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See who won our 1661st daily question below.

  1. Boston_Mama84 – My favorite tub is actually 6 feet under. When I was about 15 my dad remodeled our home and in one of our bathrooms was an extremly old and extremely heavy free standing tub that had these enormous lion legs/paws. It was a magnificent work of art and that tub was in the home for generations upon generations already. My dad didn’t want to pay someone to come haul it away so while redoing our backyard also, he dug up the ground and buried it in the corner of our yard where it remains today about 20 years later. Since then I have seen these tubs on antique shows and they are worth obscene amounts of money. None the less that tub is my favorite and will remain in its resting place probably long after we are all gone.
  2. Bulinda Moore – My favorite tub is in my apartment porcelain white that my boyfriends puts me in and bathe me since I have degenerative joint disease and hard to walk unassisted. I love his way of placing my favorite lavender liquid and petals inside the tub. So this is just beautiful to me and I love this tub!!
  3. Rochelle Pieper – In Johnny Depps house…preferably with me in it!!!!!
  4. Judy Burba McGarvey – My favorite tub is on a grocery shelf. It’s a tub of lard. I tried for 20 years to duplicate my grandmother’s biscuits with no success. I must have watched her make them a hundred times as a child, so I knew the ingredients by heart, but I used Crisco and other shortening as a substitute. One day while grocery shopping while visiting my cousin in Mississippi, I saw a tub of lard on the shelf. I grabbed it and brought it home with me. With fingers crossed, I made some buttermilk biscuits with ALL the same ingredients as my grandmother – flour, salt baking powder, buttermilk and lard. Eureka!! Biscuits just as delicious as hers!
  5. Carol Miller – My favorite tub is a large white antique that my grandfather used for part of his wine making. I have it on my back patio and plant flowers in it for every season. Sometimes I sit out back and think about my paternal grandfather at his home in Italy making wine and using this tub as the one he mashed grapes in. I swear that somehow the residue from the years of making wine convinces me that is why my flowers always grow so gorgeous. It helps me also to think of my ancestry and what it must have cost my grandfather to leave his mother and father and come here as a young man. not even able to speak English.
  6. James Kluckman – My favorite tub is an old whitish/cream colored cast iron tub that is used in an animal pen on my place & used as a stock tank for my mini horses, my mini donkeys & my goats. My normal sized horses have used it also. It works fantastic height wise for the short breed of animals I own & goats!
  7. Lynn Graham  My hot tub, on a winter night, light snow flurries kissing my noise.A glass of Nova 7 in reach and Sam Cook playing softly. Hot towels and my robe waiting on the warmer.
  8. Judith Toth – I lived in a house with a red Japanese soaking tub. Filled with hot water and a floral scent, it was so peaceful to sit there and read until there was no more hot water in the heating tank. Hot water beats cold water every time.
  9. Joanne Ahlert  In the 100 year old house that I used to live in I had an old claw foot tub. It was so deep and you could stay in it for a very long time because it would retain the heat so well.
  10. joe sarnak – My favorite “tub” does not exist. I have never really enjoyed a bath. If I want to be immersed in water I would much rather be swimming. I am a “shower” man all the way.
  11. Kreane Alabanza – My favorite tub will be in an outdoor bathroom where there will be trees and near a river or a beach that can make me relax and enjoy bath time…
  12. Jason Provo – a tub full of ice and bottled beer! it is now football season and no tailgate is complete without a steel tub of ice cubes and beer to whet our thirsty throats after yelling at the television! Goes great with a bbq.
  13. Merm123 – My favorite tub was the heart shaped tub on my honeymoon in Niagara Falls. It was over 35 years ago but at that time it was fairly new and being young and enjoying the tub in our room was amazing. The funny part was that my now ex husband who was 6’2 and built like a football player went to get some Mr. Bubbles for the tub. Well, as we were enjoying our wine on our honeymoon night, we started to fill up the heart shaped tub with water and my ex husband ended up putting the whole bottle of Mr. Bubbles in the tub. Soon as he got in the tub it overflowed all over our room and bubbles flowing everywhere. It was quite hillarious as you can picture the two of us sipping wine bare and bubbles from one end of the room to the other. We laughed so hard and told our friends after that. Now when I go to same place it just makes me laugh when I see a heart shape tub and reminds me of that honeymoon night lol.
  14. Ray Ayala – I like any tub that is easy to keep clean. This means smooth surfaces that don’t trap dirt. I also prefer shower curtains over sliding doors because I can throw the worn out curtain away and replace it. Low maintenance is the key.
  15. Takashi Hirabayashi – My favorite tub is going to have to be the Le Grand Queen bathtub priced at $1,700,000 located in Dubai. I would sell it and get a much cheaper bathtub.
  16. Negativezeroize – The Tele-Tubbies. They never fail to entertain me.
  17. Sanderson – My favorite tube is red and white full of chicken served with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. yep you guessed it is the Kentucky fried chicken tub. my stress food of delight.
  18. Sylvia – I pass a house that has an old white claw foot bathtub in their side yard that is filled with flowers all summer long. During Christmas they have Santa sitting in the tub filled with artificial snowballs( looks like bubble bath!) This always makes me smile as I drive along.
  19. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – A tub of ice cream, preferably pistachio cherry!
  20. Truter Veronique – My favorite tub is a jacuzzi tub at a guest house in Kommetjie called African Violet. There is a large window right next to the tub where you can look out over the ocean while you sip on your favourite drink.

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