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See who won our 1582nd daily question below.

  1. edeliz – Julia Child. It’s never too late to pursue a passion.
  2. Joe – Jack Nicholson. He’s a cranky old coot. Just the type of man I want to be when I’m old. Love that guy!
  3. Drea Nivea Rahming – My celebrity soulmate is Prince I love his eccentricity his music the way he lived and how no ones opinions affected the way he did everything in his life. R.I.P.
  4. Rochelle Pieper Johnny Depp!!! Oh please hear me Lord and make it Johnny Depp!!!!! That man is just sexy as hell. I even kissed his wax replica at Madam Trousseaus!!
  5. Merm123 – I would have to say Jennifer Lopez because I’m always told i look like her and have to bootie to prove it 🙂
  6. Gina – Mine is Eric Balfour. He is the most charismatic, genuine, caring celebrity I have ever met. He cares about the oceans and beaches and does things to help bring awareness to what is going on with it all-oceans, beaches, and ocean life. He cares about our planet and everyone on it. Plus…he’s pretty easy on the eyes 😉
  7. Christy – Sam Elliot. I don’t know what it is about that man. He truly isn’t my “type” but I melt anytime I see him on the screen or hear his voice. He doesn’t seem to age and just keeps getting more sexy with each passing year. I live in South GA in Podunk, Nowhere but if he ever passes through town and I see him, my husband of 28 years will just have to understand……
  8. Marce McHone – Betty White I think, because she just lives life how she wants on her terms and doesnt care what anyone has to say about it!
  9. Sylvia – Mine would be Mr Rodgers. He epitomized kindness, warmth and tolerance with a genuine love of children. Fred Rodgers gentle nature comforted many little ones and his grasp of teaching opened avenues of exploration for countless preschoolers. As a teacher I often looked to Mr. Rodgers as the ultimate role model and I must say I have a true affection for sneakers and cardigan sweaters.
  10. Karen T – I don’t really have a celebrity soulmate. But if I had to choose one it would be Tom Selleck. He is a Christian and a real family man. He supports our rights, police officers, veterans and our freedom in America. But I already have somebody like that-so I’m good.☺
  11. Mel & Nate Swanson I don’t have a celebrity that I feel is a soulmate. But for this question I thought of who is most like me. I think it would have to Melissa McCarthy. First of all we both are Melissa and I find her very down to earth in the way she talks about self image. I love how funny she is and even the times when she is serious she still has a humorous side. I have struggled with my weight and self image and look up to celebrities that are not the perfect shape or size. Many try so hard to fit in they lose a ton of weight or get surgeries to be thin but to be famous and a big healthy person is something to look up to.
  12. Nichole DeGroff Paul Walker. He was kind, funny, responisble and could make people feel like they could relate to things. He also cared for the environment. He knew that most people didnt make itas actors and he had a fall back plan and finished school with a marine biology degree. He also had his own charity and believed in giving back. Which i also believe in.
  13. Jason Provo – Carrie Fisher. God rest her soul. As an over-enthusiastic Star Wars fan since I was 7 yrs old, I thought of hitch hiking to Hollywood to become her number 1 fan / stalker…..but I just didnt have the time with working 2 jobs and all. Seriously though, a soul-mate can often be someone with whoms life struggles you can also identify with having also experienced them first hand yourself. Her personal life interested me in this way; her use of humour as both a defense mechanism and coping tool showed herself to be a strong woman as she struggled. This was an inspiration for me when I struggled too.
  14. OceanGirl – My celebrity soulmate is Sofia Vergara! It seems like Sofia’s main goal in life is always to have fun AND she doesn’t take things too seriously. I feel the same way, because life’s too short to NOT have fun!
  15. OSCAR LOUBRIEL – My celebrity Soul mate is Hulk Hogan. When I was a kid, I worshipped the Hulk. I was a total Hulkamaniac. I used to wear the ripped yellow Hulk Muscle shirt with the red letters that said HULK HOGAN. back in the 80s Hulk was so cool and he was a positive role model for Kids. this is all way before he had his disfunctional reality TV show. Hulk for President 😉
  16. Sly – My celebrity soulmate is Keanu Reeves! Not many people would consider him attractive, but a person’s personality is what matters the most, and from what I’ve gathered, he’s a really nice person. He donated most of his earnings from The Matrix trilogy to the cast and crew that worked on those films. When shooting The Devil’s Advocate and The Replacements, he took huge pay cuts (up to ninety percent!) so that the production companies could afford to hire Al Pacino and Gene Hackman. River Phoenix, his costar on My Own Private Idaho, would not have received the script for that movie (his agent didn’t want him to do that film) if Keanu hadn’t driven cross country on his motorcycle to deliver it to him! On the set of an action movie called Chain Reaction he bought the cast and crew lunch every day. It’s even more surprising that he is such a nice person because he has experienced some very sad things (his dad walked out on him, his best friend died of a drug overdose, his daughter was born still born and his girlfriend died in a car crash). Overall he seems to be a kind and compassionate person which is what I look for in a soulmate.
  17. Jennifer – My celebrity soulmate is Jeff Goldblum. I know, it’s weird, him being The Fly, and all. But if you’ve ever seen him in the 80’s “B” movie,
    Earth Girl’s Are Easy, you would understand why he steals my heart every
    time his eye’s grace the screen. He, Gena Davis, Damon Wayne, Jim
    Carrey, and Julie Brown star in this comedy about aliens crash landing
    on earth. Jeff Goldblum, Damon Waynes, and Jim Carrey are furry aliens
    who get all their fur shaved off by Julie Brown. When Jeff Goldblum
    steps out from the dressing room, all buff and beautiful, he asks Gena
    Davis, “It’s good?” She answers, “Real good.” Corny, I know, but oh my
    goodness, if you knew what I was talking about. His eyes, his
    eyebrows, his bare chest and broad shoulders, I tell you I paused the
    television right then and there and tried to take a picture of him off
    the screen. It didn’t really work well, though, since old televisions
    have lines running through the images. Anyways, if there is one man I
    know could make me happy for the rest of my life, if only just to look
    at it, hands down, it is Jeff Goldblum.
  18. Carol Miller – My celebrity soulmate would have to be Oprah Winfrey. My connection with her starts with the fact that she overcame so many adversities in her life to become what she is today. She has shared some of the traumatic happenings in order to encourage others that they also can rise from the ashes. As a counselor I hold her as a role model for anyone who feels they are in the trenches from neglect, abuse etc. Furthermore, she has given so much to charity both in our country, in Africa and around the world. She has helped establish girls schools in the poorest sections of Africa and also has scholarship funds established in the United States. She has made it her mission to empower young girls, especially from disadvantaged homes She is likewise a fabulous actress. Anyone watching “The Color Purple” can never deny that. I also love her personality. She gives off so much positive energy, always smiling and joking. Her show brought to the world not just movie stars but people who had really made a difference. I would love to meet Oprah one day so I can tell these things in person.
  19. Megan F Villavaso – Elvis Presley. He was handsome. I loved his music and I could have ran with him during his wild lifestyle.
  20. Brittany Beach – Misha Collins. He plays Castiel in Supernatural. He is generous, kind, caring, sweet, and a bit of a goofball. He is the sweetest man, but he also has a naughty side. He’s a goofball, but he can be completely dead serious when he needs to be. He is incredibly caring about fans, he and his cost star Jensen Ackles actually started a campaign called “You Are Not Alone.” to help people who suffer from depression or anxiety and other mental health things,,

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