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See who won our 1621st daily question below.

  1. David – My cat story is that one day out of the blue I was sitting on my front porch as my cat came to the house to eat. He stopped and looked up at me and just kept looking at me. so I just spoke out to the cat and ask him what . The next thing I knew the cat looked up at me and said Hello. I couldn’t say a word. I thought it was a fluke so I said Hi back. To my amaze he said it again. A week later I had someone working on my house and the guy came in the house after talking on his phone with a blank face, Then I seen the cat by him so I know what had happened, I ask him if the cat said Hi to him and he ask me how, I said he just started one day. he was 17 years when he started doing it.
  2. Ken Grant – A relative was going to abandon their pet cat by the side of the road. It was declawed and most likely would have died. We took it in and inky had a wonderful life for many, many years. We initially saved her, but she returned the favor many times over.
  3. Casimina Doner – My cat story is about Teddy Bear. When I was pregnant with my oldest son, my husband’s cat had a litter of kittens. The runt was so tiny she wouldn’t take care of him, so my husband and I dropper fed him and made sure he survived. He thrived and grew just as fast as if he were mama nursed, and he decided the best place to be was on my huge belly. He would lay on me and purr whenever my son would kick or move around. When my son was born he would lay next to him in his crib and come get me when he would wake up in the middle of the night. As they grew up together they were inseparable and my son could do just about anything to that cat. Unfortunately, Teddy Bear passed away when my son was twelve. He still compares every cat he has had to his Teds, and he is 26 now.
  4. Mel & Nate Swanson – Our cat, Marley, got a DJ deck as a present from my brother for our wedding. This DJ deck is a cardboard box with a scratch pad on it as a turntable. We got home and set it up thinking our cat was going to love it. Yeah he loved helping figure it out and put it together ( which consisted of folding a box like a pizza box). Once it was together he walked around it, looked at it, growled at it, and hissed. We initially thought that was his way of “rapping” he was a DJ after all. However, when we woke up the next morning it was buried under blankets. After that he completely ignored it until you tried to throw it away. He would pull it out of the garbage and bury it. So our Mr. Marls aka DJ Marls got his wish to keep a piece of cardboard until we moved then he didn’t have his say anymore.
  5. DM – I had a cat that lived to be 24 y/o. The vets were even amazed at how long she lived. She was my son’s cat and then she lived several years after he died. She was so special, a part of him was lost when I lost her. Miss Momma Kitty every day.
  6. Chris – My Sassy Frass was an all black kitty. She lived to be 17 years old. I got her when I was in college. She made the best roommate. One of my friends gave Sassy the bird (flipped her off), and she came bouncing across the floor all sideways and curved and hair standing up just like you would see a Halloween cat…and she attacked his hand. We were laughing so hard. She did not like to be flipped off. And, her favorite food was Cotton Candy.
  7. MyKinKStar – Oh no . . . I grew up with dogs, who could be let out to roam all day on our property, to come and go as they pleased. When I got my own place I wanted ‘someone’ to come home too, but no way was I going to walk a dog, multiple times a day – in all kinds of weather, and so I set out to adopt a cat. I believed I wanted a kitten, but that quickly changed at the shelter. The FIRST cat whose eyes met mine was the girl in my profile picture, but she was about 4 months old and so I kept on going to the meows over there. Once I got to see the kits, bouncing over each other, cryin’ cryin’ I KNEW that was not for me! I looked back and that girl with the green eyes was still looking at me . . . On the ride home I told her she had to be social like a dog and though she wasn’t fond of being held she was all I needed. Her name on the shelter tag was Blackie, even though most of her tuxedo (black/white) was white, which meant to me she had likely been named by children who turned her off from being picked up or held. She snuggled on her terms and that was alright. I named her KinKy, but don’t know why . . . Her full name became Kin K. Star and I’m not sure where I got that from either! WE traveled coast to coast, twice, but the 2nd time WE had 4 more cats. Our family had grown, but she ruled my heart from jump and was my STAR for 19 years. She was “My First, Best Ever” girl, MyKinKStar!
  8. Haden Hudson – One day, i had gone into the restroom and closed the door behind me. While doing my thing, someone tapped my shoulder 3 times! As you can imagine, that was not something I expected and jumped straight across the bathroom. My cat Tinkerbell sat on the counter by the toilet looking confused. I started laughing when i realized it had been her. Somehow she’d slunk in behind me unnoticed.
  9. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – I was moving out of my mom’s house and into my first apartment. My cat saw my boyfriend and I moving my furniture out of the house and must have thought I wasn’t taking her with me. So she went and brought me a dead bird as a present. About an hour later, she brought me another one!
  10. Mary – 2 weeks before my husband died we choose to adopt a rescue kitten. Her name is Dax and they both fell in love with each other. After his passing she gave me strength. The picture is of them both of the day we adopted her.
  11. Sandy Kozak – I rescued my two cats from the streets, have them proper homes and am now housing a 7 years old Bombay cat who is always eating my mint, stalking me from heights, meows when you make food because she thinks it’s tuna, bosses my bunny around and gives the best kitty cuddles in the world
  12. MyRelDiary.com – Our family cat name is Aksis. He is black with white spots. We got him when my sister took him from shelter when he was just a baby. Already 1 month in our home we have real baby and I hope that our cat don’t feel pushed back. When baby will grow up, I think they will be friends 🙂 In the picture you can see happy moment to cat when he got chance to sleep again in this big bad.
  13. Erin Estilette – I once went on a walk and twenty cats followed along. I was in an area where there were lots of strays, and neighborhood cats out and about. I love cats, so I was pleased to have that many adorable walking companions.
  14. Jessica Neiweem – Every cat story is bound to be an interesting story, but this one for sure is my most memorable. My husband’s grandmother passed away this summer. She spent many weeks in the hospital dying. We visited her as often as we could and did our best to comfort her in her final days. However, there were some days that were especially hard. This was especially the case when she was obviously in pain and there was nothing we could do but hold her hand, speak softly to her, and hope her pain medicine would soothe what we could not. We came home from the hospital one June evening especially discouraged. My husband and I held each other on the couch in tears when all of a sudden we heard meowing and pawing at our patio door. I looked outside and saw a little black and white cat that I had never seen before. In fact, it was the first cat I had ever seen near my doorstep since moving to our apartment a year before. I love cats, so one meow was all it took to get me to open the door and come outside to greet our little visitor. He was the friendliest cat I’d ever met before. I sat on the ground, he crawled right into my lap and sat down, purring and rubbing his face in my hands like we had always known each other. We sat like this for some time, his little green eyes squinting with comfort, his body relaxed, and I just kept petting him. My husband came out and let him some too, though he is less of a fan of cats than I am. Eventually, our little friend got up and left, and to this day I haven’t seen him since. I am not a very religious person, but I believe there was something divine about that cat. He helped my husband and I that night exactly the way we needed. He crawled into our lives and comforted us, reassured us that no matter how things ended up with Grandma it would all be okay. I have attached his picture because I hope never to forget him.
  15. Noel Stewart – A Stray cat adopted me and my spouse. We fed it and watched it play. One day we fed it a piece of cheese. The cat took the cheese in its mouth and walked over to a log with a hole in it. The cat dropped the cheese, and hid behind the log. When a mouse came out of the hole for the cheese, the Stray cat jumped on the mouse and had a good meal. Now there’s a cat that knows how to bait a mouse!
  16. Rebecca lee – I have never been a cat person, I’ve always preferred dogs. I find cats quite cold and aloof, and I guess in a way I’m actually quite scared of them. Now I believe that cats can sense this fear and take advantage of it, and the perfect example is my best friends cat! Every time I go to visit the cat instantly jumps on to the sofa so that I can’t sit down and he bristles and hisses if I go near him, meaning that he gets the satisfaction of laying on the comfortable couch while he watches me sit uncomfortably on the floor. That was, until the glorious day, that I discovered that the cat is scared of cucumbers! We were cooking in the kitchen one day when my friend took a cucumber from the fridge. I have never seen the cat move so fast in my life! Every time we took the cucumber anywhere near him, he was through the cat flap as if his life depended on it! Now every time I go to visit, I phone in advance to ensure that there is a cucumber in the fridge and if not I’ll buy one on the way. No more sitting on the floor for me! With the power of the green vegetable I now lounge on the sofa whilst the cat sits uncomfortably on the floor, eyeing the cucumber at all times!
  17. Kari McDowell – I have always loved cats. My husband gave me a Ragdoll cat that was absolutely beautiful as a surprise. Her name was BeBe…We had a house fire and while my calico cat and my big gray tom cat were outside and safe, I lost BeBe in the fire. My heart was absolutely broken and I think the other two knew it because while they were very independent cats all of a sudden they had to be snuggling up to me and loving on me almost all the time. The other cats sensed my sorrow and brought me comfort.
  18. Nicole D. C – We got my daughter a cat for her birthday one year. He came from a liter that was reproduced by mother and father were brother and sister. Needless to say he was missing four claws on his left paw. He only had one claw, so she named him hook. He also had a black patch on his left eye while the rest of him was mostly white. He was the sweetest thing.
  19. Amy – I have two cats – Max and Penelope. Their mom was a stray that just showed up at my house one day. I knew she was expecting so I brought an old sheet out to my shed and told her that that’s where she needed to have her kittens. To my surprise – she must have listened to me because the next morning there were four babies snuggled in the sheet I had put out. I was able to give two kittens to loving families and kept the other two. After having the kittens and their mom “fixed”, I brought the kittens inside the house and there they remain as my loving and playful companions. Not long after I brought Max and Penelope inside, Mama Kitty as I called her, disappeared. I like to think that she knew her babies would be well taken care of at my house and that’s why she had them there and since she can no longer have babies, she has just decided to go her separate way.
  20. Colleen Goodbrand – My husband and I joke that we run an unofficial cat rescue, living out in the country as we do. We have barn cats from the neighbouring farms dropping by all the time. Some decide to stay, others move along to the next stop on their “route”. The cats that show up most often, however, are the drop offs. We always know when a cat or sadly, even a wee kitten has been tossed from a passing car, because of the state the animal is in. If the abrasions are severe and limbs are damaged, the cat has been thrown from a vehicle with some force. When we find a lone kitten along the side of the road, we know that they were placed there and the rest of the litter has been dropped off on the road at different intervals. I’m sure the people who throw out these cats think “Oh, there’s a farm! The cat will find it’s way there.” Every cat we find is taken to the vet and treated for whatever injuries they have sustained. Every cat gets spayed or neutered. Every cat now has a home with us. Our numbers have been as high as 12 cats; currently we have 5, but there is a tom cat hanging around now with a facial growth so we are trying to live trap him to have him examined by our vet and neutered. When time takes it toll and a cat passes away. my husband builds a pine box and lines it with fabric. Each cat is buried in the woods a ways from the house and every grave has a solar garden light. In the seasons when the leaves are either sparse on the trees or have fallen off completely, we can see, at night the tiny lights in the woods and can remember each wonderful, furry , loving creature that has shared our home and brightened our lives by adopting us.

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