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See who won our 1622nd daily question below.

  1. LDC – Baking soda for baking powder. Who knew they weren’t the same thing???
  2. Denise N. – Simply rushing can cause catastrophic results. Take for instance when I became an assistant manager for the convenience store. It was the beginning of the shift and I was in charge of making the deposit. To be discreet we bagged up the money in a brown paper bag. However, on this particular day I had brought lunch from home – in a brown paper bag. See where I’m going with this? Needless to say with the vendor sheets, counting inventory, setting up the register for the 2nd shift, fending in coming calls, and having to do some light re-stocking – I grabed the wrong paper bag as I hurried out to the bank. It wasn’t until I got to the bank teller’s counter that my mistake was realized. To my embarrassment the teller loudly exclaimed, “Miss. You cannot deposit fried chicken at this establishment”. I got it sorted out in the end and even got the same teller-who laughed when she saw me.
  3. KaoJa Vang – When I saute iceberg lettuce thinking it was cabbage… it was my first time actually cooking a full meal… it was embarrassing but at least some people liked it… or so they say.
  4. Tawny – I was once trying to visit my sister a town away. I wasn’t sure which house it was, but they described it to me so I arrived and went in… There was a heavy set guy in a robe in the kitchen, I said hi! (Thinking it was my sister’s father in law) he said hi you must be here for my son! And he sent me upstairs!!! Haha needless to say I said I think I have the wrong house!! He laughed and sent me next door….
  5. Judy Burba McGarvey – During the big hair days of the 80s, hair spray was a must. I kept a can in the bathroom cabinet so my two year son wouldn’t hose the walls down with it. One Sunday morning, after getting three boys ready for church, I was running late so had to hurriedly fix my hair before racing out the door. I reached under the sink, grabbed a can and started spraying away. I snapped the lid back on and suddenly realized I’d just sprayed Lysol all over my head!
  6. Aura-Lee McDonald – When I was in the hospital after giving birth to my first son, they brought the baby to me to feed & turns out it was the wrong baby. Was my face red! It’s a good thing that nowadays your newborn is kept with you.
  7. DM – I had a job interview with a doctor years ago. Went to the wrong office. Even asked for the doctor, sat in the waiting room, was called back and after almost 2 hours was told I was at the wrong office. It was the same name but they were brothers! So I was very late for my job interview! Got the job by the way.
  8. Sue W. – My biggest mix up was showing up for a party 1 week early!. I don’t know how I got the dates wrong…our friends just handed us a beer and said “we will have this party today and the other one next week” LOL
  9. Samantha J McHone – Mixing up cumin with cinnamon while making pancakes
  10. Andrea Bigham – My biggest mix up was when I carded a customer in the casino. I read his date of birth as 01/24/82 when it was actually 10/24/82. Because of my mix up I provided services to a customer that wasn’t quite old enough to receive them and I ended up losing my job.
  11. JoAnn Ogden-Floyd –  Grabbing anti-itch instead of toothpaste
  12. Sowmya – This happened on the first day of my new contract job few months back. After finishing work, I went to the car park only to find out that I couldn’t unlock my car with my car keys. Couldn’t figure out the reason and it made me very nervous. Tried for 10 minutes but couldn’t unlock the car. I called the insurance company RACV and it was more than 35 minutes and I was still waiting for them to come and trying to open the car manually with the keys, every now and then. Now comes the fun part…… I saw a man coming towards me with a suspicious look at me. I told him that I am unable to unlock my car and am waiting for the RACV car insurance company. He laughed and told me that I am trying to open his car and not mine. That’s when I realized that it’s not my car, though it’s same make and same colour like my car. My car was parked 5 cars away from that spot. I was soooo embarrassed… and had to call the insurance company to cancel the appointment!
  13. Leslie George – My biggest mix up. wow every female would hate me. I do hair color sometimes to my closes friends and family who need it. This one time I made 2 different mixtures for separate ladies and then I started with one and was going back and forth ding other chores at the same time. After i was done with the coloring I hen washed the hair of the older lady first as I started with her and after I washed and dried it turned out that the color I used for the older lady was purple and the younger was blonde. What a terrible mistake. Off course they were both mad at me. so now I am very careful when I do the mixing of colours and the person.
  14. Marce McHone – My biggest mix up was when i was on the phone with a friend and sort of half paying attention to what i was doing, i took my fast acting insulin, but dosed it as i would have my long acting, which was over double what i should have taken… after calling the ER a few times in a panic, my husband and i spent a very long restless night closely watching my blood glucose meter. Very scary mix up i have not made again, could have killed me.
  15. dolfanatl – I made 2 different kinds of chili. One with meat and one vegetarian that used soy instead. I forgot which one was which and accidentally served the meat one to my vegan wife. She got so sick. Needless to say, I was in the doghouse for a while after that one.
  16. Natania – When I had just got my license, my older sister said to me, “You do know if you come up to a stop sign and it’s outlined in white, that means it’s optional.” I remember telling her that it wasn’t on my test and my driving instructor never told me that. She said, “duh nerd, that’s because they assume everyone knows it.” I remember saying, “thanks for telling me that, sis!” About 3 months later, I came up to a stop sign and of course it was outlined in white and there weren’t any cars coming in any direction, so instead of stopping,I just coasted thru it. Next thing I knew I had a police car behind me with it’s lights on. He asked me why I didn’t stop at the stop sign. I replied, “it was outlined in white, meaning it’s optional and since there were not any cars coming,I didn’t see any need to stop.” The officer started cracking up laughing and said, “what do mean, all the stop signs are outlined in white!” Imagine how dumb I felt. I explained to him about my sister, and he lectured me on if I didn’t know something to always look it up myself. After being serious he started laughing again and luckily he did not give me a ticket, let me go with a warning. However when I got back home, I was fuming. My sister immediately said, “I never told you I was kidding, I am so sorry. I would have never let you leave without telling you it was a joke. You could have been in an accident, I am so sorry.” She even got a little teary eyed. So I knew she was being sincere, but WOW what a mix up!
  17. Jason Provo – My brother gave me a used washing machine to help my girlfriend and I move along into a new house. To get it down a narrow basement stairway, I had to disassemble it as it was too big to fit through the stairway. I brought it downstairs, piece by piece and began re-assembling. A used washing machine; no instructions… and a handy-man I am not! Once put together, the hot and cold water delivery system was backwards. To use hot water, you ran the hot water tap and used the cold water button on the machine; and of course, the reverse. Also, the well spinner thing that tosses about the clothes turned backwards….machine still washed clothes perfectly though.
  18. Noel Stewart – My biggest mix-up hurt. My sibling and I look alike and have similar first and last names. In 4th grade, the school nurse called me into her office. She glanced at her paperwork, then grabbed my arm and shot me. With a sore arm I went back to class. One hour later, the teacher made me go back downstairs to see the school nurse. I got a second shot. Now both my arms hurt. When I got home my sibling told me that the nurse had not given him a shot. But the next day, the nurse must have looked at her paperwork because my sibling got his shot then. Needless to say, I did not get the flu that year.
  19. M spencer  Calling my fiancé by my ex’s name boy did I get it
  20. Sylvia – When I was in college I had 2 major writing assignments due at the same time, one for history and the other in English literature. I pulled an all nighter finishing my papers and was horrified to discover I had given the English paper to my history prof and the history paper to my English professor. Neither had a sense of humor and my English prof wrote: how did you confuse the bombing of Hiroshima with the Canterbury Tales? You bombed this one “F”. My history prof wrote: Thank you for enlightening me about the Canterbury Tales but here’s some enlightenment for you this was not the assignment, “F”. I think I cried for days but I never confused my assignments again.

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