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See who won our 1619th daily question below.

  1. dottie p – the big pink donut on the opening credits of the simpsons. mmmm donut lol
  2. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – Since I am a New Yorker – I am going to say I LOVEEEE the apple that pops up at Shea Stadium (Now Citifield) every time a home run is hit by a player on the Mets. GO METS!
  3. DM – Artist Carl Warner. Warner sketches out the scenes first and then uses pins and super glue to hold together his creations, which take a few days each to complete.
  4. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – Krab. It looks somewhat like crab; it tastes a little like crab. But it’s not crab. It was even on the menu (with a “K”!) in my new favorite Thai/Japanese restaurant.
  5. Karen T – My absolute favorite fake food are the 🍕pizza, 🍗chicken, 🍔hamburgers, and desserts 🎂 that my fiance’s 💖granddaughter😇 prepares for me with her new kitchen set that I bought for her. She also chooses to make hot tea or coffee☕ depending on what she thinks I’m in the mood for.😁
  6. Timothy Mccollum – My favorite food is the space food at Cape Carnival it little food taste like larger portions.
  7. Jennifer Schneider – I would say my favorite “fake food” would have to be the photos of food for advertisements. Using inedible products they mimic the food ending up with a delicious and perfect looking setup.
  8. Carol Miller – My favorite fake food is Velveeta Cheese. I know it’s not real cheese but is is so delicious and useful. You can microwave it and pour it over vegetables or melt it for a dip with chips. You can eat it by itself or make grilled cheese sandwiches. I really don’t care if it is considered “fake” food because to me it is the real thing. I never intend to stop using and eating it.
  9. Stephanie Torralba – McRibs! Yum!
  10. Tawny – There is nothing I love more than fake cherry flavors… I know it’s still technically “food”, but I love it! The red skittles, cherry jolly ranchers, red sour patch kids and gummy bears!!! I like the fake cherry better than real cherries 😇
  11. Erin Estilette – This little wooden carving of a watermelon slice that has been on my Mom’s coffee table since I was little. It’s so cute, and my memories of the time when it first appeared on the table are so vivid.
  12. Sylvia – It’s Cool Whip that fluffy sweet mystery concoction that is mostly man made food chemicals but I’ve been eating it on pies, fruit, hot chocolate and ice cream since I was a kid. No cow was ever manhandled in the production of Cool Whip!
  13. Denise N. – My favorite fake food are the displays in the windows of Hawaii’s Okazu-yas! For those wondering what an Okazu-ya is; it is a shop that serves japanese delicacies like grilled fish, fried chicken, roasted pork or duck, salted duck eggs, and other such fare. Their window displays of the dishes purchased ala carte style sometimes look better than the real dish! Shiny broth, bright sauces, green veggies, and hearty servings. Even the fake bento boxes look exceptional. It’s a shame it’s all plastic, paint, and gloss.
  14. Sharmaine – The science center in my city has a display of fake food dishes featuring insects, which includes nutritional information. That’s my favorite!
  15. Jessica Neiweem – This is the question I was born to answer. I love all fake food! When I was a kid, I used to love playing with plastic play food, especially those that looked realistic and had labels like those on real products. I also liked playing with Barbies just so I could play with their little fake food and dishes and pretend they ran a restaurant. I loved their food so much that I kept it all, even after I gave away the Barbies! Unfortunately, I did end up giving away the plastic play food; I regretted that decision so much as an adult that I went on eBay to see if I could find any of it. The good news: I did find most of it, and then some! My eBay research led me to find a Japanese toy manufacturer that specializes in hyper-realistic Barbie-sized replicas of American and Asian food specialties, so I not only replenished my supply of the play food from my childhood, but also started a brand-new collection of food minis! I am a bit obsessed with these minis to the point that I have them all in a display cabinet in my house. But hey, everyone collects something!
  16. Sowmya – My favourite food is mock chicken also called vegetarian chicken, which is made of Soy. I am a vegetarian and I use it for Biryani and call it as chicken Biryani. First time I made it for a get together dinner. My Aussie friends loved it so much that one of the girl asked me ‘can you share your recipe for chicken biryani. The chicken is tasting so good’. When I told her that it’s not chicken, she didn’t believe it.
  17. Mel & Nate Swanson – My favorite fake food would be mud pies!! I loved making and “eating” mud pies!! When I was little, we use to play in the dirt and mud with sand box toys. One toy was a flat round bowl the shape of a pie plate. We used to make our mom dozens of mud pies all summer long. now that I am an adult my nieces and nephews love to use the same toy to make the mud pies that my sisters and I “eat” religiously every chance we get.
  18. Kari McDowell – The fake grapes that my Grandmother always had in a basket on her table. They were so corny and old fashioned and we use to make fun of them. She just laughed at us and said they were there because she liked them. Now if I am in any store and see those funny grapes I think of her. I have great memories of my Grandmother and thank you to all of the companies that still make those fake grapes!
  19. MartyRobin24 – Fake wedding cake. People use for pics to save money on the wedding.
  20. Natania – Have you seen the giant Frisch’s Big Boy statue that stands outside of the Frisch’s restaurant? He has his arm in the air with his hand holding a tray, my favorite fake food is the giant big boy that is on the tray. As long as I can remember, every time we went to Frisch’s I would run up to that giant Big Boy statue and stand by it and stare at that big boy sandwich he was holding. I still love that thing!

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