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See who won our 1602nd daily question below.

  1. happyvibes – “Suck it up.”
  2. Sly – “Why don’t you just chill out for a sec?” This advice is useless! When has anyone ever calmed down after being told to calm down? Hint: NEVER.
  3. Marce McHone – Im a type 1 diabetic, the absolute most annoying advice to me is a nondiabetic trying to tell me how to manage my autoimmune condition, which is NOT due to food….. telling me how their type 2 diabetic grandma lost a foot because she ate cake… :-/ telling me what to eat and how to manage …
  4. Christine Haitel – When you have kids, you’ll understand.
  5. Rachel – “Sleep while the baby sleeps.” Well then how does everything get done? Because it sure doesn’t happen when the baby is awake 😂 lol
  6. John Morgan – When you lose something and people always say “look in the last place you used it.” or “where was the last place you saw it?”. OK, if I knew that, it wouldn’t be lost.
  7. Nicole D. C – Never go to bed angry. Why not? Let me sleep it off so I don’t say something I’ll regret later.
  8. Ather – “Check your SPAM Folder”. Yeah, I already did. I wouldn’t be saying my mail never arrived if I hadn’t check there. You are not in some secret know about SPAM Folders.
  9. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – oh this is easy! “you have such a pretty face — now if you could just lose some weight”!!!! If i had a quarter for every time I heard that – let’s just say I probably wouldn’t need to do vindale surveys LOL..(I’d still do them because they are fun – but I wouldn’t NEED to do them LOL).
  10. Heather Alex Nunn – In May 2007 I was in a near fatal Motorcycle accident, in which I almost lost my leg, my life, and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury that I still suffer from constantly. At the time of my accident I had been riding for 7years almost 8, so I already figured out my own methods of getting around the situations that bikes face and cars do not. EX: tripping sensors at red lights to signal a light change. Somehow I was T-boned by an SUV and the “eyewitness” testimonies in the accident report were all conflicting. None told the same or accurate story, and due to my head injuries I can’t recall a single detail of almost that entire month let alone the actual accident. What I do know is that it destroyed my life as it was and forced me to revert to a child like state again. Having to relearn how to write, who I was, who my family was, and so on. So needless to say I struggle daily but even more so around the anniversary of the accident with the fact that a MAJOR life changing event that disfigured my body and my retarded the functioning of my brain but am 100% unable to explain to anyone but most importantly myself what happened to me and why? The advice that I hear most often that simply makes me irate is, “You’re lucky to not remember it would be much worse to have to live with that memory. You should just get over it and move on. Just try to let it go.”
    How am I supposed to accept, forget, or let go of something that I have no F*ing idea what it is to begin with?!?!?!?
  11. edeliz – The one that is a veiled “I told you’.
  12. Nisha – “This works for me just do this” Not always helpful, I know lifestyles are different, goals are different. Ultimately it’s calories in and calories out, but how you choose to make the numbers is up to you for your goals and lifestyle. “Carb/sugar/something of the day is EVIL!!” Leave me alone with my jellybeans. “You shouldn’t eat that it’s full of chemicals” Everything’s made of chemicals dude. Unsolicited from random dude “You need to lift heavy to look better” Yes lifting heavy is great, and I do it and enjoy it, but I also don’t want unsolicited advice on what you think I need to do so you random man will find my body attractive, I’ll ask if I need advice. Another random dude “You don’t want to go to the gym too much, soft bodies are nice” Yep I am sure they are but too creepy and none of your business.
  13. Denise N. – Just wait and see. Wait? What? Oh-I get it-I have no control and I am just a spectator in my life—sheesh!
  14. Dejah Fowler I hate getting relationship advice from someone who is not in a good relationship or isnt even in a relationship at all or who cant keep a relationship.
  15. SUSAN CLOSE – To me the most annoying advice is advice given to me that I know is right! When my husband tells me “What you should do is stay out of it, if your sister wants your advice – she’ll ask”, it annoys me to my wits end! I was already going to do that, and now it seems as if he he is soo smart!
  16. Berry Nick – The Most Annoying advice is: Being told to give up on your dreams. 😔😔😔
  17. Jason Provo – “Have you thought of trying (enter medication type here)?
    As a nurse, my co-workers for the most part seem to relish the idea of trying new medications/pills etc. for the slightest perceived ailment being discussed. These pill-popping enthusiasts always have a pharma answer for everything. Anti-depressants if I’m having a bad day, acid reflux pills for a bit of heartburn after Indian take-out or the classic “I use this med for that problem even though it’s not meant for it technically…”
    Just because we work in a field of med passes and doctors orders, I think nurses should encourage alternative solution; i.e. herbs, spices, homeopaths, witch-doctors, whatever! Let’s really keep our patients INFORMED, not just reliant on the latest fad pharmaceuticals.
  18. Deb – Keep your chin up! Smile!!………so annoying.
  19. 77giggles – The most annoying advice is when someone is pregnant and 100 people will give you 100s of stories… Each pregnancy is different… there is no textbook pregnancy… keep your stories to yourselves!
  20. Michaele Dalin Goodson – I’d leave him/her if it was me. Well it’s not you, and we all perceive things differently. What is intolerable to you, might not be a big deal to me.

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