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See who won our 1595th daily question below.

  1. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – Definitely every single American Soldier who defends our country’s freedom.
  2. Tashikka Wilson Hunter – My favorite famous American has to be Michelle Obama…because she is a great example of African American women…beauty and brains!
  3. Paul Clément – FDR stands out as my favourite famous American given his accomplishments for America under difficult times and personal challenges. He is a man to be admired and remembered.
  4. Kari McDowell – Right now, James Mattis, he is level headed and might be our best hope to defeat ISIS.
  5. David John Hearst – Audie Murphy is my choice. From such a simple country background to become the most decorated American Soldier of WWII was truly amazing considering he was a flyweight I believe. True Heroes are few and far between but Audie stood out naturally. He personified everything that I think makes America the Nation it is. Never a braggart he always rose above with no fear as if just another day on the job. TRULY AMAZING!!
  6. Rusty Carper – My favorite famous American would have to be Oprah. The reason why Oprah is my favorite famous American is because all of the philanthropy she has done all around the world. She is a true inspiration and role model for all to look up too. Over the years, she has given us all hope, dreams, and uplifting spirit that we can achieve greatness. If we keep reaching for the stars, that someday, it will all pay off. She has made people’s dreams come true; she has built schools in Africa to give them hopefulness to a better future; She’s built many homes for people in New Orleans, and for Soldiers who were homeless. Every Christmas she would have her 25 favorite Christmas gifts and given them to her studio Audience. She even given brand new cars to a studio audience. She has empowered many people, not only by her good fortunes, but with her story! Coming from a broken family and abusive father. She has empowered not only women, but men to speak up about being abused. That silence gives power to the abuser. She has truly blessed and touched many American hearts. As you can see, with everything, that I’ve stated above. My favorite famous American is truly Oprah Winfrey.
  7. Nisha – My most favorite is always Donald Trump . Cos he is most entertaining president ever.
  8. carlos My favorite famous American is JFK
    He Fought For The Civil Rights Act
    JFK’s greatest legacy: He avoided nuclear war
    He showed great courage and wisdom during Cuban missile crisis
  9. Irene McKenney – Our military, firefighters & police. All of these defend us & our country in so many ways. They need our prayers for their safety & that they all come home safe to their families.
  10. Eric Madore – My favorite famous american is Barack Obama. Barack Obama was a great president, i think he took good decisions for the American citizens. He gave a chance to every american citizen to have an insurrance health plan. The U.S.A are considered the richest country in the world and i think that it was normal for a might nation like that to allow to his citizen to have the possibility of getting treated for any kind of health problem. The former president , open the idea for the control guns and firearm to prevent slaughter that occure to often unfortunatly. Every American peoples deserve to be treated like any other citizens. No insurance plan and no guns policy killed to much citizens of the richest country of the industrial nation of the world. Barrack Obama open conversation for big change, with insurance plan and the control of firearm and this why i choose Barack Obama for my favorite famous american.
  11. Maya16 – The talented man who brought laughter to everyone Robin Williams! Love all his works from Jumanji to Good Will Hunting. RIP
  12. Shantelle Stinson – Mark Zuckerberg, who developed the first successful social website’s ever and he was so young but it brought billions of people together and it’s still going strong.
  13. Ray Ayala J P Morgan. Before 1913 there was no federal reserve system to keep the treasury from going bankrupt and running out of gold. Twice during Morgan’s life we had a financial crisis. He kept the treasury solvent in 1893 and 1907. Neither Grover Cleveland during the 1893 crisis, nor Teddy Roosevelt during the 1907 crisis, wanted to cooperate with Morgan, but in the end they had no choice. When Morgan passed away in 1913, no one could replace him, so the federal reserve system was created that very year. (It took an agency to do the work of one special man.) He also created many companies -including GE. After the civil war, he helped finance the building of the railroads with foreign money, since there were no domestic funds available during reconstruction. The financial company he started still exists today! Because his financial genius showed us the need for a federal reserve system, allowing our economy to run better, J P Morgan is my favourite famous American.
  14. Carol Miller – I would have to say my favorite, famous American is Martin Luther King. Doctor King believed in non violent actions to right wrongs. Segregation and extremely poor treatment of blacks not only in the South but elsewhere in the U.S. was rampant. I will highlight just some of the events for which I truly admire him. He led a bus boycott that lasted 382 days and went to the Supreme Court. It was ruled that blacks and whites should have the same seating and treatment on buses. While this was being decided Doctor King’s home was bombed, he was arrested and even spit on. However, he didn’t give up. He wrote letters from his Birmingham, Alabama jail to encourage his people. Of course his most famous March was when he gathered 250,000 people to March on Washington and he delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. Finally, he was the youngest person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He even donated the prize money to his organization. The aspects that I admire most are: He never gave up even when his home was bombed; he worked tirelessly for his cause; he knew there was a strong possibility that he could be killed but he fought on anyway. If Martin Luther King had not taken a stand, who knows how long it would have taken for the terrible wrong of segregation to be overthrown.
  15. Cristina Grunfeld – Does Betty Crocker or Little Debby counts? Yeah, I’m hungry, how did you know that?
  16. edeliz – My favorite American(s) are those who are self-made. Given an opportunity, they seized it and made the best out of it. I love Steve Jobs for being a visionary, Julia Child for creating a new way for us to related to food, the Apollo astronauts for doing what was thought of as impossible. It really is a long list of great people, some who are recognized publicly and so many who labor in anonymity, yet, make a difference.
  17. Noel Stewart – All Americans share the legacy of Thomas Jefferson. After writing the Declaration of Independence, he was appointed Secretary of State under George Washington; selected Vice President under John Adams; elected our third President; advised our fourth President, James Madison; and served as US Ambassador to France. A new book entitled “America’s First Daughter” portrays Thomas Jefferson’s life. The authors narrate from his daughter’s perspective based on correspondence archived in the Library of Congress. This is a must read for all history buffs.
  18. Jason Provo – “…Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands I will fight no more forever.” This is an excerpt from a surrender speech delivered by Chief Joseph of the Nez Pearce tribe. He led his people bravely as they endured forced displacement by American government and pursuit by the US army; in a manner that ironically gained the respect of US officials and citizens. Regarded as a humanitarian and peacemaker, his official cause of death listed as “a broken heart.” He’s my favourite famous American. We need more leaders such as him in THIS day and time.
  19. Donna – MADONNA! A fabulous artist throughout the decades, every generation for nearly the last 40 years has grown up with her, and at nearly 60 she still continues to be awesome!
  20. jennyjet – Daniel Boone. He was an explorer, settler, pioneer, woodsman and even a statesman. He had such foresight of what this country could be and what he did made a great impact on our lives today.

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