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See who won our 1620th daily question below.

  1. Noel Stewart – I think the lobster should be renamed CLIPPER.
  2. Ely – Clawfish 🙈
  3. Colleen Goodbrand – MacGrabby
  4. bhoori – Sharpalot
  5. Lynn  Before I cooked him, it would be something simple like Larry, and then Red, of course, after I cooked it. After I ate him, I would call it Delicious!!
  6. Stewart Welsh – Zoidberg!
  7. Jason Provo – Lobsters belong to the large marine crustacean family known as Nephropidae. (just found this out by way of a well-timed google…). Also, my favorite lobster dish is lobster Newberg! A rich and spicy lobster dish. I would therefore give it the name, Newberg Nephropidae, hopefully to please seafood lovers and scientists alike. Got a nice ring to it, no?
  8. M spencer – I would call him DINNER 😂
  9. Carol Miller – Eating lobster started out as the poor man’s diet. Lobsters were washed ashore in Colonial days and were eaten when nothing else was available. However, the lobster was a definite social climber. By the 1920’s it was gaining in reputation and price. So I would rename lobster “The Red Jacket.” The outer shell of a lobster is a beautiful color of red and anyone wearing a red jacket certainly wants to be noticed. The lobster definitely clawed its way from the bottom of the social food registry to the very top. Lobster is now one of the most expensive items on a menu and makes a striking appearance when served. Convinces me that “The Red Jacket” would be a suitable renaming and one that everyone would remember.
  10. Jessica Neiweem – I would rename the lobster the Giant Sea Scorpion because that is exactly what they look like to me. I wonder, however, how changing its name would affect how many people eat them. I know I would not enjoy going to Red Giant Sea Scorpion for a seafood dinner.
  11. Sara DuVall – Red Fantail Simple, but to the point.
  12. Kari McDowell – They are delicious. I would call the Filet Mignon Of the Sea
  13. Jan Clark – I would call my lobster Boris ☺
  14. Rebecca lee – As I’m english it would likely have to be lobby maclobface, just like that damn boat we named “Boaty macboatface”!!
  15. Emily Aiken – Walking Vice grips
  16. Jessica Matte – megaclawpapa
  17. Natania – Maybe sine Lobsters are omnivores, we could rename them LOBNIVORSTER!
  18. Sylvia – Shelley in the red dress!
  19. James Goucher – Name it what it is a “SeaBug”.
  20. Steve Albright – Butter me Bob

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