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See who won our 1596th daily question below.

  1. Karen T My favorite cheese story is every time I opened a Kraft cheese wrapper, my dog would hear it and come flying into the kitchen. He ran so fast he’d skid across the linoleum and slam into the cabinet. But he didn’t care he wanted that cheese! LOL
  2. ramadevi – One day I wanted to do cheese and spinach curry, but I did not realize that there is no cheese in my fridge. That day I have decided to make vegetarian dishes for the guests who do not eat non-veg at all. I was getting very late, no time to go out to get the cheese. So I boiled 2 bags of milk very well and added lime juice and tied it tightly in a thin cloth, squeezed the water, left it in the fridge for an hour. I got a nice hard cheese block. I made the cheese and spinach curry. My friends were happy and asked that how the cheese is very tasty. I told them the process how I made it. They never know this before and this is the old fashion of making cheese at home. This old fashion made my friends to give us nice smiling ” cheese” for a photo. Whenever I see that photo we “cheese” and remember the cheese story.
  3. Erin Estilette – Not that long ago, I was visiting my sister. She was cooking breakfast for the kids, and she had the block of cheese out, so that she could grate some on their eggs. She got distracted somehow, and the block of cheese went missing. We looked all over the counter, and then in the fridge, thinking maybe she had put it back by mistake. After a few minutes, she looked over at her 3 year old. It looked like he was watching cartoons quietly, but he was also holding the block of cheese, and taking big bites as he watched his show. It was hilarious!! The block of cheese had all these little teeth marks in it.
  4. Mindy Sleeper – My cheese story is my fiance has me drowning in mac-n-cheese; always got to have mac-n-cheese wih dinner. 🙂
  5. Sue W. I have a friend that makes the most awesome baked Mac & cheese…she uses 10 different cheeses!!!!
  6. Jason Provo I used to babysit my niece and nephew occasionally and spaghetti was always their first choice for supper (mine too). I would place all the choices of toppings on the table for each to choose their own and we all know the pungent pervasive odour of grated parmesan…and if I didnt remember to bring it to the table, my niece gently reminded me of HER favourite topping; “Uncle Jay, don’t forget to bring out the STINKY CHEESE!”
  7. Merm123 When I was younger my old Italian uncle from Italy was making us try this
    Casu marzu (Sardinian pronunciation: [ˈkazu ˈmard͡zu], also called casu modde, casu cundídu and casu fràzigu in Sardinian language, or in Italian formaggio marcio), literally translating into English as “rotten/putrid cheese”, is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese, that contains live insect larvae (maggots).. It was the grossest cheese smell ever and he kept teasing my twin brother and I to try it saying it was really good when all I wanted to do was be sick. My uncle would eat this cheese along with a big glass of home made red wine. I can picture him now RIP ZIO Gino. His birthday is July 5th so cheers to him with his rotten/putrid cheese and wine lol
  8. Kerry Tompsett – Mine is a story, a short one my mom told me about when I was younger. She said when I was little every time she got blue cheese dressing she always gave me the chunks. Apparently I loved them. To this day of course I love cheese!!
  9. Kathie – When we were younger….Mom get up early to make us breakfast and put our lunches together. Don’t know how Mom would “often” manage this one…but in either her hurry or in her early morning “I am not awake yet”….But she would forget to unwrap those cheese slices so when you bit into your sandwich at lunch you got plastic along with your cheese…..we soon just stopped reminding her and just checked our sandwiches before we bit into them….GOOD THING THEY WERE NOT GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES!
  10. Katrina’s Mass Comm Page – In high school they used to call me a rat. We would have events at the school with the fruit, cheese and cracker trays. I always grabbed cheese and crackers first. Whenever we had a get together at my house, we had salads, and I always added some type of cheese to my salads.
  11. Denise N. My cheese story: I bought 3 one pound blocks of sharp cheddar cheese. In the time it took to return home from the store I had two and a half blocks of cheese left. After the groceries were put away and i was done pouring myself a beverage and sat down to sort my mail; I had 2 blocks of cheese in the fridge. Later that night me and my husband shared a block of cheese leaving 1 block in the fridge. The next day I cubed the remaining block of cheddar cheese for our dinner-crockpot chili I just have to say: Thank goodness cheese doesn’t go on sale often! I would be as big as a house!
  12. Ken Grant – When I was little I was convinced I was allergic to parmesan cheese on pasta. I was so sure it was true. Later, when I got older I found out I liked it. Not sure where that weird idea got into my head. Now I love as much on my pasta as possible. Go figure.
  13. Carol Miller – “Cheese is milk’s leap into immortality.” Because milk was so perishable man began to learn to preserve it as cheese and the product blossomed into a million different varieties. I absolutely hate milk but love cheese. Here are just some of my favorites: Mac and cheese, any cheese dip, cheese steak, cheese pizza, cheese cake, crackers and cheese, cheese sandwiches. The list is endless. I could eat cheese every day of the year and never get tired of it. Cheddar, blue cheese, Gouda, jarlesburg, Parmesan, Colby, Munster, just to name a few. When the Swiss settled Wisconsin, that state became the cheese capital of the U.S. Along with Vermont. Cheese could be exported and sold to long distance destinations because it had a much longer shelf value than milk. All I can say is thank God cheese was invented because it is my main source of calcium instead of milk. I would like to end by telling a few cheese jokes I heard: what happened when an explosion occurred in a French cheese shop? All that was left was de Brie. What do you call a sad cheese? Blue cheese What is the most religious cheese. Swiss because it is holy.
  14. Ray Ayala – When taking pictures, English speakers usually say “Smile and say CHEESE!” When taking pictures, Chinese speakers usually say “Smile and say EGGPLANT!” We say cheese because it forces our mouth into the shape of a natural smile. However, the Chinese word for cheese (nailao) does not. The Chinese found a word in Chinese that sounds sort of like “cheesy” , which means eggplant, that also forces the mouth into a smile. Next time you get your picture taken, remember, there are options.
  15. Jennifer B. – My mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese is the best stuff on earth. I won’t tell you all the ingredients, but you’ll need an entire log of Velveeta! I don’t eat it much nowadays, because wowza that’s a lot of cheese, but I grew up on that stuff. We always had Velveeta in the fridge in a Tupperware container that I assume was specifically made for that sucker back in the day and a wiry cheese slicer!
  16. Jason Pike – Wow that is funny I just go don shredding cheese for my nachos,LOL
  17. Natania  About a month ago we were driving home and my daughter ( Kayla) and her friend asked if we could get Skyline to take home. Of course I ordered at the drive thru and got them 4 chili cheese sandwiches without mustard and onion. When they handed me them, Kayla said I will hold them, they’re mine, so I gave them to her in the back. We were about half way home when Kayla started complaining, she said, “Mom we are not going to eat these, they hardly have any cheese on them!” So I pulled over and looked at them and she was right, there was very little cheese and to be honest, I wouldn’t have ate them either. I turned around and went back to Skyline and went inside, I wasn’t rude or mean, I understand people make mistakes. I explained I had just ordered these from the drive thru and they were for my daughter and she was upset because there was very little cheese on them and I opened them up to show them and they were very nice and apologetic and said this has never happened before and got me new one’s and loaded them with tons of cheese, more than normal. I got back in the car and boy were they happy. Well later that night after they were in bed, my daughter and her friend came out and said, “Mom we can’t sleep, I have lied to you and I feel really bad about it. Earlier when we got Skyline, we were really hungry and we opened them up to look at them and was just going to take a bite of cheese and ended up eating most of it and then we realized they were not going to good without cheese so we told you that lie so we could get more cheese on them,” They were almost in tears, I thought that explains why the manager at Skyline said that has never happened. I did lecture her about lying, then thanked her for telling me. Than I thought if that’s the worst thing my daughter ever does, I can live with that.
  18. Rochelle Pieper OMG I live cheese almost as much as Johnny Depp! My husband worked for Glanbia cheese for years and always brought home different cheeses!!! Did you know Wisconsin cheese is made in Gooding ID? Yep. They ship it white and Wisconsin adds their own dye and call it Wisconsin cheese!!! I love cheese with Pringles or Lays chips! My favorite snack!!! Say Cheese!
  19. Richard Vargas I don’t have a “cheese story”. I have a lot of “cut the cheese stories”, but I’ll save them for that question.
  20. Erin Barr My favorite cheese story is the year I decided to try to make my own cheese ball for the holidays. I bought way too much of everything and ended up with 3 huge cheese balls. I was thinking 2 and a half would go to waste. Instead, they were so good they did not last a week, and I have great demand to make them every year now.

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