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See who won our 1603rd daily question below.

  1. Mark Wieczorkowski – I overslept it was 7 pm suppose to be at work at 6pm. Got up got dressed drove to work and no one was there. Then realized it was Sunday night and not Monday.
  2. Jeannie I overslept one morning. Was supposed to be there at 7am and didn’t get there until well after 10. I had bought a new alarm clock and set it the night before, my dog had chewed the cord in two in the middle of the night. Of course nobody believed it, but I worked late to make up for it. So embarrassed!
  3. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – Ill never forget the time my best friend and I were on a cruise and on the last night we were up all night drinking with people we met on the cruise. We had our alarm clocks set for 8am but neither of us heard anything until around 11 AM when one of the cruise members knocked on our door saying “GUYSSS IT’S DISEMBARKMENT TIMEEEEEE”…Well we never jumped up and got ready so fast. And to this day, we say that line to each other with the same accent the guy had LOL “GUYSSS IT’S DISEMBARKMENT TIMEEEEEE”
  4. edeliz – Oh, I used to live in a state where they didn’t do the clock change, so the first time we ‘sprung forward’ after we moved, I was late for church and couldn’t quite figure it out.
  5. Heather Skulan – I overslept once when I was pregnant and was late getting to my relatively new teaching job. I was in such a rush that I dressed, ran out the door and got to school before I realized that I was still wearing my big fuzzy slippers. Fortunately I had a pair of flats in my desk but I still had to walk past everyone with my slippers on before I could get to my shoes. 😛
  6. Jason Provo – I oversleep a lot! Late for work a lot! I am a full time night shift worker for 12+ years now and sleeping during the day is difficult. I have darkening shades on the bedroom window so the room is always dark but still, sleep does not come easy. When evening kicks in and I finally fall asleep, I am sometimes likely to wake up to the 930 pm alarm, turn it off an then fall back to sleep. Then the phone call comes….from work…sort of like a snooze alarm service!
  7. Leslie Anne Soloman – Actually I have never overslept and been late to work but one time at work at about 3pm I got very sleepy and got up from my desk and went to the back of the office to an empty desk and just put my head down for a quick 15 minute nap. I slept until the end of the day, 4:30pm. I just put my work away, locked my cabinets and desk and left the office for home. I just chalked it off as a necessary replenishment. 😁
  8. Ray Ayala – Oversleeping used to be the norm for me. I finally figured out how to not oversleep. I put my alarm clock radio far away on the other side of the bedroom. I have the volume set loud. And… it is on a station with music I cannot stand for very long. When the wake up alarm goes off in the morning, I have to physically get out of bed to stop the torture!
  9. Natania – One day after dropping Kayla (my daughter) at school, I came back and was so tired I decided to take a nap. Normally I stay awake or clean or do laundry but this day I just couldn’t keep my eyes open so I took a nap. When I woke up and looked at the time, it said 3:20, Kayla needs picked up at 3:25, so I was freaking out, I jumped up and ran out to the car and even forgot my phone. I got to the school and normally there is a line of cars, there wasn’t any cars in line. So I sat there thinking something wasn’t right. I ran right up the street to Kroger and asked what time it was, and she said it was 2:35. I realized none of us changed the one clock back that I looked at when I woke up, since the time changed. So luckily I wasn’t late, I was actually super early. It still gives you this awful feeling that you thought you overslept for something so important.
  10. Rusty Carper – I was working third shift as a stocker, and during my lunch break I went to my car. Well, I fell asleep and my supervisor and work partner came out to wake me. They actually thought I was dead. Cause I guess they kept yelling my name and blowing my car horn and I wouldn’t budge. Finally, they shook me awake. Then there was another time that I fell asleep during my lunch break. It was the same job, and no one knew where I was. I slept from 2:30am until 4:30am.
  11. Jessica Neiweem – Once I overslept and missed the ACTs, but I wasn’t a student — I was the proctor.
  12. Sara DuVall – I got up one Saturday at 10am when I was supposed to host a 4 year old birthday party at my sisters business. The parents called and we rushed there and had to finish setting the party up!! They were a bit perturbed , which was totally understandable. They ended up giving a bonus because the kids had an awesome time. We told them the party was free since we were late, so instead of $150 we got $30. Bitter sweet. We were never late again!
  13. Sue W. – What’s oversleeping??? I wish I could sleep at all!!
  14. Peter – When I was a teenager I worked for an industrial sandblasting company. I was the pot man…the guy that dumps the silica in the sandblasting feed pot. Well the company had a job at a local mine and the truck was parked beside the building where the guys were sandblasting in and the signal guy was standing on the roof of the building, about 4 stories up. He would signal me when to stop the sandblast flow and when to start it. I couldn’t keep looking up as it was giving me a kink in my neck, so I decided to lay on the ground to watch the signal guy, and as you might have guessed, I fell asleep only to be awoken by a couple of the mine’s employees asking if I was okay as they thought perhaps I had fallen off the roof and was dead.
  15. DM – I thought i overslept for work one night. I got up got dressed, make-up, hair, heels, the works. Drove about 10 minutes and saw stores closed and it was still dark. Because it was 2am. Not sure where my head was!
  16. Vonnie Aldrete – I was a Banquet Mgr for the Shrine Club. We were hosting the annual Business Men & Women’s Luncheon which always had a well known guest speaker as well as other celebrities. That year, it was Internationally known news anchor/reporter, Peter Jennings. 1300 people would be in attendance, so much work was to be done. I not only made sure every detail from set up to food prep was perfect, but was actively physically involved . This took us into the wee hours of the morning. Got home around 2:30am, made sure alarm was set, showered and into bed. When I awoke, I was shocked to see that it was 11:30am. OMG! Like Superman in a phone booth, I dressed and was out the door. I arrived after lunch had been served and Mr Jennings was beginning his speech. Thank God, I had a wonderful staff that took charge and made it happen! All ended well, but I was terribly embarrassed that I never heard the alarm or multiple phone calls from my staff. They were going to call the police to check on me, as soon as they could catch a break. They knew something had to be wrong as I was passionate about my banquets and would never, not show up. Well, they were right, something was wrong… I was tired! Lol
  17. Ken Grant I had a friend who was in Tokyo. He had to get up early for a flight but woke up late. He rushed to the airport and got there by offering the taxi driver a large tip to break every law. He ended up leaving some valuable items in his hotel room. He gave the driver his wife’s phone number and told him to give it to the hotel. He made the flight and the hotel shipped his items home. Quite a story.
  18. Nisha – OOhhh!!!!!!! Remember when you were 4-6? You were always having fits. I just so happened to have a rather large one about 3PM. So I went to my room, flopped on my bed, and cried to my pillow. Then I fell asleep. (This part is really funny/weird) I woke up at 8PM. Usually in the morning my bus came at 7:45AM. Here I am thinking, oh no! I’m 15 minutes late! So I got up, hurried to the kitchen, and ate a toaster waffle. My parents are like, “”What are you doing up? It’s 8 at night! And why are you eating a waffle?????!!!!”” And I’m 0_o.
  19. Kari McDowell – I was suppose to have my daughter at the starting line to ride a float in the Christmas parade. Well we both overslept. Here we go rushing to get her there and she ended up chasing the float to catch up. Reminded me of the old westerns where they are running to jump on a moving train! She made it, I missed my morning coffee and we had a good laugh later.
  20. Judy Burba McGarvey – Many years ago, I was working at the Indianapolis post office and it was a one hour commute from the suburb I lived in. I was the delivery supervisor and normally had to start at 6am. However, on the day after Thanksgiving I needed to be there at 5am because there would be 2 days worth of mail. Well, I overslept and was flying down the expressway to make up time. Since it was the Friday after Thanksgiving and it was very early, there was virtually no one on the road with me except…a state trooper. Yep, I got my one and only speeding ticket.

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