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See who won our 1617th daily question below.

  1. ruth I had a gold fish ..witnin a few hrs was dead ..my mom and I didn’t know you couldn’t just put it in water lol..
  2. Natania – About 48 years ago a family member (Jeff’s Grandpa) lost a gold nugget while he was out in the field. There was only one house and a farm back then on their 19 acres. Now there is several houses and it’s all family, my in laws. We all get along great and I love them dearly. However this nugget was never found. So Jeff and I bought a metal detector years ago and have went over the part of the property many times where we were told he lost it. We even decided about 2 years ago to buy a better metal detector and still no luck finding it. We look for it a few days, get frustrated, and give up. Then a few months go by, we get in the mood to start looking for it again, only to be disappointed a day or two later and quit again. We have looked about 30 times in the 23 years we have been together, All of the family has tried looking for this Gold Nugget also. Unfortunately none of us can find it. Sometimes we agree to quit stressing and obsessing over this, and a little time goes by and we are right back where we started. So we say, “let’s go find that gold nugget!”
  3. Verónica Rolón – I received my first golden ring when I was in first grade. It was given to me by another 1rst grader who wanted to marry me. It only cost him .05 cents
  4. Nicole Zimmer – A good friend of mine spray painted his entire Christmas tree with a sparkly Gold Glitter spray paint. The light it gave off was a precious soft glow, which he soon was using as lighting for his lilly white ass! (RIP Allen)
  5. DM – My Grandparents left gold coins for my son. I had no idea until they passed. It was such a great surprise for us, not other family members but for us. We were closer to them than the grandkids and great-grandkids (my son). It actually brought smiles to both of us that we were thought about.Avatar
  6. OceanGirl – My favorite gold story is that I’ve always dreamed of going to the Palace of Versailles. Two summers ago, my dream came true as our tour group had an optional excursion to go to the palace. Talk about gold galore! Our tour guide said that Louis XIV of France was known and still known as the “Sun King” because he loved gold so much. Yep, it was a dream come true to see the golden palace!
  7. Malcolm Green – Abebe Bikila was an Ethiopian who ran the marathon in the Olympics and was one of only two marathon runners to win gold twice. In 1960, Mr. Bikila ran barefoot, breaking the heart of the sports shoe companies seeking endorsements. He won again in 1964, only 40 days after undergoing an emergency appendectomy. What a lion-heart!
  8. bhjustice – My mother has given me my grandmother’s gold wedding band. Given to grandmother by grandfather circa 1920, it is rather delicate with a diamond chip in the center – likely more than they could afford at the time. I will need to have a jeweler repair the bottom of the band, worn threadbare by many decades shared by two people, working together, raising six children to adulthood, losing two children to childhood disease, and oh, so many happy memories for this granddaughter.
  9. Stacie Snow – when my grandson was about 4 he was playing in the front yard and came running into the house with his hands full of some rocks he found yelling we were rich he found us some gold! Lol
  10. Sarah wright – My best memory of Gold is on Christmas Day 10 years ago. I was cooking lunch and my partner called me into the living room. When I went in he was on bended knee and he proposed to me with the ring I had always wanted. It was a white gold Trilogy ring with 3 diamonds. One for the past,one for he present and One for the future. Not only was it a magical Christmas. It was a Golden Christmas aswell😊
  11. Ray Ayala – My favourite gold stories occur whenever economies set aside the Gold Standard, like during WWI, and FDR during The Depression. Most recently, former President Nixon took us off the Gold Standard in 1971 and we have not resumed it since. Having fiat currency provides us with monetary tools that the gold standard did not.
  12. Richard Vargas – This took place about 10 years ago. I went to my friends house to visit, drink a beer or two. When I got there, he was ranting about a necklace and pendant someone gave him. The pendant was HUGE. It was a ship’s wheel and anchor. He couldn’t get over how gawdy and cheap it looked. He asked me, “Seriously, would you ever wear something like this?” I agreed that it was over the top. “Here take it, let your kids play with it.” I figured the kids would like it, so I took it. They played with it, then tired of it, so it ended up in the junk drawer. A few years later my mother-in-law visits, and starts cleaning everything. She found that necklace and gave it a good cleaning. “You should be more careful, with expensive things like this.” I told her it’s the kids toy, fake jewelry. ” No, its 18K gold made in Italy, look.” Sure enough, it was. We took it to a jeweler and he appraised it at $375. We take better care of it now.
  13. Noel Stewart – My favorite gold story IS the story of the goldfish. I have always admired the Chinese contributions to society. Besides inventing paper, firecrackers, and the compass, the Chinese selectively bred the goldfish from the Asian Carp species. This occurred over 1000 years ago during the Tang Dynasty. Today, people worldwide continue to enjoy the beauty of the goldfish.
  14. Teresa Rojas – My favorite gold story is these beautiful and wonderful hills coins that my grandmother left me as part of my inheritance. Each one is worth several thousands of dollars,but I would gladly give all of them back hundred fold to have my beautiful grandmother back. I miss her so much!! 😟😩😧
  15. Karen T – My favorite gold story is when me and my younger sister and brother would pretend to be pirates and we were searching 🔭for the buried gold💰treasure. We would hide something each of us valued somewhere in the yard. Then I would draw a map where the red ❌ marked the spot for the treasure💍. Then, of course, we would have our adventures at sea and come back to find the Buried treasure. Sometimes my older brother would come and steal our gold! If he didn’t return it, we made him walk the plank! Aarrgghh!🗡😠 LOL!😄 1 •Reply•
  16. uche – The very first James Bond movie I saw as a kid with my dad was Gold Finger. It was our first daddy-daughter movie.
  17. Bud8Fan1970 – won a gold medal in track for the javelin
  18. dolfanatl – My favorite gold story is Austin Powers in Goldmember.
  19. Krumenaker Eugenio – One of my brothers-in-law has a pond in his backyard. He has some large goldfish in it. In the winter the pond freezes over. The goldfish go into some kind of suspended animation and when the pond thaws, they just start swimming around again. I think that’s so amazing!
  20. Carol Miller – My favorite gold story is definitely The Midas Story from Greek mythology. Dionysius promised King Midas he could have any wish. Midas was obsessed with wealth and money. He asked that everything he touched be turned to gold. Dionysius warned Midas to think carefully about this wish but Midas insisted that is what he wanted. As he tried to eat grapes they turned to gold. His lass of water turned to gold. When he went to hug his daughter she turned to gold. Midas begged Dionysius to undo the wish. The God told him to bathe in the nearby Phrygian River. When he did gold from his hands ran into the river. The Greeks believed there really was gold at the bottom of this river. Morale of story: Be careful what you wish for, especially if it is for wealth and money.

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