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See who won our 1623rd daily question below.

  1. Timothy Mccollum – Barry Sanders was always my best lion and the best ever.
  2. Kari McDowell – I am a cat person so all lions, tigers, leopards are amazing creatures to me. My favorite lion would be Elsa from Born Free. A very old story, but one of inspiration and the hope of saving all the magnificent animals.
  3. Barbara Comeaux – Aslan from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I read that book 100 times when I was young and loved the characters. Aslan was just the embodiment of strength and love.
  4. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – DEFINITELY Alex the Lion from Madagascar, which my son used to make me watch 300 times a day! The voice is Ben Stiller
  5. Steve Medina – Lion O, from the 1985-1989 ThunderCats cartoon tv series.
  6. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – Leo, because it’s my horoscope sign. Leos are leaders!
  7. MyKinKStar Cecil . . . The end of his life meant the beginning of our end to trophy hunting and the so-called hunters who selfishly kill.
  8. Aries13 – When I was a kid I loved Hubert, the lion from Harris Bank! My grandparents got my brother and I a stuffed Hubert with a plastic barrel around his neck for saving change!
  9. Karen T  I like Jasmine, the Lion in the movie Second Hand Lions. It’s almost like two movies in one. Young Walter’s mother decides to leave him with his retired uncles that he’s never met and are supposed to have tons of money hidden. They live out in the boonies and basically don’t do anything. Throughout the movie they begin to understand each other and grow to love one another. One uncle begins telling Walter of their adventurous past. The tales are put into the movie as Walter imagines it. Walter brings a spark back into his uncles lives and suggests spending all that money they have instead of keeping it hidden. One thing they spent it on was to get a lion so they could hunt it and shoot it! Walter was against that idea. He was going to keep the lion as his pet and found out it was female and just as old as his uncles. He decided to name her Jasmine. She turned out to be a retired Lion that they bought from the zoo. Not quite what they were hoping for lol! Towards the end of the movie the lion comes to Walters rescue. And that’s all I’m going to say about it because I’ll spoil the movie if I say anymore. There’s a lot of morals, values and goofy antics in it that makes it well worth watching. Especially the scene in the restaurant! Lol
  10. nikkigrace24 – SIMBA because he had a rough life as a cub and was forced to flee, ending up in a jungle paradise. He soon found out that he was to become king and had to mature quite quickly. But, through all of that he maintained some of his cublike innocence. His eyes are gentle and he depends on his friends and because of that he remains the most beloved king!! I love this because I can relate to Simba in a way. He’s tough only when he needs to be. Because of his life circumstances he had to swallow his pride. Being prideful is NO GOOD.
  11. Jason Provo – The MGM logo lion; his name is actually Leo. He represents my childhood; the beginning of so many classic movies I used to watch. He would appear in that cameo circle and roar and then you knew you were in for a treat!
  12. 77giggles – My fav lion was the prototype for ‘Scarface’ in the Lion King… My daughter went to Tiger’s Eye Production school for tiger training, and the tiger there was the prototype. The people making the movie wanted to sketch the Lion as the LionKing, but when they saw the scar, they renamed him.. It was awesome being up close with him..
  13. Mel & Nate Swanson – My favorite lions are the little lions from “Read between the Lions” on PBS. Not only are they cute but also they teach kids how to read and write and make it fun to learn. They live in a library and make it come to life making libraries a fun place to be. As important as reading is, it is good to have kids want to learn and have them interested early on.
  14. Richard Vargas – My favorite lion is Clarence, the cross eyed lion. He was featured in the show “Daktari”. He was found in the wilderness, but due to his eyes being crossed couldn’t hunt. He was taken to an animal preserve, and became a mascot of sorts. Occasionally we would see things from Clarence’s perspective, which was like double vision.
  15. Sowmya – My favorite lion is my brother! When he was 2 years old, he had a fall from 3rd floor and damaged his eyes. He is blind in one eye and can see only 30% from the other eye. He still managed to pull through the life and secured a responsible and high position in Government organisation. He is happy and content with his life and family. He is such an inspiration and guess what….. he is a ‘LEO’! God bless him and his family!!
  16. Carol Miller – My favorite Lion is definitely Mufasa from the Lion King. Mufasa actually means King and he is the embodiment of what a true king should be. He rules with fairness and deep insight. He teaches Simba by example. He is the diametric opposite of his brother, Scar. Scar is inherently mean, jealous and evil. When Mufasa is suddenly killed by a stampede instigated by Scar, Simba is banished. However, he remembers all that his father taught him. Mufasa even appears to Simba in the clouds to direct him to go back and take his rightful place on the prairie. Scar’s evilness has destroyed the lion’s food supply and habitat. Simba needs to restore his fellow lions’ dignity which his father instilled in him. I believe the main reason I love Mufasa so much is because he proves that goodness and integrity always win over evil. ( I saw Lion King on Broadway and it was one of the most memorable shows.)
  17. Elkie6 – The adorable, cowardly lion played by Bert Lahr in The Wizard of Oz. Grew up watching the movie countless times. he was so cute and you just wanted to give him a hug. He appreciated Dorothy’s kindness so much.
  18. Tbag – Alex, the lion from the movie Madagascar! One of my favorite movie characters of all time, love the irony in his character considering he’s a non aggressive lion that’s a great dancer. Alex really teaches you to be who you want to be rather than being who others expect you to be 🙂
  19. Sylvia – It’s the lion from Aesop’s Fables entitled “The Lion and the Mouse”. I love this fables message of bravery, tolerance and friendship. This is a favorite story in my kindergarten classroom and really is relevant for five year olds and adults. My students are always amazed that the lion does not eat the mouse and the ending leaves them thinking about the real definition of power. It has nothing to do with size or brawn but rather its measured by humanity and compassion.
  20. Ather – Lambert the Sheepish Lion. A lion raised to believe he was a lamb.
  21. Merm123 – My favorite lion is the golden lion tamarin, also known as the golden marmoset, is a small New World monkey of the family Callitrichidae.

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