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See who won our 1616th daily question below.

  1. Jan Karl Arcayos – My favorite pillow would be the pillow in the airplane, it’s so smooth and good scent. Makes me wanna bring home one.
  2. Deb – My favorite pillow is the one that my great grandmother made for my daughter when she was born. It’s been in the family for 49 years and has been a comfort for many a little heads.
  3. mary – My granddaughters baby “boppy” pillow. It amazes me people actually get rid of them when the baby doesn’t “need” it anymore. I love it because they are firm enough to support your neck and soft enough for your head..I found it very comfortable to sleep on.
  4. MT – My son’s caterpillar pillow! It’s about 9 feet long and awesome!
  5. Judy Burba McGarvey – The pillow I embroidered for my son while I was pregnant. It says ” If Mommy’s arms are busy, rest your little head here”. He still has it and all three of his children used it.
  6. Marlene Allen Way – My favorite pillow is a beat up, worn down monstrosity but it is mine. My husband has his own and he knows better than to mess with mine!
  7. Paige Kostyniuk – My favorite pillow is the duck down. It’s like sleeping on clouds.. Too bad my bed is so lumpy. Have a great day everyone.
  8. Paul Clément – Due to diabetes, I have conditions with my feet so I use a pillow to raise them a bit while I sleep and it offers some relief. That, is my favourite pillow.
  9. dottie p – my favorite pillow is my DISNEY ARIEL pillow. my daughter went christmas shopping with my Mom when she was about 5 and she saw it on the shelf, she knew the little mermaid was my favorite movie, so she talked my Mom into paying for it, and i got it for christmas that year. i still have that pillow, it’s in my living room, and we still use it. now if i can keep it in good shape, (it still is and it’s been 15 years) i will eventually give it to my Grand Daughter ILANA when she gets older.
  10. Lynn Gorfine – My favorite pillow is My Pillow. Really it is mine and it is called My Pillow. Great pillow
  11. Leslie Anne Soloman – My favorite pillow is the new travel pillow I purchased while on my bus trip vacation in June. It really did the trick. So comfortable.
  12. Sylvia – I made a tooth fairy pillow for my niece because she was so afraid of losing her tooth under her bed pillow. It has a little silver pocket to place a tooth so the tooth fairy could easily find her treasure. That was ten years ago and that pillow has been the holding station for many baby teeth as it was passed from child to child in my family.
  13.  Jessica Neiweem – My favorite pillow is the one that isn’t too flat and isn’t too poofy — the one that is perfectly broken in. I find that the best pillows are the ones about two months into use because by that point they have finally conformed to the shape of my head but haven’t lost their shape completely.
  14. MyKinKStar – A little square one I got at the hospital when I was getting chemo . . . I first thought it was just a memento cause I had no idea then how difficult it would be to sleep once I got going with everything. It turns out it was the perfect size to put under my arm to keep pressure off the side of my breast and sooo, now is a reminder to me and a memento that it’s all done and I did it! Thumbnail I posted this turned the right way around, but now it’s upside down and I don’t know how to fix it . . . Sorry.
  15. Keven Chisum  My favorite pillow is the memory foam contour ones. It’s great for posture and I only have to use one pillow not two pancakes!
  16. Mel & Nate Swanson – My favorite pillow is a body pillow that I rebuilt!! I had a body pillow for years and it went flat and I was sad. Then I had 2 king size pillows and they went flat also. So I combined the 3 pillows and shoved them in a body pillow pillowcase and made a even better than the original body pillow.
  17. Jenny F. A. McMillen My homemade work pillows for my elbows while working long hours on my computer. Made from a soft canvas fabric (or maybe from an old pair of pants) and synthetic cotton filling to keep it green.
  18. Rochelle Pieper  My favorite pillow is my 85 pound pitbull Ozzy!! When he’s in the mood to let me sleep on him that is!!!
  19. Lynn King McKinney –  My favorite pillow is one I’ve had since I was a little girl. I can’t remember being without it. It’s only about 12″ X 9″. It used to be my maternal grandmother’s, and she gave it to me. I used it as a mattress for a doll bed. It’s a feather pillow made with that heavy, blue and white striped cotton ticking material. I have no idea what type of feathers. I think they used to use chicken feathers. I’ve now used it for years as a neck pillow. It’s fits my neck perfectly. What’s amazing to me is that it’s in almost perfect shape and it has to be at least 60-70 years old as I am 64. Needless to say I’ve gone through quite a few pillow cases,
  20. Jan Clark – My best pillow at the moment is my chillow. It helps me to cool down, when I am having one of my tropical moments which us ladies go through.The best idea ever

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