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See who won our 1597th daily question below.

  1. Kathi – My story is that I love the tilt-a-wheel. Went on it once with my mother and daughter when she was about 5 and my mother was screaming she was about to swallow her false teeth. I could not stop laughing. It was the funniest thing ever.
  2. michele – We went to the water park at dorney . Well, when they put the wave pool on I really was enjoying it. All of a sudden a girl in the pool started to panic. She pulled me down and just couldn’t let go. I remember looking at my husband to help me and he seemed to be doing nothing.Thank goodness for the wonderful Life gard. To this day I still question him and it’s been forty years.lol.
  3. Dicksy Maneschyn – My kids watching Mommy go on a roller coaster! They had a great laugh as I closed my eyes the whole ride and sat in a parylized state..never again.
  4. BradandNatalie Gray – I am obsessed with the Jurassic Park ride. One time, I didn’t know that I was fighting a bad virus and of course it happened when we were at Universal Studios. The only thing that made me feel better was the Jurassic Park ride. I made my husband ride with me 4 times! Now every time we go to Universal Studios, we go on it about 3-4 times one right after another.
  5. Sylvia – I literally lived across the highway from a well known Pennsylvania amusement park as a child so we were there all the time. The problem was my height, I was a very short child and to ride the roller coasters you had to be over 50 inches tall. Well, my younger sister and brother made the height requirements before me so while they were having fun on the Racers I was sitting on the merry go round fuming. Every summer I hoped and prayed this would be my roller coaster year until finally I made the height requirements. I was so excited and raced my siblings to the roller coaster sitting in the front car. It was everything and more than I had imagined and I screamed my head off until the coaster whooshed to a stop. That was —– I began to say when I threw up all over my brother. Still so worth it, my brother wouldn’t agree.
  6. Carol Miller – I worked one summer at the Wildwood, New Jersey rides on the boardwalk. I worked with another friend of mine at the Ferris Wheel ( which was humongous). One day a foreign looking couple speaking broken English came up to buy tickets. The fella had what appeared to be a pretty heavy back pack. We suggested he leave it with us as he took the ride but he insisted he had very important papers, including his passport. So, we let him on. Around the third time around we heard all of this squawking and what sounded like birds chirping. We couldn’t imagine where it was coming from. Then we heard a lady scream. As we looked up two chickens were trying to get out of the backpack. The one chicken had his head peeking out and the passengers who saw and heard it were screaming to get off. We had to emergency stop the Ferris Wheel and call security. It was an absolute nightmare. Everyone eventually got off safely and we had to refund a good bit of money. From that day on, NOONE was allowed to keep a back pack with them on any of the rides. It is kind of funny noe but it was no laughing matter when it happened.
  7. Veronica – When my daughter was about five we took here to the local fair for the first time and she was fasinatated by the roller coasters she went on her first obe that day and loved it and she didn’t want to get off the ride. We really enjoyed seeing what fun she had and you know she is 26 now and still loves and rides them.
  8. Teresa Rojas – In my 5th birthday my parents took me to Disneyland. When I went to the bathroom these two teenage girls asked me when my birthday was. I was tickled pink to be able to tell them today. They proceded to give me one of those giant lollipops that they have at Disney. It has always been an unforgetable experience for me,and absolutly thrilling. 😱😍🎉
  9. Rebecca lee – I went on my first ever date to an amusement park. I was about 13 years old at the time and my parents drove us there. We spent the whole day with my parents until we were eventually able to sneak off and go on the ghost train. We held hands for the first time on that ghost train and it seemed like the most romantic thing in the world. Ah, the innocence of you
  10. Nisha – I really had a bad experience going there alone with another friend of mine. We went on Sky Rider which is a roller coaster where you essentially standing with a bike seat.We got stuck on that ride 3 times, totalling up to two hours. They offered everyone effected free pizza. Few rides later we find ourselves on drop zone.We were stuck at the top of the cart in roller coaster for another two hours. I don’t have a fear of heights, but the girl beside us was puking and it was pretty high up, and I can only imagine the wind taking her puke and ruining someone’s day.(lol) Anyways, two hours pass and without warning, they drop us and I of course think I’m going to die. I didn’t obviously, but they offered us pizza for the inconvenience. I think about this now and it makes astounded how easy 13 year old me was satisfy.
  11. OceanGirl – My amusement park story involves going to Universal Studios Florida not too long ago on June 26th. Why June 26th? Because it was the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book being published (June 26, 1997). I’m a Harry Potter fan and absolutely loved visiting the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! And yes, I bought a wand at the wand shop in Diagon Alley! Happy 20th birthday/anniversary, Harry Potter!
  12. Jennifer B. – My parents took my sister and I to Busch Gardens and Disney a long time ago. I think I was around 9 or 10. My dad always wanted to go on the thrill rides and my mom, sister, and I were more teacups kinda gals. But he went on them anyway by himself. We always joked that we would have to rent a kid to go on rollercoasters with my dad. During the trip to Disney (over a few days) I finally got up the nerve to go on Space Mountain with him. We stood in line FOREVER. I was so nervous. And then for some reason or another there was smoke coming from where the ride was and it was shut down for maintenance. All of the people in line had to get out. I couldn’t have been more relieved that I was spared!
  13. carpediem5790 – My young son and I decided to go thru the haunted house at Milwaukee’s Summerfest Amusement Park. It was one of those with a mix of dummies and real people who reached out to you or slashed at you with fake knives, It was all pretty realistic. I came up to one and stared into his eyes. I said to my son, this one is fake, but geez it looks real, As I turned to walk away. The guy started his chainsaw and came after me. I ran screaming out of the house into a group of people walking past. One guy asked me “is it THAT good!!??” I replied Oh yeah, what do you think! My son was behind me bent over laughing at how scared I got. Good times!
  14. Tbag – At the carnival games, I really wanted to win this dirt bike and the game looked deceivingly easy so I ended up spending over 100$ in total trying to win that game but failed to do so. And then I decided to play something different and won a tiny stuffed elephant. I was releived and happy because I finally won something lol
  15. Lindsey Pittman – I was maybe 7 and my family and I went to the state fair. We got on the swinging pirate ship ride. Fifteen or so years ago, that ride did not have any type of safety restraint. You sat on a bench and held on to a bar that ran across the back of the bench in front of yours. I just barely could reach the bar, but they let me ride anyway… So when the ride gets into full swing and we’re hitting horizontals to the ground, I start losing my stability. Long story short, my mom had one arm, my dad had the other, and my cousin had a leg. We all held on for dear life until the momentum of this giant swinging death trap could die down and I could safely vow to never ride that stupid thing ever again.
  16. Paul Clément – Quite a few years ago, on a trip to the Lake George area with my two boys, my sister and her husband, we went to an amusement park the name of which I don’t recall. My boys were 4 and 6 at the time and their size restricted the rides we could go on much to the relief of us two men who were not big riders (Not the bravest either). However, they did have a roller coaster of sorts on which we could go; not a ferocious one but to my brother-in-law and I, bad enough. The boys insisted and we reluctantly gave in. the ride lasted about 5 minutes and we both held onto our respected child so as to ‘protect them ‘ as we negotiated climbs, descents and turns. the boys were screaming their excitement while the men sheepishly pretended to enjoy what for us was not so exciting. The ride ended, we disembarked and one look from my sister said it all as she commented: ”Sure happy the boys were there to protect you guys!”
  17. Colleen Goodbrand – There used to be a great little amusement park in Crystal Beach, Ontario that was THE summer destination for people living near by. My dad’s company used to have their company picnics there and we were given strips of tickets to use on the rides. I was about 8 years old the first time I went on the “big” roller coaster. My mother sat in the seat right beside me. As that coaster started down that first hill, I screamed “Mommy!” over and over for the duration of the ride. My mother was in tears when the ride stopped but only because she had been laughing so hard at my reaction. There was another ride called “The Wild Mouse” that was designed to seem as if you were about to be thrown out of the car at every turn! Years later, I went on Space Mountain in Disney World and realized that Space Mountain was based on the “Wild Mouse” . I over came my initial reaction to the roller coaster and have been a huge fan of coasters over the years.
  18. Deb – My sister-in-law and I took all of our kids to Six Flags, As we were waiting in line my son was sitting on the railing. He jumped off and landed on my sister-in-laws big toe. She was wearing sandals so it tore her toenail and she was bleeding pretty bad. When she saw it, she immediately passed out. So, there we were, in a line with about a 100 other people and she was laying flat as a pancake. We finally got her awake and on her feet. She hobbled around for the rest of the day. We ended up having a good time and I learned a lesson…..if she sees blood…get ready to catch her…because she’s going down.
  19. Angel – When I was 28, my husband and I decided we was going to take a weekend and go to Kings Island. I decided to wear a spaghetti strap top, which normally would be fine, but not this day. One of the first rides we went on was the Red and Blue Races. One went backwards, the other forwards, and they passed each other. Well needless to say we took the one going backwards that day and as we went over a hump my boobs flew up out the spaghetti strap shirt. I grab them, look over and my husband is smiling great big and the guy to the other side was giving a thumbs up. Needless to say I have not been back to an amusement park since then, and I spent the rest of the day walking around and going on simple rides that did not involve humps to go over.
  20. Judy Burba McGarvey – When I was about 13 my cousin and I went to the county fair where she lived. A couple of boys she knew started hanging out with us. We all ate some typical fair food- hot dog, cotton candy and drinks. Then it was time to get on the amusement park rides. We chose the Tilt-A-Whirl and the guys got in with us. Well, before the ride ever started, the boys were spinning and spinning us in a circle and I got nauseated. I got up to get off the ride and was told to sit back down because the ride was starting. As you can guess, I started throwing up over the side of the car and everyone on the ground saw vomit being hurled by the centrifugal force. Finally, the ride ended and I was so embarrassed, I was in tears. I promptly smacked both boys and we left the fair. I haven’t really cared for amusement parks since.

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