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See who won our 1659th daily question below.

  1. Kate Irwin – I accidentally take pens that are given to me to sign whatever and put it in my purse. I literally have pens in my purse and I have no clue where I got them.
  2. Michaele Dalin Goodson – The cat on the table rule, I admit that once in a while if we are not eating, I will let a cat come sit by me at the table.
  3. Joseph Smykla  The #1 rule I break in the house is not replacing an empty roll of toilet paper. It doesn`t “sit” well with the family.
  4. Sowmya – This rule is created by my husband! After using the pen, put the cap on. I never remember to follow this rule (rather his rule). Everytime I use the pen, I leave it without putting the cap on. I don’t do it intentionally but I just can’t remember it. We always end up in mini fight whenever I use the pen. Now he is sick of fighting over this silly thing everytime and getting used to seeing the pen without a cap after I use it!! 😐
  5. Sasha – I was always a rule breaker, but the one time that I broke the rule of going in my parent’s room I was sure to never go back again!
  6. Suzanne – Never wait for green man at a crossing
  7.  Kayteebug1975 – the rule I broke was when I was 13 years old when my father told me to come straight home from school. I had some left over lunch money and on my way home I passed by the Dairy Queen and got me an oreo blizzard. it was a very hot day that day.
  8. Jennifer B. – Not putting an item back where it belongs in a store if I decide 4 aisles later I don’t want or need it. Unless it’s a cold/frozen item, I would then travel the length of the store to put that back. But crackers or chips you may find mixed in with some bread.
  9. Tom – don’t bite off more than you can chew!
  10. Carol Miller – The biggest rule I remember breaking was in grade school. I was in third grade and my teacher, Sister Regina Cordian, told me I had to stay after school because I was talking in line. I knew I wasn’t the one whispering, it was Kathleen O’Grady who was behind me. I was in a panic because my mother expected me home right away after school because the circus came to our town that week and we were all going to the early show. So, after thinking about it long and hard and knowing there would be no reasoning with Sister, I did what I thought was the most sensible rule break: I left school at recess after lunch and walked home. I lived fairly close to the school so I was home in 15 minutes. My mother was astounded to see me and immediately called the school to say I was home. The next day my mother came to school to “apologize” to Sister and I had to stay after school two days in a row. However, if I had to do it over I still would have done the same rule break. The circus was definitely worth it.
  11. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – I do not fast on Yom Kippur. My mom always told me I was too skinny to fast. Turns out my parents didn’t believe in organized religion, which is why no one in my house fasted.
  12. Ken Grant – The speed limit, especially on the freeway, and I don’t allows come to a full stop at stop signs particularly when no one is around.
  13. ramadevi – I break sugar rule i.e. sweet rule. I always say to myself this is the last time I am eating my donut, or chocolate or ice cream or cakes etc. All are sooooooo sweet and I love them all. I must cut down sugar intake to keep myself healthy, but it is hard for me to keep the rule continue. I always break my sweet rule. Ha.. ha… haaaa…….
  14. Sylvia – Ok, as a kindergarten teacher I’m the enforcer of rules, without them my 26 five year olds would bring down modern civilization. However, I constantly break the school rule of a hands off approach when dealing with students. I believe a comforting hug, a gentle touch of reassurance or holding a small hand creates a connection of trust and protection that tells my students they are loved and safe.
  15. Elkie6 – I don’t hold to the idea of not wearing white after Labor Day. The weather stays warm and is appropriate for wearing white for quite some time after Labor Day. I don’t feel it’s that bad to break this silly rule.
  16. Karen T – My Mom always told me to never put a hairbrush or money on a table. The one and only time I ever did that was after waiting tables at work. I was so tired I sat down at the kitchen table and pulled everything out of my apron pockets and put them on the table. I had my pens, notebook, comb and tips. Guess who pulled up in the driveway at that time. MOM! She had brought some things over that I helped her to carry in so I forgot all about those things on the table. And when she saw it I thought I would never hear the end of it! But I knew Mom was right and I shouldn’t have done it.
  17. S Dingwall Williams – I regularly break my mother’s rule to be honest with myself. I find living in denial about certain things (no one will notice that I did not blow dry the back of my head, or that i did not floss) gets me out of the house faster in the morning.
  18. Berry – Wearing the same jeans over & over before I wash them, but in my defense I sit at a desk all day 
  19. Brian Vaughn – One of the easiest, using my phone in class. Never realized how much I used it until I caught myself using it during class. Luckily, I’m never on it long enough to get caught or yelled at
  20. Sue W. – Sometimes I don’t return the shopping cart to the designated area!! My bad!

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