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See who won our 1599th daily question below.

  1. Deyonna Ceasar  My chocolate story has everything to do with this North Carolina heat and my two youngest children. So being the nice mom that I am I let my kid pick out a snack and of course my 5 year old picks CHOCOLATE (in her Ana and Elsa voice). It was a Kit-Kat her favorite by far. I reminded her 3 times to grab it when she got out of the car. What did she do? Forget the 2 pieces she had left the car in her brothers car seat at that. The next day we are heading out and she helps her brother into his car seat not paying attention to the chocolate. I quickly buckle him in and start driving off once she is buckled. All I hear is “EWWWW Handsome has poop on his hands”. I look in my rear view mirror and my child has brown stuff all over him and is starting to put his hands in his mouth. I am screaming for him not to while trying to frantically pull over. For those wondering no I could not smell the melted chocolate because I was sick and heading to the store for meds. He has his hand in his mouth while I am grabbing at the pack of wipes. He tries to give me some while laughing and I am dodging his hands. I pull him out after wiping off his hands only to find what? The Kit-Kat in his car seat. Never again is my 5 yr old allowed to have chocolate in my vehicle.
  2. Kari McDowell – Mine is probably one many people have had. When I was about 12 my mother let me hide Chocolate Easter Bunnies until the holiday. Well, I put them in the closet in our garage and of course when she went to get them on Easter morning they were nothing but a blob of chocolate. She was so angry with me, but at least my Dad thought it was funny. A blob with two of those candy eyes peeking out. Freaky Easter!
  3. Michaele Dalin Goodson – Like most the world I LOVE chocolate! When I was a kid I spotted a chocolate bar in the pantry, what a treasure! I broke off a piece and popped it in my mouth….then immediately spit it out!! It was unsweetened baking chocolate LOL
  4. Lynn Gorfine – BooHoo! I’m allergic to chocolate. Most people think that is awful but after 20 years of being allergic, I don’t like the taste and don’t have a craving for it. I just wish that products were made with great carmel. There is not enough of that!
  5. Ray Ayala – Christopher Columbus brought back the chocolate (cocoa) bean to Queen Isabel of Spain, but she ignored this import. Later, Hernando Cortez brought it back again to a subsequent King Carlos V and this time it became popular. The first time, the Spaniards did not like it because it is bitter. Hernando’s group decided to add sugar. (Hernando Cortez is really smart as we will see in a moment.) The Aztec language has many words that end in tl including the name of their language. Their language is called Nahuatl. The Aztecs named the drink chocolatl. The Spaniards changed the ending to chocolate because it was too hard to pronounce tl. In the Aztec language, chocolatl means “warm drink.” The Aztecs also used the cocoa bean as currency. Hernando Cortez, around 1519, made his own chocolatl bean plantation. Hernando Cortez figured out that money really can grow on trees.
  6. michele – Oh Easter morning. My basket was filled with all kind of chocolate.ballerinas, bunnies,crosses and everything you could imagine that was popular at the time. The best part about it is the store is still in business. it has been family owned for over 100 years now. When I went this past Easter I bought my grand children Mickey mouse, star wars and I could go on and on. But, the best part is looking back on the chocolate molds they still used when I was a child. Actually the best part was the same great taste.
  7. Richie Russell – It was my 25th birthday, and thought nobody was going to celebrate so I bought myself a double chocolate biirthday cake and sat by myself and ate the entire cake with milk; only to find out that some friends bought me a chocolate cake as well for my birthday, in which I had to partake in eating.I ate so much chocolate cake I was green. I didnt eat chocolate for a whole week( yeah I know a whole week!). I learned now to wait until for sure before holding my own pity party..I still love chocolate even though my stomach and thighs showed the results.
  8. MT– The first time I helped my grandma make chocolate chip cookies. I felt like I was on top of the world, even though I’m sure I was more in the way than anything. But grandma acted like I was a big help and that is one of my best memories of my grandma. She always had time to show you how to do something and never acted like it was an inconvenience. I wish I had one tenth of the patience she had.
  9. Colleen Goodbrand – Whenever I visit Niagara Falls, Ontario, there is a certain candy shop that I just can’t resist! They make on site chocolate, caramel and pecan delights that are the size of a bread and butter plate!! Mega calories, but I TRY ( emphasis on TRY) to spread the consumption of said treat over 3 or 4 days. But sometimes it just take 1 day to eat it!
  10. Heather Alex Nunn – I’ll tell it as I was told by my father. I was 4 maybe 5 years old at the time, it was a weekday morning so my mom was at work and my brother at school it was just my father and me. Dad worked 3rd shift and would get home around 2 am after work and sleep to at least 9-9:30 am. One morning he wakes up and heads up stairs to find his little girl awaiting him at the top of the stairs. She (I) was covered with chocolate, up and down her arms, hands, her shirt and face!! That’s when Dad notices the reason I was standing atop the stairs, she (I) was trying to be a door to the area between the back of the couch and the wall. For this was the hiding place for her Nesquik bin that still had the spoon sticking out of it. So my father, now that he knows all the facts with me still believing him to be deceived, asks, “Heather, have you been eating the Nesquik Chocolate Powder?” To which I reply, with chocolate covering me almost entirely and the actual Nesquik bin in eyesight behind me, “No Daddy, Not me!”
  11. Sharde Walker – My chocolate story is simple and sweet. I love CHOCOLATE! I’m like Bubba in the movie Forest Gump. I like Milk Chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate infused with chilli, chocolate infused with orange, chocolate truffles, chocolate fountains, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate covered anything. If I was a stripper, my name would be chocolate! Lol
  12. Teresa Rojas – My whole life I was obese,so as a little girl my mother tried to watch my intake of food,and any type of chocolate was definitely out! My grandmother had a three musketeers bar on her dashboard,and I was about four years old. I had never had a chocolate 🍫bar,so I asked her what that was. She couldn’t believe I had never had one. She felt so bad for me that she told me to go ahead and eat it. I was in heaven and kept saying oh yum! after every bite. That’s A grandma for you!!!! 😌😋🌰🍫
  13. Erin Barr – My chocolate story was really tring to keep my children’s heads out of a chocolate fountain while at a wedding. It was challenging to say the least.
  14. Sylvia – At Easter we would find baskets filled with the most exquisite and delectable chocolate bunnies and chicks. My moms best friend was a talented candy maker and the molds she used were vintage creating the most intricate bunnies. However, my little brother would get up before everyone on Easter morning and bite the heads off all the rabbits. I was so upset but the following year the “”EasterBunny”” devised his own revenge. When Randy woke up instead of finding beautiful bunnies he found a basket filled with fresh carrots, radishes and cucumbers. He wailed so loudly he awakened everyone in the house and only then did our baskets of bunnies appear. I looked lovingly at the gorgeous chocolate bunny in my basket and then bit off its head.
  15. Merm123 – I will never forget our school trip to the Hershey factory where they made chocolate. It was awesome. I felt like I was in the Willy Wonka movie and chocolate heaven. Watching how it was made and down these conveyors pouring out in huge sums into big vats .We all wanted to stick our tongues out to taste these rivers of chocolate. At the end of our school trip we got to buy chocolate and ate it on the bus. I felt so sorry for the bus driver and teachers as we were oh so wound up lol. Best trip I’ve ever been to as a kid and most memorable.
  16. mary – I was about 7… and thought my mom hid some chocolate in the medicine cabinent, ended up eating the whole box… it wasnt. Any guesses as to what it was? Needless to say I was home from school til “ran” thru my system.
  17. Melissa Furr – My chocolate story is a bit funny…like most of my stories, this one involves myself, my older brother, and some chocolate that was not meant to be eaten as a treat. My great grandmother always allowed us kids to do whatever the heck we wanted. So one night, she’s getting ready to go to bed, she tells us to stay out of the chocolate in the cupboard. So, as soon as we know for sure she’s asleep, we go get the chocolate squares. They were wrapped in foil, with no other markings. We both had about 4 one inch square pieces. Well, after about an hour, our stomaches start to churn. I mean, you could hear our bellies across the room. My grandmaw only had one bathroom, so for the rest of the night and most of the next day, my brother and I fought over the toilet. If you’re old enough, you remember when ex-lax made the chocolate version of their medicine. Needless to say, we paid severely for not listening to grandmaw this time. I’ll never forget how miserable we were after that chocolate bar.
  18. Kenya Sims – My grandson Eiden loves anything chocolate. I have chocolate bars in my fridge for him all the time on the shelf where he can reach them. Eiden is 3 yrs old and will take his chocolate any and everywhere with him even to bed. Just last week I woke up to a chocolate covered pillow. Got to love him and his chocolate.
  19. Carol Miller My chocolate story is from when I was in Switzerland and toured the Tuescher Chocolate Kitchens in Zurich. Tuescher Chocolates (which I, previously, had never heard of) started out in a little town in the Swiss Alps by a man named Dolf Tuesch. They told us he worked years on not only getting the freshest ingredients but making sure there were no preservatives or chemicals of any kind in his recipes. The kitchens, in typical Swiss fashion, were immaculately clean and all of the workers were very happy with smiles on their faces (probably from indulging in the most delicious chocolate they were making.) Now the chocolate that I absolutely loved was the house special, Champagne Truffles. It is made with fresh cream, butter and chocolate with a champagne cream center and dusted with confectioners sugar. I am wishing I had one now as I am describing it. It was the smoothest most delicious piece of chocolate I ever ate, even better than Godiva. I bought a box of them and I can tell you they didn’t last long. I found out that they shipped too so I had a box shipped to me on Christmas and told myself it was my birthday present (because I was born on Christmas Day.)
  20. Tanisha Deans – My chocolate story is I am the daughter of a certified chocoholic and I picked up the habit. I love chocolate candy, cookies, cake…anything chocolate! I truly believe that chocolate make anything taste better. I’m not a chocolate snob though. I eat Godiva and Lindt truffles and I eat holiday candy from the Dollar Tree. I just LOVE chocolate! Always have and always will.

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