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See who won our 1584th daily question below.

  1. Mel & Nate Swanson – I don’t have any knick knacks personally but my mom loves her “knick knacks”. Growing up, everything we made in school out of clay was kept in her china closet. She has everything and I mean everything, whether it is crumbling, broken or losing paint she has kept it. My mom had a foreign exchange student, one year, we were explaining Christmas and gift giving to him. He seen that my mom had all these “broken” things in her china closet. So when he went home for a visit he found a vender and asked for something broken. He was so excited to give it to her for Christmas. However, mom was sad that it was broken and told him we could fix it not realizing that is the way he got it for her. He explained that he thought she loved broken things. We laugh about it but she never fixed it and she keeps it with all the other “knick knacks” in that china closet.
  2. Karen T – My most favorite knick knack is an adorable little white squirrel that I bought for my ❤Mom⚘ in 1984 on Mother’s Day. I was hoping she’d like it since I knew she enjoyed watching squirrels playing in the backyard. Mom unwrapped it covered her face and started crying. I said “You don’t like it”. She just gave me a huge hug and said “I love it!. I didn’t know you knew how much I liked squirrels.” Then we started laughing tigether. 😁
  3. Melissa Furr – My favorite knick-knack would have to be a little clock that my father left to me when he passed. I put new batteries in it and placed it on my shelf. The next day it had stopped at 10:25. I put more batteries in
    the next day it had stopped at 10:25. This went on for four days before I realized that my father had passed away at 10:25. After I realized that the clock was stopping on his time of death it hasn’t stopped since. I’ve not replaced the batteries in six years! I’ll always cherish that little time piece.
  4. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – My favorite knick knack is an beautifully carved small ivory statue. It was my grandmothers. Her brother lived in China before Mao took over. When his wife needed something (like a winter coat) my grandma would send it and they would send her Chinese knick knacks in return. She always let me play with them because she knew I loved them. I miss you, grandma.
  5. Sylvia – It’s a small Hummel figurine of a drummer boy that has been in my family for over 100 years. My grandmother was very poor but on her wedding day her godmother gave her this figurine in 1916. According to the story this figurine was equivalent to 3 months of pay and the godmother began taking in extra laundry and sewing to buy this special gift. The little drummer boys innocent face masks the hours of toil and sacrifice it took to bring this keepsake into my home and I will someday pass it on to my son and his family.
  6. Judy Burba McGarvey – My favorite knick knack is a butter dish that belonged to my great grandmother. She lived with my grandparents until she died in 1963. I recall her continuing to make butter with the cow milk from the family farm. She once asked me to pump the churn and I watched as she lovingly placed that fresh butter in her butter dish. It was so delicious and I was proud that I had helped make it. My grandmother gave me that same butter dish and I then started collecting antique butter dishes.
  7. Carol Miller – My favorite nick knack is a small nativity set that belonged to my great grandmother. My grandmother brought it from Italy to our country in 1915. It consists of just Mary Joseph and the Infant in his manger. Mary and Joseph are dressed in Italian peasant garb and they look like they just came from the fields. It is ceramic but so delicately shaped that you can even see the veins in Mary and Joseph’s hands.The set was hand made by a local artisan from the suburbs of Rome where my grandmother lived. This was the only precious item my grandmother took with her. It was handed down to me as the oldest granddaughter. I cherish it not only for its intrinsic beauty but because it represents an ancestor that I never met who lived over a hundred years ago and who had very different life experiences than I. I keep this cherished belonging out all year long and many times look at it and dream of what my great grandparents looked like and how they must have suffered when their only child my grandmother came to the U.S with her husband and they never saw her again.
  8. Veralee Poulin – My favorite Knick-Knack is a off white ,pink lined sea shell ,shaped like a cone … It belonged to my grandmother. She’d give it too me at night​.Id hold it to my ear and hear the sea…
  9. Barbara Carol Reyna My favorite knick knack is a small Christmas ornaments in the shape of a Spanish Guitar with an angel sitting on it. Every Christmas I pull it out and just admire it because it reminds me of the important things in life, love, life, faith health and happiness.
  10. Crystal Dawn Shepherd – A small quarter machine ring my oldest daughter gave me years ago. I never take it off.
  11. Krystal Ritchie – I have a small obsession with peacocks. My all time favorite knick knack is a small hand carved peacock that I had the pleasure of watching a little old man carve in the streets of Vegas. He didn’t charge me anything for it as he said He did it on “donations” but I did give him a very large tip
  12. Denise N. – I do not like dust collectors! I think they look good on store shelves but take up space and time in my home. I love a minimalist style! But when asked what my favorite would be I will definitely say it is the various trophies my son has been awarded by his school in recognition of his outstanding participation, attendance, citizenship and class participation. As a collective they are my favorite but his very first trophy will always be the best of all. It is a simple two handled trophy painted in gold that stands on a black base. It is entirely made of plastic and looks like a cake topper. It holds the numerous ribbons he’s earned throughout the school year. Every now and then I’ll look at it briefly while cleaning or making dinner and I’ll get an immediate surge of pride and joy.
  13. Tammy Padulo Thurber – My favorite knick knack is a mother dog and her puppy connected by a gold chain. It was my grandmothers. I would play with it when I was a kid. When I got older and started having children of my own, she gave it to me. It brings me such joy to see my kids playing with and enjoying it as much as I did at their age. It’s also a beautiful reminder of my grandmother. It makes me feel closer to her now that she’s past.
  14. SeaSeaPea – My favourite is a large, white ceramic cat. She came from a lovely little used book store in my city called,”The White Cat Bookstore.” When it closed down, they sold everything, including the decor. I loved this store, and I’m so happy to have a memento. She sits on a shelf surrounded by other cats of various materials.
  15. Leanne Matthews-Boyko – A ceramic fawn that I received for my birthday from a family friend when I was a little girl around 1975. I remember so clearly walking with it proudly down the sidewalk when I suddenly tripped and my new beautiful baby deer flew out of my hands and crashed onto the sidewalk. I was heartbroken. My father, a structural engineer gently picked up all the pieces, and when we got home he spent hours gluing my little brown spotted fawn back together. Till this day it sits on my window sill in my kitchen reminding me of his kind and patient heart. More than ever my little fawn’s cracked exterior is even more special as my father battles Alzheimer’s and struggles to remember things we did together. The little fawn reminds me that even after it was broken, and covered in scars, it was the act of love that put it back together that makes so beautiful and special.
  16. Lynn – My absolute favorite Knick knack is a small clay bowl that my grandson made for me for mother’s day when he was three years old. His little fingertips are visible around the top and he painted green. I use it every day .It Is just the right size to hold my keys so I keep it on a shelf beside the front door so I always know where my keys are and when I come and go from the house it is the las and fitrst thing I see. It puts a smile on my face every time I see that beautiful lopsided bowl!!!.
  17. Natania – I have these nesting dolls that came from my father in law. he got them from Russia in 1979. The first time I seen them on their mantle, I loved it. It was sitting there like it was one doll and when I picked it up and opened it, I was amazed, and every time I went there I picked these dolls up and pulled them all apart. When my daughter turned two, she did the same as I did, although she was told to put it back because it wasn’t a toy. I grabbed them from her and said I will show her them and from that point on she loved them also, and wanted to see them every time she went there as I did. He told me the russian word for the nesting dolls is “matryoshka” and some call them “babooshka dolls”, for some reason I love this term. I like the way it sounds, babooshka! Anyway, they are beautiful brightly painted dolls and you open the big one to find another doll, open that one to find another doll and so on, there are 16 of them. It is really cool, the last one is so tiny, it’s about the size of a grain of rice, and that is the only one that doesn’t open up to another one, it’s one piece and if you don’t pay very close attention, you will lose the last two or three. They get smaller and smaller, they are really neat. I tried to find my daughter a set of these but the only ones I could find was a set of three which wasn’t as cool as the this one. About eight years ago he gave the dolls to me and my daughter as long as we promised to never sell them and to always keep them in our family. It was really meaningful to both of us and now they sit on my mantle and we don’t allow them to be played with, we will show them and take them all apart but then they go back to the mantle. I plan to give them to my daughter once she is old enough and I am sure that she will enjoy them with her kids as much as I have with her!
  18. Ted N Brenda – I have a horse knick-knack collection. I have horses or all sizes, colors and material. I like to look for them in antique stores and junk shops because the older they are, the more interesting they are. Maybe even have some value. I get all kinds of new ones, too, because once you put the word out that you like horses, guess what you get for every holiday and birthday? I’m not complaining though because my collection is growing and the gifts are thoughtful gestures. My horses are going to need a new room soon. 🙂
  19. luv2shop99 – I have 2 red cardinals and 2 blue birds…after their deaths…I call the cardinals Mom & Dad and the 2blue birds are my brothers. It some very small way…it’s comforting
  20. Richard Vargas – My favorite knick-knack is a round faceted crystal. I found it years ago under the seat of a used car I bought. It was covered in grime, but sparkled when clean. I gave it some thought, and decided it would look good hanging on a chain. I rummaged through my junk drawer, then pulled out my hot glue gun. When I was finished I hung it in a west facing window. In the afternoon, the setting sun shines through the facets as the crystal rotates on the chain. The result is a beautiful display of dancing rainbows throughout the room. It’s very reminiscent of a disco.

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