction, people will still insist they think I am a classmate, an old friend, a distant cousin, something! These days I just start those conversations with the warning that. no, you most likely don’t know me but where are you from?
  6. Cindy Shaver  They usually see someone who always looks tired from working nights. They probably think I’m a zombie in nursing gear. Easy access to brains lol
  7. Tawny – I hope they think “awww look at the cute pregnant lady “
  8. Roderica Smith – What do passerbys think of me when they see me? Hmmm, great question. I think about this often, even when I am conversing with random people at different places. What are they thinking about me? How do I look to them as to what I have on? Do they think I’m snobby because I am dressed to impressed and have good taste in clothing? Do they think I am a down to earth human being because I love the earth and all living things in it? What do THEY think? Well, I have learned that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks! I am happy with what I have on and my personality, and THEY should too!
  9. Kat Baca – “Coffee in hand? Check. Messy bun? Check. Yoga pants? Check. Dark circles under her eyes? Check and check. Yep, that’s a basic tired mom.”
  10. Salena Reyes-Buffalo – Im a smiler!!! When my eyes and another persons eyes meet as we pass one another I automatically throw a smile at them! I know that when I receive a random smile from a random person walking by me, it instantly boosts my mood!! So I’m hoping that when I smile to a passerby they feel that same boost Of happiness instead of thinking Im weird!!
  11. bhjustice – A quiet, humble grandmother.
  12. Kevino Barnardo – I usually have a mad scowl on my face so people avoid me often. I should work on that.
  13. Haley Berry – I would hope they think I am nice & like my smile 🙂
  14. Ray Ayala – Since I naturally walk fast, I imagine people asking themselves, “I wonder where he is going?” I am not intentionally walking fast, I just have a giddy-up in my step. If anyone ever does ask, I will just tell them I am doing my cardio.
  15. Erin Estilette – I often wonder. They probably think I’m shy. I might be better at hiding it these days, but I think it still shows.
  16. Timber Becker – I’m sure everyone thinks I’m stuck up & mad all the time, because of my resting B!Г©μ face. So with that being said… They probably are not saying anything good. Haha
  17. Carol Miller – People who would see me on the street probably think I dress like a pauper and I really don’t care how I look. The truth is that I had to be “dressed up” for 37 years as a school counselor. My makeup was always done to perfection and I wore coordinating jewelry etc. Well, now that I take care of my 3 granddaughters, it’s my time to relax. That starts with wearing casual clothes and, most days, no makeup. I run around like crazy doing errands and getting ready for them to come home with tons of homework. I figure that God knows what is in each heart and that if people would look more at who the person is on the inside they would be better off and so would I. Unfortunately, we live in a society that makes appearances EVERYTHING. Look at all the magazines and see who they feature – best dressed etc. They even name the top 50 best dressed women in America. I am so glad I’m not part of that clique. I may look like a Rag A Muffin but I feel soooo liberated.
  18. Boston_Mama84 – Depending if I am alone or not.. If i am not alone and with my children I’m assuming people think poor girl (I’m 34 but look younger. Not complaining ) she has so much on her hands, doing it herself, look at her with that smile chatting it up with her children to keep them occupied, look at how cute they are, how tired and overwhelmed she must be, let me pity her and give her advice or compliment the great job shes doing. If i am by myself & put together it would be more like look at this girl all made up. Stuck up with that fake smile (even though it’s not fake. I’m always smiling)
  19. Teresa Rojas – Since I’m always helping my blind husband along,they are saying there goes a good woman,they are always saying it to me as well. But I do it from my heart,no other reason.
  20. Colleen Goodbrand – Hopefully, passersby will see that I am happy and content with life and confident. I love being retired and many great events have happened since I left my job. I walk with a bit of a spring in my step!

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