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See who won our 1618th daily question below.

  1. Wilma Hart – Acrylic nails in the nail salon.. Most ppl hate it.. but, I love it!
  2. Sherry – I can’t eat them, but I love the smell of pickled jalapenos. I find myself at the fridge more than once a day just to open the jar and take a big sniff.
  3. Kassie Waters  If we’re talking about stinks and not just smells, then I got to say gasoline. It smells horrible but good at the same time.
  4. Carol Miller – Old Books. When I pick up a really old book with yellowed pages there is a certain stale, musty smell that emanates from it. The reason I love it is because it indirectly tells me this book has been read and reread many times. I like to think about all of the possible people who have touched this book and possibly been entertained or learned from it. Give me the smell of an old book any day of the week.
  5. edeliz – My favorite stink came from a verbal stink my usually reserved mom raised when a busy-body mom of an old school mate tried to bully me. That woman never made that mistake again!
  6. MT – Hard boiled eggs! Smell bad when you’re peeling them but taste so good!
  7. Jessica Neiweem – My favorite stink is the stink of kimchi. What a wonderful food: fresh Napa cabbage, daikon radish, ginger, garlic, and scallions, all soaked and fermented for a week in a briny, spicy, fishy broth! Nothing is better than the fishy, garlicky stench of a freshly cracked open jar of homemade kimchi. And everyone within a two-mile radius better agree, because that yummy stench spreads!
  8. Tbag – The stink that comes from newspapers. Always reminds me of the good old days when I read one everyday, but now technology has taken over. Once in a while I’ll read a newspaper and it just feels nice along with its unique smell 🙂
  9. Noel Stewart – Since my Dad was a plumber, my favorite stink is backed up drains. This means money! (I earned my way through college unplugging drains!)
  10. Jennifer B. – We used to have a pop-up camper growing up. I loved the musty smell when we first opened it up for the season to air it out. I knew it meant a summer filled with camping and beach trips. Now whenever I catch a musty smell like that I always think back to the first day of summer.
  11. davida burdette – Very worst stink is Apple Cidar Vinegar. It is bitter sweet because it has great benefits for health, but once you use it as fragrance to mist the air.. Everybody toots their nose up!
  12. chaoticpickle – I know it’s gross, but I love the smell of gasoline and fresh asphalt. It reminds me of my childhood, riding in the back of my parents truck and camping. They’d stop and get gas on the way to the camp site. Nice memories 😊
  13. Richard Vargas – My favorite stink is the smell of dollar bills. Although I take precaution and inhale from a safe distance. You never know where that dollar has been.
  14. Colleen Goodbrand – For me, there’s nothing like the smell of a horse barn. The scents of the hay and the leather saddles along with the smell of the droppings (!) is my favourite “stink”.
  15. Erin Estilette – Tea tree oil. I don’t think it stinks at all. I think it smells fresh, but everyone I live with always comments, “Yuck, what’s that smell?” after I’ve used even the tiniest amount.
  16. Nicole D. C – This may be weird but I love the smell of a fresh lit cigarette. I can’t stand it after it’s been puffed but the first initial lighting.
  17. Tawny – What a strange question lol. I know this may sound weird. But I love the smell of spray paint. Not in high doses though haha
  18. Rebecca lee – I have a bottle of perfume in the bathroom cabinet which has been open for about 2 years. It’s one of my favourite brands but I think that the smell has changed over time, and it now smells like a cross between cat wee and nettles. However for some reason I still like it and although i wouldn’t wear it, I feel compelled to smell it every time I see the bottle.
  19. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – My father owned a Texaco gas (and automotive repair) station for 25 years. I grew up smelling gasoline, and I always loved the smell of it. My dad passed away about 20 years ago. I know it sounds silly but whenever I smell gasoline, I think of him.
  20. Ken Grant – The scent from the group of skunks we came across on the eighteenth hole one time when we were finishing late in the day. The skunks thought it was their time and we did not disagree.

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