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See who won our 1615th daily question below.

  1. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – My favorite kind of mirrors are the two-way mirrors at police departments in the rooms where they question the suspects. They make for good drama on television programs.
  2. LISA MURAN – i like mirror screens that Samsung sells because you can have a touchscreen with a mirror on it and it looks really cool
  3. jennyjet – I’m starting with the man in the mirror I’m asking him to change his ways And no message could have been any clearer If you want to make the world a better place Take a look at yourself, and then make a change. Michael Jackson song…
  4. MT – The round mirrors in stores where you can see around the corner. Saves you from running into people in blind spots.
  5. Ashton – My favorite mirror is the windows at work. They are so reflective on the outside that everyone walking indoors checks themselves out in the windows and it is hilarious to witness.
  6. Dylan Goldman – `My favorite mirror is my partner, Maggie. She makes me a better person by showing me a reflection of myself in some of her actions.
  7. Amanda Sawyer – My favorite mirrors are the Fun House mirrors! They remind me of going to fairs with my grandmother. Two weeks ago I took my daughter to her first fair and played in the fun house mirrors for her first time. She loved it and it reminded me of my grandma and I could just imagine her there next to us!
  8. Ligia – .rorrim etirovaf ym si ecneicsnoc yM Ops! I was looking at it to find the best answer right now! 🙂
  9. Eric Madore – Concave mirror is my favorite , because the reflexion is bigger, smaller or inverted. It’s funny to look yourself in this kind of mirror. The concave mirror is really important for telescopes and aircraft carriers. All kind of mirror is really important for us. The mirror is not only made for reflect yourself, we use mirror everyday. Without the mirrors no one would ever have seen his face clearly.
  10. Mel & Nate Swanson – My favorite mirror is the mirrors in the alterations room of David’s Bridal. It is a room with 3 walls of floor to ceiling mirrors. It had a pedestal in the middle for the bride to stand on while doing alteration measurements. Being that I am short and all wedding gowns are for size 5’6 or taller, I spent a lot of time in those mirrors. Every time I felt like the princess I was going to be on my wedding day. I loved how my 2 year old nephew was in total awe that there were hundreds and hundreds of “Aunt Lissa”s. Every way he turned there were more and more. I loved his sense of wonder and joy the mirrors brought him.
  11. Lynne McGahan – My favorite mirror is any mirror that flatters my aging appearance! I stopped going to my hair salon because I look 10 years older in her mirror. Yuk!
  12. BradandNatalie Gray – My favorite mirror was my closet mirror in my room growing up. I had the two mirror sliding doors so it took up the whole wall. Every morning I would sit in front of it listening to my music while putting on my makeup before I would go to school.
  13. Ray Ayala – My favourite mirrors are the ones found in telescopes so that astronomers and amateur star-gazers can explore the night skies.
  14. Ather – A Mirror Darkly, which introduced the evil, alternate universe in Star Trek.
  15. Richard Vargas – My favorite mirror is the mirror ball from the disco. The way it reflects the lights and the thumping music are hypnotic.
  16. bhjustice – My favorite mirror is any mirror I see a child looking at themselves in. The facial expressions can go from curiosity, to glee, to pure joy, and prompt the most delightful laughter any grandmother loves to hear!
  17. Stephanie Garcia – My favorite mirror is my compact because it is lilo and Stitch. I also love my sisters Alice in wonderland one
  18. OceanGirl – I remember about 3 years ago there was a viral video about a self-confidence mirror. IKEA came out with a special mirror that gives you compliments. I don’t think it’s for sale yet, but it was a social experiment at a store in England. Hope that they decide to sell the motivational mirror at all store locations someday! I would SO get it!
  19. Elkie6 I love my dressing mirror. I’ve had it for about 20 years now. I can see myself from head to toe,
  20. Judy Burba McGarvey  My favorite mirror is the antique hand mirror my grandmother gave me. She had it as a girl and much of the reflective material is now gone but I love the idea that I saw my girlhood self in the same mirror she did.

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