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See who won our 1660th daily question below.

  1. Eyad Babikir – I like to believe that am not a snob, but don’t make my coffee or tea the wrong way…. hmmmm
  2. Malia D. – I can be a snob about cleanliness. Like, when I see people go to the restroom & not wash their hands or when someone in my house leaves stuff everywhere I can get pretty rude & mean. I guess I just have zero tolerance for that kinda thing! Don’t play with me when it comes to your germs!
  3. Timothy Mccollum – I guess Chinese food, it makes me queasy.
  4. edeliz – Certain culturally appropriated foods. When I attended college many moons ago, they would serve this concoction they called Spanish Rice. Uhm, no. It was anything but Spanish. Sometimes I wish would say, Spanish as imagined by someone who has never traveled.   
  5. Judy Burba McGarvey – I know I’m a snob about grammar especially if a person is relatively educated. It drives me crazy to see/hear people speak or write their mother tongue improperly. But I do try very hard to keep my mouth closed and not insult anyone except my brother. If I correct him, he’ll just write “There, their, they’re, Sis. It will be okay.” lol
  6. Zhulin Gao – I’m a snob when people are whispering in places that people are supposed to be quiet, such as: someone is giving presentations or in a nap room. It is really really hard for me to tolerate those people who are trying to talk during those occasions, they try to lower their voices. But it is really annoying, just like a mosquito is trying to bother you all the time! 
  7. Christiana Golay – Snobby about my eggs. PLEASE DON’T BROWN/BURN THEM!
  8. Genie Luxemburg – I’m a bit snobby about people ruining things with sugar that don’t need sugar. I was about 19 when I first found out that putting sugar on cereal was actually a relatively common thing that people did and I was horrified! I guess you just get used to whatever you grow up with as a habit, and my mum never added sugar to anything for us so that’s not what I’m used to, but I accept that I am probably the weird one here lol.
  9. Karen T – We were once at the campgrounds and my Dad wanted to take a nap. My niece and I had to wait until he got up to go out on the boat.  We were really bored so we had to find something to do. My niece wanted to ‘put my hair up,’ which consisted of some really wacky styles. So we pretended like we were at a salon.  She handed me the mirror and asked me how is that? She had my hair going every which way! Lol   I took on that snobbery high falutin tone of voice and said, ‘Ohhh dahling, that just won’t do! You just HAVE to start OVER and do it all again!  She used the same tone of voice, “WELL!  If YOU weren’t such a SNOB maybe YOU wouldn’t be so picky!… while we were laughing she suddenly said, UhOh. I looked up to see why she said that and my Dad was sitting there on the step of the van laughing his butt off! Yep! That was embarrassing!  Let’s go fishin!
  10. Tiffanie Vernon – Public restroom toilet paper. If a business uses cheap TP I’ll drive to at least 5 other places. “1 ply don’t fly some 2 plys ok… But if its ruff as a cob, best believe in a snob!
  11. Christine May Abrena – When my other half asks me to rub his feet… I dont like feet, big feet, small feet, smelly feet, any feet!!! He has to wash his feet thoroughly with soap before I even go near it.
  12. Sylvia – I’m a snob about my bedsheets. After being on my feet 12 hours a day teaching very enthusiastic kindergarteners I want to crawl in bed at night and be enveloped in the coziest and softest sheets imaginable. Please, nothing scratchy, irritating or rough. I need bedsheets stress relief.
  13. MT – Spreadsheets. I am an accountant!
  14. Lisa – I tend to be a snob about bartenders making drinks incorrectly.. I owned and managed a bar / restaurant for 14 years and trained each and every bartender myself. I am even versed in the different ways drinks are made regionally. 
  15. Denise N. – I am a snobbish over my time. If I am spending my time doing something it best be engaging, entertaining, and/or educational. Do not waste my time with small talk, or useless tasks, or engage me in common gossip-STOP! i have better things to do! I have no problem stating my displeasure with base mundane idleness.
  16. MyKinKStar – I generally accept people like what they like and that it’s not my business but I really can’t stand people who don’t like animals (or any innocent beings really, including children) and who go out of their way to be cruel or nasty or even hurtful towards lesser beings just because they can. Humans like that are the worst, and undeserving of anything that is good. I might not have children in my life, but I’m kind and I’m curious about them, with respect. It doesn’t mean I want to have a house full of kids running around, but it’s easy enough to manage here and there without being an a’hole about them. Those without animals might not want them in their life, I get that, but it doesn’t mean all animals are worthy of being mistreated or hurt on purpose or seen as scary or dangerous or even made fun off. Whenever my animals have not liked someone it eventually came to my realization that I should ave paid more attention and not allowed them to waste my time, but I’m old enough to get that now. I’m snobby about anyone who thinks they are smarter than animals, because it’s proven over and over how much humans have to learn.
  17. Nicole D. C – I’m a snob about putting the dishes in the dishwasher. My husband puts the bowls backwards and it drives me nuts! Plus I like my silverware to be equally distributed in the holder. You can’t have an empty bin and 20 forks in one spot. 
  18. April – I am a snob about cake. I refuse to eat store-bought cake. I figure that if I am going to eat that much sugar, it should be out-of-this-world delicious. I bake cakes for people for birthdays, and I get to request any cake for my own birthday, baked by my mom. I will go so far as a boxed mix cake, if it is made at home, but if I come to a party and there is a tasteless store-bought cake, full of chemicals and preservatives, I say no thanks!
  19. Takashi Hirabayashi – My profession as a chef has made me a terrible snob for food. It is hard to cook for me and it is hard to pick a restaurant. However I am very polite so you may not know if I think I you are a horrible cook but when it is just impossible to swallow I will let you know no questions asked. Now things that I used to love as a kid are not the same anymore. My life has forever changed and so have the lives of the people that surround me.
  20. Lisa Martin Smith – I am a snob about movie details. Whether it be trivia, or noticing voices in animated movies, seeing ‘walk ons’ in other movies, it is a bizarre thing to be proud of.

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