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See who won our 1598th daily question below.

  1. Bethany Crosby – My dye story. After Xmas I had bought some brand new sheets (Burgundy) to match my drapes in my room. Anyway long story short. I woke up ,went to the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror. N onesie if my face was pink. I had slept with a skimpy nightie n my side,back,legs n but was pink. N to top it off. I had a appointment that morning. I had to call to rescedule. I was pink for 3 says. N couldn’t go outside. I took like 15 showers in the 3 days I spent at home. I couldn’t even had company. I never told anyone. So let’s keep it a secet. Lol.
  2. Carol Miller – When I think of a dye story I immediately get a shiver up my spine. It happened when I was a senior in high school. I worked at the shore with two of my best friends. We were desperately trying to work and save money for our tuition. Well, one day we got the bright idea to put some “highlights” in my hair. Now I had very dark brown hair, almost black. So, we got a bleach kit from the drug store and proceeded. The only problem was the timer was suppose to go off in 10 minutes. Well, evidently the timer on the stove was broken, unbeknownst to us and when we finally realized it 20 minutes had passed. My hair was literally very blonde and actually singed in spots. I was in tears and couldn’t possibly go out looking like that. After trying to calm down, we decided the only thing I could do was purchase a wig. So I drove over to Atlantic City to purchase a decent wig. Well, that whole experiment cost me not only a bundle of money but the misfortune to have to wear a wig in hot weather for the next two months till my hair grew out.
  3. Tbag – I suck at drawing and anything related to arts, but this one time I saw a tutorial and made a crayon hairdryer art where I glued oil crayons on top of a canvas and then blew the hairdryer on them until they melted and created a nice colorful background and I drew a boat below the crayons just to add something to it. First time I ever felt good about any type of art I attempted lol
  4. Noel Stewart – While motoring in Scotland, I passed a farm where the farmer dyes sheep with NON-TOXIC dye to ENTERTAIN passing motorists!
  5. Timothy Mccollum – The guy across the street I nicknamed Tye Dye because he only ownes these shirts.
  6. Brian Vaughn – I remember making my first tye dye shirt back in summer camp, thought it was the coolest thing ever. So after a couple of days I wanted to wear it for the first time and I did. It started raining, so of course I put a jacket on. Problem is, my jacket was white and thin. Let’s just say my jacket became a member of the tye dye community also..
  7. Dicksy Maneschyn Back in the day if you got tired of old window curtains one would simply dye the curtains and it was like a new remodelling of window treatments had taken place!
  8. Maria Hale – I love to dye. Shirts, totes and sheets. You have to see “Get Rich or Dye Trying on facebook. I have begun small tie dye projects. She is amazing and I hope that I can recreate her tapestries
  9. Colleen Goodbrand – I had been having my hair professionally coloured, to see if blondes really did have more fun , but found that the answer to that question was “No”. When I decided to go back to my original brunette colouring, I thought “What the heck. I’ll do it myself.” HUGE mistake!! Ended up with patches of a deep green colour along with the brunette. Took a severe hair cut and several months before the green was all gone!
  10. Amanda Watts – My dye story is about having fun with my daughter and transforming us from native black hair to platinum blonde hair…and having my husband do the work… talk about fun…
  11. Diane Lane I was going to a Halloween costume party as a flower child and decided to dye my hair lavender. This was supposed to be a wash out dye that would last until the first hair wash. So I used the dye first problem in came out sapphire blue. Second problem it did not wash out, so my sapphire blue hair made an appearance at Thanksgiving, Christmas and of course New Years giving my family something to talk about during the holidays. Lucky for me by Easter it was finally gone.
  12. Irene McKenney – I use to dye my hair. Always did it in the master bathroom where there is carpet. Well, one day I dropped the dye & what a mess. I had to put a rug down on top of the dye trying to hide it. But of course, my husband found it. Darn can’t hide anything.
  13. Natania – When I was in my early twenties I helped run the Bible school for 5 days, Monday – Friday at my church. I worked the 6-8 year old class room, I loved being around kids so when they asked, I happily accepted. I could do any project I wanted, and we were allowed an allowance if we needed more items for our project than the church had . There were 8 children in my class so I was very confident I could handle it. I decided to let them tie dye, what kid wouldn’t enjoy that, right? I loved it when I was a kid. I got the shirts and the tie dye and thought this would be a piece of cake. I remember telling them on Monday if they all behaved we were doing a special project on Friday, they were so excited. Friday came and I had everything ready when they arrived, newspapers spread out on the tables, the shirts, the bottles filled with water and dye, rubber bands, and little bags. When they came in, their faces and reactions were priceless. I explained how to do it and they all started, everything was going perfect. I ran to the kitchen to grab my drink, I was gone for maybe 2, possibly 3 minutes and when I got back, I couldn’t believe it, it was like a zoo. They were all done and there was dye everywhere and on everything. They put their shirts in the bag like I told them but the dye was all over their good clothes they were wearing, their hands, even their faces. I had to get help and they helped me clean it up but most of their stuff was stained along with parts of their bodies. It ended in a nightmare, I had to explain to all their parents what happened and they were all really nice and understanding about it, but deep down they had to be frustrated. My confidence faded and I quickly realized and was told my mistake was taking my eyes off them kids, even for 2 or 3 minutes. Fortunately none of them got hurt, and I believe that experience helped me be a good mom years later when I had my daughter because I never took my eyes off her, remembering that day walking into that classroom.
  14. Melissa Furr – My dye story is a horrible, horrible mistake. My daughter, Ashley, wanted to color her dark brown hair, black. She, at the time, had very long, thick hair, so I bought her two boxes of black hair dye. I, about a year ago, had gotten blonde highlights in my natural auburn hair. So I wanted to color over the highlights and go back to my natural red hair. I also bought two boxes of my color. We get home and take all the dye boxes out of the bag. I’m reading the directions for the dye…My daughter is looking at one of her boxes of color. I put my box down, she puts her box back. She says, you go first mom, I’m a little unsure if I want to do this now. So, I grab a box of what I thought to be the red hair dye. I mix the color per the directions, separate my hair accordingly, and begin my dye job. When you first start, the color coming out of the bottle hasn’t fully developed, so it still looked to be the right color. Shortly after starting though, it starts to get darker and darker, until it looks black. I’m really wondering why this red looks so dark, so I grab the box from the trash only to find that it IS black. I’m already halfway done with my hair by now, so I go ahead and finish, hoping beyond all hope that this will turn out to be ok. Well, let me tell you, red heads need not ever try to go black. It looked horrid. This was supposed to wash out in 28-30 washes…I still, 3 years later, have black tints in my red hair!
  15. Rebecca lee – A few years ago I was going on holiday and so before I went I decided to lighten my blonde hair. I thought that once I had a nice suntan, then it would look good to have lovely light blonde hair too. I bought a home lightning kit and I was really pleased with the results, as it turned my dirty blonde into a nice sun kissed colour. So the holiday began and we had a great first couple of days, until that is, I ventured into the hotel swimming pool. As I climbed out I noticed a few people were staring and that my friends were in fits of giggles. They eventually calmed down enough to tell me that my hair had turned bright GREEN!! It seems that the chlorine in pool had reacted with my hair dye and turned it green. I tried absolutely everything to neutralize the colour, from washing my hair in vinegar to tomato ketchup but nothing worked. I spent the rest of the holiday in a hat!! It took weeks before it eventually got back to my usual colour, so although I came home with the suntan I wanted, the green hair was an unwanted extra.
  16. OceanGirl – This past Space Day, April 12th, I came up with a great idea to teach more about the planets. My 5th grade students and I dyed white foam to look like the planets. Much like the process to dye Easter eggs, we dipped white foam instead. The project turned out great because they did end up looking very close to the actual planets!
  17. Rochelle Pieper – Making crosses on our tshirts at our church was my introduction to tie dye. My daughters kinda resembles a cross. Mine looks like a fat angel playing catch😂😂😂😂
  18. Mitzi Carpenter – In the 70s, tye-dye was the in thing. I was in high school then. I had tye-dyed t-shirts, and dresses. Wish I’d saved those now that they’re back in style. I also wish I’d saved my body from back then, too! LOL!
  19. Merm123 – When I turned 16 years, my one girlfriend had a party for me and she bought a bunch of white tshirts and we spent the night making cool tye dye shirts and we made a promise that we were going to wear them to the next girl sleep over and wear them as pjs. It was so fun and memorable. Girls just wanna have fun was our motto. 🙂
  20. Sylvia – Our little primary school was too poor to purchase special t- shirts for the students that displayed our blue and yellow school colors. So during the summer I’d use Michael’s coupons and buy plain white tees for my class. During the first week of school I’d take the kids outdoors and their shirts would be lined up on the grass. I’d dab small puddles of blue and yellow dye onto the shirts and the kids would use straws to blow the dye all over the shirt and then the sun would do the rest. My kids loved the shirts and I enjoyed how each one was different from the others. They wore their shirts on field trips, for open house and for our group class photo. I always joked that our class “uniform” was to dye for!

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